Deliveo: The Best Courier Software?

Deliveo is a brand new courier management and last mile delivery software. In recent years the fast paced courier delivery industry has made great demands on the technological and supportive part of the business. That is why Mav-IT, whose headquarters are located in Budapest, has created an amazing SaaS (Software as a Service) software for courier delivery to serve the most demanding businesses.

Deliveo probably is the most suitable Courier software on the market. It provides multiple properties for creating, assigning, recording and delivering orders and enables its users to control in real time all the locations of their parcels/packages. Still, it enables operators to locate on the map all the distributors of the company, who use the specially built mobile application (smartphones). It equips professionals with the entire log of events from the creation of an order to its successful delivery (tracking log) to your recipients.

Deliveo consists of central management and three different packages of extra functions. These are the following:

The courier software, comes with the centralized management that is specifically designed to serve the needs of a courier company in the best way. The so-called “dispatcher interface” provides services such as, recording and updating all your customers, your distributors, the stock of orders you receive in your warehouses and of course, issuing labels for the packages that come with the orders you receive. All your orders go through centralized management. Like any proper courier management system, deliveo provides multiple activities in the way of assigning, recording and exporting data from the system in any format you wish (PDF,XLS, WORD, SCV, etc) The very simple use of package assignment is done in the simple two click way.

This means that the central administrator can pick from your orders and assign them to your distributors themselves. Deliveo’s courier management features don’t stop there though. We know first-hand that centrally assigning orders can consume valuable time from your employees, which is why our courier system gives you the ability to automate the assignment of your orders to your distributors through various features such as the areas each distributor will take care of, which customers they will pick up packages from, and more. Even faster, the assignment of packages can be done by a small barcode scanner which automatically connects our courier system and enables you to have each courier pick up a package with a simple scan of the barcode of the label of each order.

The first extra functional package has to do with the automated bills that your customers will receive as soon as you enter them into the courier software. This way, your customers will have a personal account (client interface) to upload all their orders to your courier system from their side. This package is mainly used by your customers who have their own eshop or other types of e-commerce websites, where they receive multiple orders on a daily basis and need direct access to upload them to the deliveo courier system from their side. This service also provides the printing of labels for the packages, as well as showing the whole log of orders (tracking).

The second extra functional package is the unique assignment of an API key to be able to connect the deliveo platform as a courier system, directly with one of your customer’s e-commerce so that the orders come directly from their online store to your courier software.

The third extra functional part has to do with the licenses to use the deliveo courier app. Through this app, your couriers can accept packages that pass through your service. They provide the appropriate courier software for receiving cash on delivery orders, a signature indicator from the recipient on the distributor’s mobile phone and the ability to store photos in the files of each order received by a distributor so that you have any evidence allocated to each order in case you need it in the future. Finally, the app also provides a route planning service to assist in the delivery of your distributors’ orders.

These are some of the key features of our courier system. Thank you for reading the description of our services. probably Deliveo is the most suitable Delivery software and we are looking forward to you, to check it out with us:

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