5 Top Male Fashion Trends for 2022 & Beyond

When perusing the aisles of your local superstore, you will be visually inundated by suggestions and advertisements for the latest clothing and accessories fashions and trends of the time, but it can often be harder to find out the latest trends amongst the male clothing fashion houses.

So, with that being said, continue reading to learn of the top five male fashion trends for 2022 and beyond.

1. Exaggerated Shoulders

The first clothing item on the list is an absolute throwback from the 1980s. It is, of course, jackets, coats and blazers with exaggerated shoulders.

For extra style points, choose a grey checked, or brown checked, tweed – or at least a thick material blazer – and team with a crisp white shirt and dark blue chinos or tight grey denim jeans. Essentially, the bigger the shoulders on your jacket or coat, the more style points you will generate from those in the know.

2. Safari Jackets

Another outerwear piece, huge in fashion houses and indeed on the high street and from reputable online men’s fashion suppliers, is the safari jacket.

Safari jackets beautifully combine style and functionality and you can choose an oversized look with an abundance of pockets, or else a more fitted look with clean and flat thinner pockets. You can even choose a safari jacket with a matching, fitted belt around the waist to cinch you in around your waist.

Male fashion trends are embracing the timeless charm of Safari Jackets, adding a rugged yet sophisticated touch to modern ensembles. Complement this trend with the guidance of a comprehensive mens loafer style guide, ensuring your footwear, such as loafers, from classic brands like Del Toro Shoes, perfectly harmonizes with your overall look.

3. Navy Boxer Briefs

The next-most in-fashion clothing item on the list for summer 2022 is rather specific: navy blue boxer briefs.

When choosing boxers, it is understandable if, up until this point at least, you have never paid particular attention to the color, but if you really want to be fashion-forward, not to mention comfortable and secure, then quality, navy blue boxer briefs are definitely the way forward.

4. Pleather Jackets

Back in the day, it was nigh on possible to source a beautifully made and authentic-looking pleather (plastic leather) jacket. These days, due in no small part to the rise in popularity of veganism, there are now some stunning faux leather pieces available for the discerning and stylish individual.

Even early flashes of the fall and winter style collections from the main fashion houses are still repping faux leather collections and if you yourself have the confidence to pull it off, you could choose a pleather set of pants and a jacket.

5. Baggy Jeans

Finally, but just as importantly in the summer 2022 fashion and style bibles, even though tight-fitting chinos and skinny jeans are still more than acceptable as a trend, it really is all about baggy jeans if you want to be fashion-forward.

Baggy jeans were first popularized by celebrities and influencers of the time in the late 1990s and early 2000s, but are now back with a proverbial bang this year. High-waisted baggy jeans are even more in style and you can choose a muted, lighter blue denim color or you can opt for an acid-wash effect to make more of a statement.

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