The Most Interesting Ways That People Sold Their Souls to the Devil

Is there something that you want more than anything in the world? Sure, they say that hard work and dedication can get you what you want over time. But what happens if you want it right this instant without all the hard work that’s required? Getting what you want can be as easy as selling your soul to the devil, but it comes at a price if you are not careful.

We highlight the most interesting ways that people sold their souls to the devil. If this is something in which you are interested, you may sign a legal document to sell your soul. While bizarre to certain individuals, this was the right thing to do for the people in these situations.

Selling a Russian Soul to the Devil Via Zlata Sidorva

One Russian highlighted how selling their souls to the devil happens by petitioning for help from a hereditary witch named Zlata Sidorva. When the person desiring to sell their soul gives 3,666 rubles (or the equivalent of $50) to Zlata Sidorva, she will take this offering to the devil so that he knows the person is serious about selling their soul to him.

For the person to have their wish of selling their soul to Satan finalized, they had to get rid of crucifixes and other icons in the room that did not affiliate with him. This was to show that they were definitely serious about giving their soul to the devil.

Jonathan Moulton Desired Gold in His Boots Daily

Jonathan Moulton was a well-known hero in the Revolutionary War. He cut out the soles of his boots and put them on top of his chimney hoping that the devil would fulfill his desire of getting his boots filled with gold every day because he vowed his soul to Satan.

However, this did not go as planned. The Devil did come to indeed fill Moulton’s shoes with gold as he desired. Since the soles were cut out, the Devil could not properly fill Moulton’s shoes with those golden pieces. Hence, for the trouble caused, the Devil set the man’s house on fire.

Robert Johnson Visits a Crossroads in Two Major Highways to Make a Deal with the Devil

Rober Johnson was born in the early 1900s in Mississippi and grew up to be one of the most highly notable blues singers in the history of American music. He was frustrated with the way his current life was and visited two major local highways to make a deal with the devil so that he could obtain his success in the music industry.

More on his experience is alluded to in his song, “Me and the Devil Blues.” Oddly, his life was tragically cut short at age 27. His cause of death is not definite, but rumors say that he was courting a married woman and her husband poisoned his beverage in retaliation.

Jack Parsons: A Rocket Ship Dream and An Occult Experience

Jack Parsons is a famous American Engineer that lived during the mid 1900s. When he was only 13, he attempted to sell his soul to the devil so that he could get the rocketship of his dreams. However, his devilish experiences did not stop there.

Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons crossed paths in their lifetimes. Parsons learned occult measures from Crowley to the point he summoned “The Babylon Working” to help him get to outer space one day. The spell worked because his invention of jet fuel is what the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) utilizes for soaring into space today.

George Tartini’s Expert Violin Skills

George Tartini was a famous Italian violinist that was most well-known for composing the melody, “The Devil’s Trill Sonata”. One night, he woke up to what he thought was the Devil strumming a few chords on the violin. From then on, Tartini continued to be an expert composer and violinist. Not many people have had the same skills as Tartini in


Selling your soul to the devil is tricky business. Know what you are getting into and be careful what you ask for because it can come back to haunt you for the rest of your life.

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