65 Adjectives Starting with G Commonly Used in Formal and Informal writings

In learning English, noun is something that names a person, place or thing. Further to describe nouns; we use adjectives. For example, if you say “Anna is a girl”, then what kind of girl is she? We can simply answer all these questions with adjectives. Like if we use the intelligent in the above sentence “Anna is an intelligent girl”, then we can guess the personality of Anna.

So here are some positive and negative adjectives that you may use in your daily conversation starting with letter “G”.

Positive Adjectives Starting with G to Describe a Person

1. Glassy

Definition: smooth and clear

Synonyms: burnished, sleek, transparent, glazy

Example: He had glassy eyes with a pale skin tone.

2. Generous

Definition: act of kindness towards others

Synonyms: liberal, bountiful, giving

Example: I brought so many generous replies on my articles.

3. Gracious

Definition: use to express politeness and kindness

Synonyms: courteous, polite, kind

Example: This is very gracious of you that you take care of your grand-parents all alone.

4. Gorgeous

Definition: very pleasant and attractive

Synonyms: good looking, beautiful, lovely

Example: Helen was looking gorgeous even though she dressed up casually.

5. Glib

Definition: talk smoothly; artful

Synonyms: fluent, insincere, flip, plausible

Example: He is a self-centred and responsive man and his answer was too glib.

6. Gutsy

Definition: forceful and daring

Synonyms: bold, brave, determined

Example: You really gave a gutsy performance.

7. Gentle

Definition: having pleasing, mild and kind nature

Synonyms: agreeable, soft, quiet,

Example: Her voice was gentle as she instructed her students about their exams.

8. Genius

Definition: creative and natural ability or skills

Synonyms: brilliant, cleverness, intellectual, ingenious

Example: The genius act of John impressed the whole audience.

9. Gabby

Definition: being talkative; chattering

Synonyms: gossiping, chatty, gushing, voluble

Example: She is a nice and intelligent girl but also very gabby.

Positive Adjectives Starting with G to Describe an Event

1. Gainful

Definition: very productive and profitable

Synonyms: profitable, fruitful, beneficial, well paid

Example: Soon Peter will find a gainful employment because of his wonderful skills and experience in programming.

2. Gallant

Definition: behaviour or efforts of a person

Synonyms: daring, splendid, bold, brave

Example: She had made gallant efforts to get that job.

3. Gigantic

Definition: very great and enormous

Synonyms: extensive, huge, broad, expansive

Example: Mr and Mrs William arranged a gigantic party and gift for her daughter’s birthday.

4. Gleeful

Definition: very delighted and joyful

Synonyms: pleased, happy, cheerful

Example: Sara gave a gleeful treat to his friends on her brilliant success.

5. Gratified

Definition: feeling that one’s needs or desires have been met

Synonyms: contented, happy, pleased, satisfied

Example: A good meal eaten in an excellent company is enough to keep me gratified for some time.

6. Graphical

Definition: the form of arts, visual arts

Synonyms: visual, symbolic, illustrate

Example: A sample graphical representation is better to show continuous variations in our new year projects.

7. Glorious

Definition: very charming; divine

Synonyms: dazzling, celebrated, elevated, heroic

Example: Christmas is a glorious annual festival celebrated by Christians all around the world.

8. Genuine

Definition: authentic

Synonyms: real, absolute, factual, accurate

Example: If it is a genuine Michelangelo drawing, it will sell for millions.

9. Gymnastic

Definition: related to gymnastic

Synonyms: athletic, active

Example: Olga Corbett became famous after her inspirational gymnastic routines in the 1972 Olympics.

10. Gusty

Definition: airy or windy

Synonyms: blowy, robust, breezy, stormy

Example: The weather was so gusty in the afternoon, but after sometime it gets clear and looks amazing.

Positive Adjectives Starting with G to Describe a Place

1. Gelid

Definition: freezing

Synonyms: cold, frozen, chill, icy

Example: The soldiers spend time in gelid nights just to protect our country.

2. Generic

Definition: having something in common; not specified

Synonyms: general, inclusive, wide

Example: The generic city of New York in relation to his work is Singapore and Lagos.

3. Giant

Definition: very large or huge

Synonyms: gigantic, vast

Example: The forest of Kuala Lumpur is well-known for its giant wood trees, also called as woodland.

4. Glamorous

Definition: fascinating in style

Synonyms: attractive, flashy, exciting

Example: Paris is a glamorous city and well known a city of lights.

5. Groovy

Definition: cool or exciting

Synonyms: excellent, fabulous, splendid, great

Example: The valley of Manchester has groovy scenes.

6. Grand

Definition: something great or impressive

Synonyms: ambitious, admirable, dignified, elevated

Example: I have a grand plan for the new year, a world tour.

7. Globular

Definition: round

Synonyms: arced, annular, bent, circular

Example: Earth is globular in shape.

8. Germane

Definition: related to something in an appropriate way

Synonyms: allied, applicable, connected, kindred

Example: Only facts that are germane to his case have been shared by him to the lawyer.

Positive adjectives Starting with G to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Graceful

Definition: charming or lovely

Synonyms: comely, delicate, artistic, elegant

Example: Ali has a graceful and admirable personality; everyone likes to meet him.

2. Glad

Definition: feeling pleasure and happiness

Synonyms: happy, delightful, cheerful, joyful

Example: I’m so glad I could help you in your project for needy people.

3. Grateful

Definition: feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received

Synonyms: thankful, appreciative

Example: I’m grateful for your help.

4. Good-humoured

Definition: showing kindness and good attitude towards others.

Synonyms: benevolent, generous

Example: Malek attitude towards needy people was one of good-humoured ridicule.

5. Godly

Definition: having religious and faithful nature

Synonyms: divine, pious, superior, faithful

Example: Peter’s teacher said to him that it was not impossible to live a godly life.

6. Glittery

Definition: reflecting a bright, shimmering light

Synonyms: glittering, sparkling

Example: She had glittery expressions on her face seeing his mom coming in front of her after about a year.

7. Gleamy

Definition: bright or glossy

Synonyms: brilliant, glazed, glassy, smooth

Example: Her gleamy blue eyes were unforgettable.

8. Green

Definition: colour like grass or emeralds

Synonyms: flourishing, grassy, fresh

Example: The colour of leaves is green in summer but it turns yellow in autumn.

Negative Adjectives Starting with G to Describe a Person

1. Greedy

Definition: desiring something unnecessarily

Synonyms: craving, eager, avid, close-fisted

Example: Do not be too greedy, it will lead you towards destruction.

2. Gibbering

Definition: speaking rapidly and unintelligibly, typically through fear or shock

Synonyms: babbling, bumbling, chattering, chatting

Example: He is such a gibbering idiot.

3. Gawky

Definition: clumsy or awkward

Synonyms: rude, rustic

Example: She thought John was gawky because of his frizzy hair and too pale skin tone.

4. Gauche

Definition: tactless

Synonyms: ill-mannered, crude, unpolished, inelegant

Example: She should avoid sentimentality and gauche emotions in front of her boss.

5. Growing

Definition: increasing or expanding

Synonyms: amplifying, swelling, spreading

Example: Mr. Moseley and others like him are on the front lines of a growing battle for control of the shop floor.

6. Gaudy

Definition: bright and vulgar

Synonyms: florid, glaring, splashy, gross, loud

Example: Don’t do gaudy things just for the sake of money.

7. Gaunt

Definition: having no fat; skinny

Synonyms: bare, bony, attenuated

Example: That animal was generally gaunt and thin itself.

8. Glaring

Definition: used to say that something bad is very obvious

Synonyms: obvious, obtrusive

Example: It was a glaring mistake.

9. Giddy

Definition: having or showing silly sense of humour

Synonyms: impulsive, careless, brainless, bemused

Example: When she looks at her face, she really had a giddy feeling in her eyes.

10. Galling

Definition: making someone feel annoying and irritating

Synonyms: annoying, displeasing, annoying

Example: it would be galling to lose my best friend just because of a dress.

11. Goofy

Definition: having silly sense of humour or being crazy

Synonyms: crazy, empty-headed, weird, foolish

Example: Some of the students were creative but others were a little goofy.

Negative Adjectives Starting with G to Describe an Event

1. Gloomy

Definition: dark and overcast appearance

Synonyms: bleak, clouded, dim, dusky, cheerless

Example: It was a gloomy morning with its cloudy sky and air filled with fog.

2. Ghastly

Definition: extremely unwell

Synonyms: horrible, dreadful, unwell

Example: It was ghastly holiday; I was not able to go out the whole day because of the pending assignments.

3. Graceless

Definition: unsophisticated

Synonyms: improper, awkward, rough, rude

Example: I found that culture graceless, because I didn’t find any motivation in it.

4. Groundless

Definition: without any reason or purpose

Synonyms: causeless, empty, false, idle

Example: She adopted that habit pattern which is proved to be completely groundless.

5. Gossipy

Definition: tends to gossip or whispering

Synonyms: spilling, whispering

Example: Be aware of people having gossipy nature, they are the actual spoiler.

6. Grievous

Definition: something very severe

Synonyms: bitter, cruel, grim, burdensome

Example: Nothing is more grievous above freedom and civilization.

7. General

Definition: common or accustomed

Synonyms: familiar, commonplace, regular, normal, natural

Example: The meeting was held on very general terms and conditions.

8. Grating

Definition: something irritating or annoying

Synonyms: dry, rough, shrill, hoarse

Example: When she opened the door, it makes a grating sound.

9. Gooey

Definition: very sticky or gummy

Synonyms: gluey, adhesive, viscous, tacky

Example: Some foods were very gooey or hard to eat there.

Negative Adjectives Starting with G to Describe a Place

1. Grimy

Definition: covered with dirt

Synonyms: dirty, stained, grimed, grubby

Sentence: Please clean that grimy garden which is looking so unpleasant.

2. Greasy

Definition: slippery or oily

Synonyms: fatty, creamy, slick, lubricated

Example: My skin gets greasy during summer holidays.

3. Ghostly

Definition: scaring feeling; spooky

Synonyms: haunted, deathlike, divine, spiritual

Example: That ghostly voices and whistles in the air can’t be real; I don’t believe yet.

Negative Adjectives Starting with G to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Guilty

Definition: found at fault

Synonyms: blameworthy, accusable, censured, condemned

Example: He found himself guilty of his misbehave or the way he treated his parents.

2. Gutless

Definition: faint-hearted

Synonyms: feeble, craven, weak

Example: I should have had the support of my team but they are gutless.

3. Grumpy

Definition: in a bad or worst mood

Synonyms: bad-tempered, griping, pettish, surly

Example: Alia had been in a grumpy mood since she came back home.

4. Grudgeful

Definition: full of grudge

Synonyms: begrudged, resented

Example: His testimony this week, considering he has been silent for so long, was at best rambling and at times grudgeful.

5. Grumbly

Definition: ready to complain

Synonyms: bearish, crying, scrappy, deploring

Example: Teachers always seem to be grumbly about their students’ final result.

6. Grotty

Definition: feeling or having something unpleasant; unwell

Synonyms: cheap, useless, worthless

Example: The surrounding is looking a bit grotty because I’m upset today.

7. Garish

Definition: overdone or tasteless

Synonyms: brassy, cheap, blatant, flaunting

Example: It’s a little bit garish according to my taste.


There are more than above descriptive words starting with letter “G” in English language to describe a person, place or thing. The most important thing is to use them properly.

To help formal writing and to make concepts clearer, we listed the above adjectives together with their exact meanings, synonyms along with their examples. We hope they are helpful to you.

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