4 Ways You Can Support the Efforts of Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer NYC

While you hope that treatments by medical professionals will help you get better, it’s disheartening when the actions or negligent actions of those professionals results in some sort of harm.

Turning to a medical malpractice lawyer NYC is only the beginning; you also should commit to supporting the efforts of your legal counsel in every way possible. Here are four of the ways that you can do just that.

Making Your Medical History Available

In order to pursue the case, your lawyer needs full access to your medical history. The goal is to be aware of anything in your medical past that might be used by the responsible party in an attempt to discredit you. Knowing about possible complications in advance provides your legal counsel with time to come up with ways to defuse those efforts.

Ongoing access also means your lawyer is up to date on what’s being done to help you get better after the recent unfortunate treatment. This is important, since that access ensures the lawyer is aware of what effect the incident will have in the short term, and in the long term. That type of information will impact the type of settlement that your lawyer seeks.

Sharing Everything That You Can Remember

Not all relevant information is found in your medical records. There could be minor details involving something said or did while you were treated that never made it into the patient file. While you may not think some remark has any real relevant to the case, your legal counsel may feel otherwise.

Don’t be concerned about sharing information that seems useless. Your lawyer will decide if it has any bearing on the case, or if it can be set aside. It’s better to share more than you think is necessary than it is to weaken the case by not sharing something that turns out to be crucial.

Being Tight-Lipped When Others Ask About the Pending Case

One of the things that your medical malpractice lawyer NYC will ask is that you avoid discussing case specifics with a lot of people. You definitely want to avoid these conversations in a public place. When someone asks how you are doing, and how the case is progressing, refuse to give any specifics.

You can simply state that you prefer not to discuss it right now. If pressed, you may say that your lawyer has advised you to not say anything. Keep in mind that you never know who’s listening, and there’s no way to control where the information goes once you share it with anyone. Rest assured those who have your best interests at heart will respect your decision to keep silent.

Let the Lawyer Do the Talking

There will be times when the case does need to be discussed. When necessary, let your lawyer do the talking. That includes any attempts by the responsible party to engage you in a discussion.  It definitely applies if everyone is gathered for a formal attempt to reach a settlement.

If there is something that you think needs to be said, have a private discussion with your legal counsel first. The two of you can decide what to say, and how to say it. Doing so minimizes the chances for you to say something that creates an opening for the other party.

Remember that your lawyer is there to do everything within the limits of the law to secure reasonable compensation for what you’ve been through. Commit to helping any way you can, and the odds of things working out in your favor will be better.

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