215 Verbs That Start with B [with Definitions and Examples]

Verbs that start with B can be very useful in everyday life. There are a lot of verbs starting with B, some of them might already be known to you, but you will definitely find some new words as well.

Verbs beginning with B are used to tell us about an action or a state. Moreover, basically, every sentence has a verb for it to make sense. Verbs that start with B can be used in a variety of ways to improve your vocabulary and your English language skills. This article will have a lot of different types of verbs, such as verbs starting with B to describe a person and much more.

So keep on reading to find a list of verbs that start with B below to help you academically as well as in real life. These words can be used to write articles, write stories, talk, and much more.

Verbs That Start with B You Always Use

This section has verbs that start with B, which we always use in our daily life. These words can be useful for your everyday writings or talking to impress everyone around you.

 1. Balance 

●  Definition: to put your body or something else into a position where it is steady and does not fall

●  Synonyms: steady, poise, level

●  Example: Look at the mug that she balances in her leg.

2. Bear

●  Definition:  be able to accept and deal with something unpleasant

●  Synonyms: stand, support, brace 

●  Example: The pain was almost more than he could bear.

3. Behave

●  Definition: to do things in a particular way

●  Synonyms: act, be good

●  Example: They behave rudely when you are not around.

4. Belong

●  Definition:  be in the right or suitable place

●  Synonyms: be owned by, be in

●  Example: Where do these plates belong?

5. Beware 

●  Definition: to warn them that somebody or something is dangerous and they should be careful

●  Synonyms: lookout, cave, fore 

●  Example: Motorists have been warned to beware of icy roads.

6. Bake

●  Definition: to cook food in an oven without extra fat or liquid

●  Synonyms: cook, roast, oven-bake

●  Example: She bakes biscuits, and it smells delicious.

7. Bait

●  Definition: to place food on a hook, in a trap, etc. to attract or catch a fish or an animal

●  Synonyms: trap, decoy 

●  Example: We bait the trap with a piece of meat.

8. Bite

●  Definition: to use your teeth to cut into or through something

●  Synonyms: chew, munch, eat

●  Example: Does your dog bite?

9. Ban

●  Definition: to decide or say officially that something is not allowed

●  Synonyms: prohibit, forbidden, outlaw

●  Example: A list of banned substances is given to me.

10. Blend 

●  Definition: to mix two or more substances 

●  Synonyms: mix, stir, meld  

●  Example: Blend the flour with the milk to make a smooth paste.

Verbs That Start with B You Usually Use

This is a similar section as the previous section and has verbs starting with B that we usually use. You can use them for a lot of things, and they will help you express yourself better.

1. Blow

●  Definition: to send out air from the mouth

●  Synonyms: gust, puff, roar

●  Example: The policeman asked me to blow into the breathalyzer.

2. Book

●  Definition: to arrange to have or use something on a particular date in the future; to buy a ticket in advance 

●  Synonyms: reserve, arrange, slate 

●  Example: Book early to avoid disappointment; otherwise, you may miss the movie. 

 3. Blush

●  Definition: to become red in the face because you are embarrassed or ashamed 

●  Synonyms: go red, redden, flush

●  Example: She had a blush at the memory of the conversation.

4. Bargain

●  Definition: negotiate the terms and conditions of a transaction

●  Synonyms: negotiate, deal

●  Example: He bargained for the dress.

5. Bar

●  Definition: to ban or prevent somebody from doing something

●  Synonyms: prohibit, forbid, ban

●  Example: Prisoners are barred by law from voting in general elections

6. Bark

●  Definition: to make the characteristic short, loud cry of a dog 

●  Synonyms: growl, bellow

●  Example: Dogs always bark at strangers.

7. Bustle 

●  Definition: move in an energetic manner  

●  Synonyms: rush, dash

●  Example: She bustled around the house, getting everything ready. 

8. Bother

●  Definition: to spend time and energy doing something

●  Synonyms: mind, care

●  Example: He doesn’t bother much about his appearance.

9. Bathe

●  Definition: to wash something with water, especially a part of your body 

●  Synonyms: wash, clean, shower

●  Example: Bathe the wound and apply a clean dressing.

10. Bow

●  Definition: to move your head or top part of your body forwards and downwards as a sign of respect or to say hello or goodbye

●  Synonyms: nod, curtsy, bob

●  Example: All the people were supposed to bow to the emperor.

Verbs That Start with B You Often Use

Some words are not always used but are still used often. Therefore, this section has verbs starting with B that are often used.

1. Break

●  Definition: to be damaged and separated into two or more parts, as a result of force; to damage something in this way

●  Synonyms: shatter, crack, snap

●  Example: The protestors wanted to break all the windows.

2. Breathe

●  Definition: to take air into your lungs and send it out again through your nose or mouth

●  Synonyms: respire, puff, pant

●  Example: The air was so cold we could hardly breathe.

3. Bring 

●  Definition: to come to a place with somebody or something 

●  Synonyms: conduct, escort, usher

●  Example: Don’t forget to bring your books with you.

4. Bandage 

●  Definition: to wrap a bandage around a part of the body to protect it because it is injured

●  Synonyms: bind, dress, cover

●  Example: They had to bandage my leg and told me to rest.

5. Borrow

●  Definition: to take and use something that belongs to somebody else and return it to them at a later time

●  Synonyms: carry off, take, lift

●  Example: I borrow all the tools I needed from my brother.

6. Broadcast

●  Definition: to send out programs on television or radio

●  Synonyms: transmit, air, show

●  Example: The concert will be broadcasted live tomorrow evening.

7. Brush

●  Definition: to clean, polish, or make something smooth with a brush

●  Synonyms: stroke, touch, graze

●  Example: A tiled floor is easy to brush clean.

8. Bleed

●  Definition: to lose blood, especially from a wound or an injury

●  Synonyms: hemorrhage, loss of blood

●  Example: The small blood vessels in the nose bleed easily.

 9. Burn

●  Definition: to produce flames and heat

●  Synonyms: blaze, go up, flare

●  Example: Fires will burn all of the city.

10. Become

●  Definition: to start to be something

●  Synonyms: befit, suit

●  Example: It soon becomes apparent that no one was going to come.

Verbs That Start with B You Sometimes Use

Unlike words that you use a lot, these words are usually only used sometimes to express yourself. As usual, these words all are verbs beginning with B.

 1. Bury

●  Definition: to place a dead body in the ground

●  Synonyms: hide, conceal, tuck

●  Example: The killer buried her body.

 2. Buy

●  Definition: to obtain something by paying money for it

●  Synonyms: purchase, obtain, get

●  Example: She bought a ticket for me.  

 3. Beg

●  Definition: to ask somebody for something, especially in an anxious way, because you want or need it very much

●  Synonyms: entreat, request, exhort

●  Example: She begged for permission to leave.

4. Buzz

●  Definition: to make a continuous low sound

●  Synonyms: hum, drone, whir

●  Example: Why do the bees buzz?

5. Begin

●  Definition: to start doing something

●  Synonyms: set about, initiate, undertake

●  Example: She began by thanking us all for coming.

6. Beat

●  Definition: defeat someone in a game or other competitive situation

●  Synonyms: defeat, conquer

●  Example: She beats him easily at chess.

7. Ball

●  Definition:  clench (one’s fist) tightly

●  Synonyms: tight, clump

●  Example:  She balled her fist so that the nails dug into her palms.

8. Base 

●  Definition: to use a particular city, town, etc. as the main place for a business, holiday, etc

●  Synonyms: locate, place, site

●  Example: They decided to base the new company in New York.

9. Believe

●  Definition: to feel certain that something is true or that somebody is telling you the truth

●  Synonyms: trust, accept, count on

●  Example: The man claimed to be a social worker, and the old woman had to believe him.

 10. Bind

●  Definition: to tie somebody or something with rope, string, etc.

●  Synonyms: tie, secure, attach, chain

●  Example: She had to bind his hands together to stop him.

Verbs That Start with B You Occasionally Use

The section below has verb words that start with B for occasional use. They will be very useful to improve your vocabulary.

 1. Be

●  Definition: used when you are naming people or things, describing them, or giving more information about them

●  Synonyms: exist, present, take place

●  Example: He wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

2. Baffle

●  Definition: totally bewilder

●  Synonyms: perplex, puzzle

●  Example: It was an unexplained occurrence that baffled everyone.

3. Belt

●  Definition: to hit somebody or something hard

●  Synonyms: blow, smack, knock

●  Example: I will belt you if you do that again.

4. Bend

●  Definition: to lean, or make something lean, in a particular direction

●  Synonyms: crook, angle, twist

●  Example: She suddenly bent over, clutching her stomach.

5. Bemuse 

●  Definition: to make somebody confused and unable to think clearly

●  Synonyms: bewilder, puzzle, baffle

●  Example: She seemed to be bemused by all the attention.

6. Blame

●  Definition: to think or say that somebody or something is responsible for something bad

●  Synonyms: criticize, pin, condemn

●  Example: They were to blame for the destruction.

7. Backbite

●  Definition: talk maliciously about someone who is not present

●  Synonyms: badmouth, slander

●  Example:  They backbite about their colleagues.

8. Berthe 

●  Definition: to put a ship in the berth or keep it there; to sail into a berth

●  Synonyms: accommodate, shelter, lodge

●  Example: The ship has to be berthed at Southampton. 

9. Bound

●  Definition: to run with long steps, especially in an enthusiastic way

●  Synonyms: leap, jump, romp

●  Example: The dogs bound ahead.

10. Block

●  Definition: to stop something from moving or flowing through a pipe, a passage, a road, etc. by putting something in it or across it

●  Synonyms: jam, choke, close

●  Example: The road was blocked by a tree that had fallen over.

Verbs That Start with B You Seldom Use

You might not always use these words, but they can still be very useful. Because of this, the section below has verbs that start with the letter B for seldom use.

1. Bully

●  Definition: to frighten or hurt a weaker person; to use your strength or power to make somebody do something

●  Synonyms: oppress, torment, intimidate

●  Example: I won’t let you bully me into signing anything.

2. Betray

●  Definition: to hurt somebody who trusts you, especially by lying to or about them or telling their secrets to other people

●  Synonyms: cheat, deceive, rat out

●  Example: Her friend betrayed her.

3. Brainwash

●  Definition: to force somebody to accept your beliefs or ideas

●  Synonyms: indoctrinate, persuade, influence

●  Example: They brainwash people into giving all their money.

4. Bruise

●  Definition: to develop a bruise, or make a bruise or bruises appear on the skin of somebody or something

●  Synonyms: injure, hurt, contuse

●  Example: The blow bruised his arm.

5. Boast

●  Definition: to talk in a way that shows you are too proud of something that you have or can do

●  Synonyms: brag, gloat, swagger

●  Example: He wanted to boast of his skill as a burglar openly

6. Bewilder

●  Definition: cause someone to become confused

●  Synonyms: baffle, mystify, bemuse

●  Example: She was bewildered by his sudden change of mood.

7. Bewitch

●  Definition: to attract or impress somebody so much that they cannot think in a sensible way

●  Synonyms: captivate, enchant, seduce

●  Example: She was bewitching him with her grace.

8. Bicker

●  Definition: to argue about things that are not important

●  Synonyms: squabble, argue, spar

●  Example: The children always bicker over something.

9. Bid

●  Definition: to offer to pay a particular price for something, especially at an auction

●  Synonyms: offer, put up, proffer

●  Example: Two dealers bid against each other for the antique table.

10. Boil

●  Definition: when a liquid boils, or you boil it, it is heated to a point where it forms bubbles and turns to steam or vapor

●  Synonyms: simmer, bubble, heat

●  Example: They had to boil plenty of salted water.

Verbs That Start with B You Rarely Use

Very rarely used B-verbs that are very fun and useful are in the section below. Keep on reading to become an expert in verbs.

1. Beseech

●  Definition: to ask somebody for something in an anxious way because you want or need it very much

●  Synonyms: implore, beg, crave

●  Example: Let him go, I beseech you!

2. Bisect

●  Definition: to divide something into two equal parts

●  Synonyms: halve, cleave, cut into two

●  Example: A circle has to be bisected by its diameter.

3. Bivouac

●  Definition: to spend the night in a bivouac

●  Synonyms: camp, campsite, hutment

●  Example: We bivouacked on the north side of the town.

4. Black

●  Definition: to refuse to deal with goods or to do business with somebody as a political protest

●  Synonyms: boycott, blacklist, embargo

●  Example: The unions have to black all imports from the country.

5. Blacken

●  Definition: to make something black; to become black

●  Synonyms: darken, stain, grime

●  Example: Their faces are all blackened with soot.

6. Bequeath 

●  Definition: to say in a will that you want somebody to have your property, money, etc. after you die

●  Synonyms: leave, entrust

●  Example: He had bequeathed his entire estate to his daughter.

7. Burst

●  Definition: to break open or apart, especially because of pressure from inside; to make something break in this way

●  Synonyms: rupture, shatter, crack

●  Example: The balloon will burst if you blow it up anymore.

8. Blight

●  Definition: to have a bad effect on something, especially by causing a lot of problems

●  Synonyms: ruin, wreck, quash

●  Example: His career was blighted by injuries.

9. Bellow 

●  Definition: to shout in a loud, deep voice, especially because you’re angry

●  Synonyms: yell, shout, cry

●  Example: The coach bellowed instructions from the sidelines.

10. Bleat 

●  Definition: to speak in a weak or complaining voice

●  Synonyms: mutter, groan

●  Example: But I’ve only just got here, he bleats feebly.

Positive Verbs That Start with B

When feeling down, using positive verbs that start with B can be helpful in cheering you up. They are all verbs, of course.

1. Bloom

●  Definition: to produce flowers

●  Synonyms: flower, bud, sprout

●  Example: Most roses should already bloom.

2. Blossom

●  Definition: to become more healthy, confident, or successful

●  Synonyms: bloom, develop, prosper

●  Example: She has visibly blossomed over the last few months.

3. Boost

●  Definition: to make something increase, or become better or more successful

●  Synonyms: improve, enhance, help

●  Example: Getting that job did a lot to boost his ego.

4. Brave

●  Definition: to have to deal with somebody or something difficult or unpleasant in order to achieve something

●  Synonyms: endure, bear, sustain

●  Example: The fireman braved in rescuing the family from the fire.

5. Bless 

●  Definition: to make something holy by saying a prayer over it

●  Synonyms: endow, provide, grace

●  Example: The priest should bless the bread and wine.

6. Brighten

●  Definition: to become or make something lighter or brighter in color

●  Synonyms: lighten, illumine, irradiate

●  Example: In the distance, the sky was beginning to brighten.

7. Beautify 

●  Definition: to make somebody or something beautiful or more beautiful

●  Synonyms: adorn, enhance, enrich

●  Example: We should beautify our environment.

8. Better

●  Definition: to be better or do something better than somebody or something else

●  Synonyms: surpass, exceed, outmatch

●  Example: Their success that season could be bettered.

9. Bestow

●  Definition: to give something to somebody, especially to show how much they are respected

●  Synonyms: grant, vouchsafe, grant

●  Example: It was a title that had to bestow upon him by the king.

10. Befit

●  Definition: to be suitable and good enough for somebody or something

●  Synonyms: match, suit

●  Example: It was a lavish reception as it befits a visitor of her status.

Verbs That Start with B – Full List (215 words)

  • Babble
  • Back
  • Backfire
  • Backslide
  • Bag
  • Bail
  • Bait
  • Bake
  • Balance
  • Ball
  • Ballast
  • Bamboozle
  • Ban
  • Bandage
  • Bang
  • Banish
  • Bank
  • Banter
  • Baptize
  • Bar
  • Bard
  • Bargain
  • Bark
  • Barrack
  • Barricade
  • Barrow
  • Barter
  • Base
  • Bash
  • Bask
  • Baste
  • Bat
  • Bathe
  • Batter
  • Battle
  • Bawl
  • Be
  • Bead
  • Beam
  • Bear
  • Beat
  • Beatify
  • Become
  • Bed
  • Bedeck
  • Bedevil
  • Beg
  • Beget
  • Begin
  • Behave
  • Behead
  • Behold
  • Bejewel
  • Belch
  • Believe
  • Belittle
  • Bellow
  • Belong
  • Belt
  • Bemuse
  • Bend
  • Benumb
  • Bequeath
  • Bereave
  • Berth
  • Beseech
  • Besiege
  • Bespangle
  • Bestow
  • Bet
  • Betray
  • Betroth
  • Better
  • Bevel
  • Beware
  • Bewilder
  • Bewitch
  • Bicker
  • Bid
  • Bind
  • Bisect
  • Bite
  • Bivouac
  • Blab
  • Black
  • Blacken
  • Blackmail
  • Blame
  • Blanch
  • Blank
  • Blare
  • Blaspheme
  • Blast
  • Blaze
  • Blazon
  • Bleach
  • Bleat
  • Bleed
  • Blemish
  • Blend
  • Bless
  • Blight
  • Blind
  • Blink
  • Block
  • Blockade
  • Bloom
  • Blossom
  • Blow
  • Blubber
  • Bludgeon
  • Blue
  • Bluff
  • Blunder
  • Blunt
  • Blur
  • Blurt
  • Blush
  • Board
  • Boast
  • Boat
  • Bog
  • Boil
  • Bolster
  • Bolt
  • Bomb
  • Bombard
  • Bone
  • Boo
  • Book
  • Boost
  • Boot
  • Booze
  • Border
  • Bore
  • Born
  • Borrow
  • Boss
  • Botanize
  • Botch
  • Bother
  • Bottle
  • Bottom
  • Bounce
  • Bound
  • Bouy
  • Bow
  • Bowl
  • Box
  • Boycott
  • Brace
  • Brag
  • Braid
  • Brainwash
  • Brake
  • Branch
  • Brandish
  • Brave
  • Bray
  • Break
  • Breakfast
  • Breathe
  • Breed
  • Breeze
  • Brew
  • Bribe
  • Brick
  • Bridle
  • Brighten
  • Brim
  • Bring
  • Bristle
  • Broadcast
  • Brocade
  • Bronze
  • Brood
  • Browbeat
  • Brown
  • Browse
  • Bruise
  • Brush
  • Brutalize
  • Bubble
  • Bucaneer
  • Buck
  • Buckle
  • Bud
  • Budge
  • Buff
  • Bug
  • Build
  • Bulk
  • Bully
  • Bump
  • Bunch
  • Bundle
  • Bungle
  • Bunk
  • Buoy
  • Burden
  • Burgle
  • Burn
  • Burnish
  • Burow
  • Burst
  • Bury
  • Busk
  • Bust
  • Butt
  • Butter
  • Button
  • Buttress
  • Buy
  • Buzz
  • Bypass

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with B

As you can tell, there are a lot of verbs starting with B. Hopefully, this article was useful, and these will be used by you every day to improve your vocabulary permanently. Verbs beginning with B are very common and easy as B is the second alphabet of the English letters.

Keep on rereading these verbs that start with B to memorize them so that you can be fluent in them and impress people with your verb knowing skills. You can learn anything you want as long as you put your heart into it.

Ps. See also positive words that start with B, adjectives that start with B and nouns that start with B.

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