108 Verbs That Start with W [with Definitions and Examples]

This article contains verbs that start with W. Verbs starting with W are really useful in your daily life especially if you use the English language or want to excel in it. Not only verbs beginning with W but any verb is needed in every sentence and so the more you know the better it is for impressing others with your writing.

In order to write an exceptional article or whatever it is that you are trying to write, it is crucial to use advanced words and verbs. These verbs that start with W will help you to expand your vocabulary and write a praiseworthy script. If you memorize these verbs that start with W mentioned here, writing will be a piece of cake for you.

This article contains a list of verbs that start with W which are unique and fun. You can also use verbs that start with W to describe a person.

Verbs That Start with W You Always Use

If you are in need of some verbs that are commonly used by people, then these verbs that start with W are perfect as they are common and easy to understand as well.

1. Will

  • Definition: expressing the future tense
  • Synonyms: do, gain
  • Example: You will regret it when you are older.

2. Wake

  • Definition: emerge or cause to emerge from sleep; stop sleeping
  • Synonyms: awake, awaken
  • Example: She woke up feeling better.

3. Wait

  • Definition: stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event
  • Synonyms: stand by, hold back
  • Example: I rang the bell and waited.

4. Walk

  • Definition: move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once
  • Synonyms: stroll, amble
  • Example: I walked across the lawn.

5. Was

  • Definition: past simple of be
  • Synonyms: be, is
  • Example: There was no lack of demand for the product.

6. Want

  • Definition: have a desire to possess or do (something); wish for
  • Synonyms: desire, fancy
  • Example: I want an apple.

7. Word

  • Definition: express (something spoken or written) in particular words
  • Synonyms: express, put
  • Example: He words his request in a particularly ironic way.

8. Write

  • Definition: mark (letters, words, or other symbols) on a surface, typically paper, with a pen, pencil, or similar implement
  • Synonyms: note, log
  • Example: He wrote his name on the paper.

9. Watch

  • Definition: look at or observe attentively over a period of time
  • Synonyms: observe, view
  • Example: Lucy watched him go.

10. Wash

  • Definition: clean with water and, typically, soap or detergent
  • Synonyms: clean, cleanse
  • Example: Auntie Lou had washed all their clothes.

Verbs That Start with W You Usually Use

These verbs starting with W are used frequently and so you might already know most of them but keeping them in a list like these is useful. So keep on reading to find out if you know them or not.

1. War

  • Definition: engage in a war
  • Synonyms: fight, battle
  • Example: Small states warred against each another.

2. Wall

  • Definition: enclose (an area) within walls, especially for protection or privacy
  • Synonyms: enclose, bound
  • Example: Parts of the city’s East End had been walled off with concrete barricades.

3. Waste

  • Definition: use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose
  • Synonyms: squander, misuse
  • Example: We can’t afford to waste electricity.

4. Wear

  • Definition: have (something) on one’s body as clothing, decoration, or protection
  • Synonyms: sport, put on
  • Example: He was wearing a dark suit.

5. Whine

  • Definition: give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound
  • Synonyms: hum, sing
  • Example: The dog whined and scratched at the back door.

6. Wild

  • Definition: treat (a person or animal) harshly, so that they become untrusting or nervous
  • Synonyms: nervous, untrust
  • Example: Let your pigeon fly for a while: we don’t want to wild him.

7. Wind

  • Definition: cause (someone) to have difficulty breathing because of exertion or a blow to the stomach
  • Synonyms: puffed out, breath out
  • Example: The fall nearly winded him.

8. Wine

  • Definition: entertain someone by offering them drinks and a meal.
  • Synonyms: ask, offer
  • Example: We wined and dined with Bernard’s friends.

9. Wipe

  • Definition: clean or dry (something) by rubbing with a cloth, a piece of paper, or one’s hand
  • Synonyms: rub, clean
  • Example: Paul wiped his face with a handkerchief.

10. Wrap

  • Definition: cover or enclose in paper or soft material
  • Synonyms: swathe, swaddle
  • Example: The candles are wrapped in tissue paper.

Verbs That Start with W You Often Use

These verbs starting with W are used often in many aspects and so are quite useful as well. Keep on reading in order to increase your vocabulary while finding some new words.

1. Wrestle

  • Definition: struggle with a difficulty or problem
  • Synonyms: fight, struggle
  • Example: For over a year David wrestled with a guilty conscience.

2. Worship

  • Definition: show reverence and adoration for (a deity)
  • Synonyms: revere, reverence
  • Example: The Maya built jungle pyramids to worship their gods.

3. Warn

  • Definition: inform someone in advance of a possible danger, problem, or other unpleasant situation
  • Synonyms: notify, alert
  • Example: His father had warned him of what might happen.

4. Wed

  • Definition: get married to
  • Synonyms: mary, tie the knot
  • Example: He was to wed the king’s daughter.

5. Whisk

  • Definition: take or move (someone or something) somewhere suddenly and quickly
  • Synonyms: speed, hurry, rush
  • Example: He whisked her off to Paris for a few days.

6. Whisper

  • Definition: speak very softly using one’s breath rather than one’s throat, especially for the sake of secrecy
  • Synonyms: murmur, mutter
  • Example: Alison was whispering in his ear.

7. Withdraw

  • Definition: remove or take away (something) from a particular place or position
  • Synonyms: remove, extract
  • Example: Ruth withdrew her hand from his.

8. Whinny

  • Definition: (of a horse) make a whinny
  • Synonyms: neigh, utter
  • Example: The pony whinnied and tossed his head happily.

9. Wag

  • Definition: (especially with reference to an animal’s tail) move or cause to move rapidly to and fro
  • Synonyms: swing, sway
  • Example: His tail began to wag.

10. Waggle

  • Definition: move or cause to move with short quick movements from side to side or up and down
  • Synonyms: wag, shake
  • Example: His arm waggled.

Verbs That Start with W You Sometimes Use

Not all verbs are used as frequently as others, right? In this section are some verbs beginning with W which you may come across sometimes while reading a book.

1. Weave

  • Definition: form (fabric or a fabric item) by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them.
  • Synonyms: entwine, lace
  • Example: Textiles woven from linen or wool.

2. Waive

  • Definition: refrain from insisting on or using (a right or claim)
  • Synonyms: relinquish, renounce
  • Example: He will waive all rights to the money.

3. Waltz

  • Definition: dance a waltz
  • Synonyms: bop, jig
  • Example: I waltzed across the floor with the lieutenant”.

4. Woo

  • Definition: seek the favour, support, or custom of
  • Synonyms: chase, pursue
  • Example: Pop stars are being wooed by film companies eager to sign them up.

5. Wad

  • Definition: line or stuff with wadding
  • Synonyms: stuff, pad
  • Example: The quilts are wadded with thick natural cotton.

6. Wreck

  • Definition: destroy or severely damage (a structure, vehicle, or similar)
  • Synonyms: crash, smash
  • Example: The blast wrecked 100 houses.

7. Wreak

  • Definition: cause (a large amount of damage or harm)
  • Synonyms: inflict, create
  • Example: Torrential rainstorms wreaked havoc yesterday.

8. Wend

  • Definition: go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route
  • Synonyms: meander, wander
  • Example: They wended their way across the city.

9. Warrant

  • Definition: justify or necessitate (a course of action)
  • Synonyms: justify, vindicate
  • Example: The employees feel that industrial action is warranted.

10. Ween

  • Definition: to hold as an opinion
  • Synonyms: suppose, believe
  • Example: He, I ween, is no sacred personage.

Verbs That Start with W You Occasionally Use

The reason why sometimes we come across some words that we have seen before but can’t figure out what they mean is they are occasionally used. These are some verb words that start with W which are occasionally used.

1. Weep

  • Definition: shed tears
  • Synonyms: cry, sob
  • Example: A grieving mother wept over the body of her daughter.

2. Wane

  • Definition: (of the moon) have a progressively smaller part of its visible surface illuminated so that it appears to decrease in size
  • Synonyms: disappear, decrease
  • Example: The moon wanes when it gradually appears less and less round, after the full moon.

3. Waddle

  • Definition: walk with short steps and a clumsy swaying motion
  • Synonyms: toddle, wobble
  • Example: Three geese waddled across the road.

4. Wheeze

  • Definition: breath with a whistling or rattling sound in the chest, as a result of an obstruction in the air passages
  • Synonyms: gasp, hiss
  • Example: The illness often leaves her wheezing.

5. Wean

  • Definition: accustom (someone) to managing without something which they have become dependent on
  • Synonyms: detach, alienate
  • Example: The doctor tried to wean her off the sleeping pills.

6. Wriggle

  • Definition: twist and turn with quick writhing movements
  • Synonyms: squirm, wiggle
  • Example: The puppy wriggled in his arms.

7. Womble

  • Definition: wander in a casual or relaxed way
  • Synonyms: relaxed, casual
  • Example: Once we’d arrived back in Cambridge, we wombled quietly home.

8. Wring

  • Definition: squeeze and twist (something) to force liquid from it
  • Synonyms: twist, screw
  • Example: She wrung the cloth out in the sink.

9. Wheedle

  • Definition: use flattery or coaxing in order to persuade someone to do something or give one something
  • Synonyms: coax, cajole
  • Example: She wheedled her way onto the guest list.

10. Welsh

  • Definition: fail to honor (a debt or obligation incurred through a promise or agreement)
  • Synonyms: break, fail
  • Example: Banks began welshing on their agreement not to convert dollar reserves into gold.

Verbs That Start with W You Seldom Use

These are some verbs that start with the letter W and have seldom been used. Keep reading as you should never miss out on knowing these words because they can be quite useful.

1. Waul

  • Definition: give a loud plaintive cry like that of a cat
  • Synonyms: howl, squall
  • Example: He was wauling.

2. Warp

  • Definition: make or become bent or twisted out of shape, typically as a result of the effects of heat or damp
  • Synonyms: buckle, twist
  • Example: Moisture had warped the box.

3. Wallop

  • Definition: strike or hit very hard
  • Synonyms: hit, beat
  • Example: They walloped the back of his head with a stick.

4. Wallow

  • Definition: (of a person) indulge in an unrestrained way in (something that one finds pleasurable)
  • Synonyms: luxuriate, busk
  • Example: I was wallowing in the luxury of the hotel.

5. Waver

  • Definition: move in a quivering way
  • Synonyms: flicker, quiver
  • Example: The flame wavered in the draught.

6. Waylay

  • Definition: stop or interrupt (someone) and detain them in conversation or trouble them in some other way
  • Synonyms: ambush, attack
  • Example: He waylaid me on the stairs.

7. Wheel

  • Definition: push or pull (a vehicle with wheels)
  • Synonyms: push, roll
  • Example: Luke was wheeling a barrow.

8. Whirl

  • Definition: move or cause to move rapidly round and round
  • Synonyms: rotate, turn
  • Example: Leaves whirled in eddies of wind.

9. Whelm

  • Definition: engulf
  • Synonyms: submerge, bury
  • Example: A swimmer whelmed in a raging storm.

10. Whet

  • Definition: sharpen the blade of (a tool or weapon)
  • Synonyms: sharpen, hone
  • Example: She took out her dagger and began to whet its blade in even, rhythmic strokes.

Verbs That Start with W You Rarely Use

Aren’t you excited to learn some new words? Read these rarely used W-verbs that can be difficult but helpful at the same time in order to impress others with your vocabulary.

1. Welter

  • Definition: move in a turbulent fashion
  • Synonyms: jumble, toss
  • Example: The streams foam and welter.

2. Whiffle

  • Definition: make a soft sound, like that of breathing or a gentle wind
  • Synonyms: wobble, shake
  • Example: He snored, and as he breathed out he whiffled through loose lips.

3. Whimper

  • Definition: make a series of low, feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain, or unhappiness
  • Synonyms: whine, cry
  • Example: A child in a bed nearby began to whimper.

4. Winch

  • Definition: hoist or haul with a winch
  • Synonyms: lift, raise
  • Example: An attempt to winch survivors of the wreck into a helicopter.

5. Wince

  • Definition: make a slight involuntary grimace or shrinking movement of the body out of pain or distress
  • Synonyms: grimace, flinch
  • Example: He winced at the disgust in her voice.

6. Wield

  • Definition: hold and use (a weapon or tool)
  • Synonyms: brandish, wave
  • Example: A masked raider wielding a handgun.

7. Whittle

  • Definition: carve (wood) into an object by repeatedly cutting small slices from it
  • Synonyms: pare, shave
  • Example: He was sitting at the tent door, whittling a piece of wood with a knife.

8. Wrangle

  • Definition: have a long, complicated dispute or argument
  • Synonyms: argue, quarrel
  • Example: The bureaucrats continue wrangling over the fine print.

9. Writhe

  • Definition: make twisting, squirming movements or contortions of the body
  • Synonyms: squarm, thrash
  • Example: He writhed in agony on the ground.

10. Winnow

  • Definition: remove (chaff) from grain
  • Synonyms: separate, divide
  • Example: Women winnow the chaff from piles of unhusked rice.

Positive Verbs That Start with W

It is really hard to stay positive nowadays, isn’t it? So read these positive verbs that start with W in order to get a serotonin boost or to spread positivity.

1. Work

  • Definition: be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result; do work
  • Synonyms: toil, labor
  • Example: She has been working so hard.

2. Win

  • Definition: acquire or secure as a result of a contest, conflict, bet, or another endeavor
  • Synonyms: secure, gain
  • Example: There are hundreds of prizes to be won.

3. Wander

  • Definition: walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way
  • Synonyms: stroll, amble
  • Example: I wandered through the narrow streets.

4. Warble

  • Definition: (of a bird) sing softly and with a succession of constantly changing notes
  • Synonyms: trill, sing
  • Example: Larks were warbling in the trees.

5. Whistle

  • Definition: emit a clear, high-pitched sound by forcing breath through a small hole between one’s lips or teeth
  • Synonyms: warble, whine
  • Example: The audience cheered and whistled.

6. Welcome

  • Definition: greet (someone arriving) in a polite or friendly way
  • Synonyms: greet, salute
  • Example: Hotels should welcome guests in their own language.

7. Wink

  • Definition: close and open one eye quickly, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting
  • Synonyms: blink, flutter
  • Example: He winked at Nicole as he passed.

8. Wish

  • Definition: feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen
  • Synonyms: desire, want
  • Example: We wished for peace.

9. Withstand

  • Definition: remain undamaged or unaffected by
  • Synonyms: resist, combat
  • Example: The structure had been designed to withstand winds of more than 100 mph.

10. Witness

  • Definition: see (an event, typically a crime or accident) happen
  • Synonyms: see, watch
  • Example: She was the staff who witnessed the murder.

Verbs That Start with W – (108 words)

  • Wad
  • Waft
  • Wag
  • Wage
  • Wager
  • Waggle
  • Wait
  • Waive
  • Wake
  • Waken
  • Walk
  • Wall
  • Wallow
  • Waltz
  • Wander
  • Wane
  • Want
  • Warble
  • Warish
  • Warm
  • Warn
  • Warp
  • Warrant
  • Wash
  • Waste
  • Watch
  • Water
  • Waterproof
  • Wave
  • Waver
  • Wax
  • Way
  • Weaken
  • Weal
  • Wean
  • Wear
  • Weary
  • Weather
  • Weave
  • Wed
  • Wedge
  • Wedlock
  • Weed
  • Ween
  • Weep
  • Weet
  • Weigh
  • Weird
  • Welcome
  • Weld
  • Well
  • Westernize
  • Wet
  • Whack
  • Wheedle
  • Wheel
  • Whelp
  • Whet
  • While
  • Whimper
  • Whimsey
  • Whine
  • Whip
  • Whir
  • Whirl
  • Whisk
  • Whisper
  • Whistle
  • White
  • Whitewash
  • Whiz
  • Widen
  • Wield
  • Wig
  • Wiggle
  • Will
  • Wilne
  • Wilt
  • Win
  • Wipe
  • Wire
  • Wiredraw
  • Wish
  • Withdraw
  • Wither
  • Withhold
  • Withstand
  • Witness
  • Wobble
  • Wonder
  • Woo
  • Word
  • Work
  • Worry
  • Worsen
  • Worship
  • Wound
  • Wow
  • Wrangle
  • Wrap
  • Wreak
  • Wreck
  • Wrestle
  • Wriggle
  • Wring
  • Wrinkle
  • Write
  • Wrong

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with W

After reading this article so far, I am sure that you came across some new verbs starting with W that you never thought existed. Keep reading these verbs again and again and it will surely help to expand your vocabulary. Of course, we couldn’t fit all the verbs beginning with W as there are hundreds of them but we put some important ones here.

If you learned even one new verb from this list of verbs that start with W, that’s a successful job for us. Hopefully, you found this article helpful and it can come in handy to you when needed.

Ps. See also positive words that start with W, adjectives that start with W and nouns that start with W.

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