5 Ways to Track Your Projects Progress

In the era of multitasking, management is extremely important. With a lot of tasks in hand, we might lose track. This affects every work we do and even our personal lives. Multitasking is inevitable today. So, we just need to ace it.

At the core of the success of any business is its model of how the ecosystem is designed makes or breaks your enterprise. And this ecosystem is made by the people who work for you, your management skills, and what you deliver to your clients. So basically, it is the projects that you take up and execute from the core of your business. They take you ahead.

Especially in the IT sector, which is a data-churning industry, multiple projects keep going on simultaneously. But managing them all together along with the people who are working under them becomes very difficult. As a manager, you have to be sure of how your projects progress. Otherwise, your company will end up losing clients.

Thus, to save yourself from the threat of this doom, all you have to do is learn how to track your projects. This will decrease the chances of lag and make sure that you multitask with panache. This article tells you how you can keep track of your projects.

Mark your deadlines

Deadline has got to be the word of the century. Our lives are full of it. Especially in a high-demand sector like IT. Now, with so many deadlines hovering over one’s head, they might forget the deadlines. This is where marking your deadlines comes in handy. Several apps and calendar settings will help you set a reminder from at least a few days before.

This helps ensure that no deadlines get skipped from your mind, and you keep checking on your coders to make sure that they are on time.


Another very efficient way of dealing with multitasking is to outsource the huge amount of work you have in mind. Sometimes roadblocks on your project’s way can also cause a lot of problems.

This creates a pause and disrupts the flow of the work as well. That is why outsourcing is a smart move because, with platforms like Ploy, where you also get IT solutions.

This creates scope for improvement in your operations. As a result, your business outcome also gets better. Now you don’t have to invest your time in the same roadblock again and again.

Goal-oriented work

Set small and achievable milestones and keep checking them. This gives a sense of completion and satisfaction in work. But besides that, it also helps to compartmentalize the work. As a result of this, you will also be able to track your deadline better.

Having a goal-oriented work model makes sure that progress is visible and acknowledged. This pumps up the motivations of the employees as well. The best part about any goal-oriented work is that with the actualization of goals, you will have a constant update of your workflow.

Use a software

Installing a separate software for tracking your projects is also a good idea. This gives a clearer vision and helps you get clarity for all the projects that you have been managing. These kinds of software are designed to suit the busy schedule of your enterprise.

So, even if one person manages many tasks together, it becomes very easy for them to keep track, prioritize deadlines, and more. The software doesn’t even need to wait for them to list it. They can access data from emails if sync permission is on.


Your people management skills form the backbone of your projects. That is why your employee-employer relationship has to be strong. There should be honesty and transparency. The nature of this relationship will reflect on the work you deliver to your clients.

The more transparent your employees are about deadlines, the more you will be to your clients. Thus this is a chain reaction. That is why transparency is the best way to deal with deadlines. Even if the employees are running late, they should inform you so that you can talk to your clients accordingly.

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