72 Adjectives Starting with I Commonly Used in writing and Conversation

To start a language, we first come to know about the basics of that language to learn it in a more vivid and descriptive way.

Similarly, In English language, we first learn about their basics including nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverb, adjectives….

Noun is a person, place or thing, for clarifying the image of nouns we use adjectives. Adjectives are commonly known as “descriptive words”.

So we will discuss here descriptive words starting with “I”, both positive and negative.

Positive Adjectives Starting with I to Describe a Person

1. Ideal

Definitions: model, exemplary

Synonyms: classical, supreme, flawless, consummate

Example: Shakespeare is my ideal poet and writer.

2. Imaginative

Definition:  creative or artistic

Synonyms: fantastic, ingenious, dreamy, vivid

Example: Nothing was like what was in her imaginative mind.

3. Inspiring

Definition: encouraging or rousing

Synonyms: animating, exalting, motivating, stimulating

Example: He has an inspiring personality for the unbelievers in the opponent party.

4. Intimate

Definition: devoted or loving

Synonyms: friendly, bosom, affectionate, dearest

Example: He was talking to a stranger; being intimate.

5. Individual

Definition: distinct or alone

Synonyms: definite, particular, indivisible, lone

Example: They did all their work individually, not in a group or with a team. They did a great job.

6. Independent

Definition: liberal or free

Synonyms: absolute, on one’s own, self-determining, autonomous

Example: She came to me for an independent piece of advice.

7. Influential

Definition: something effective or being powerful.

Synonyms: dominant, strong, controlling

Example: He introduced everyone with influential facts about their civilization.

8. Impassioned:

Definition: showing great spirit or emotion

Synonyms: wholehearted, heartfelt, emotional, earnest

Example: She is still impassioned about her book to write more positive things…

9. Impious

Definition: not religious

Synonyms: contrary, agnostic, deceitful, godless

Example: Peter is an impious rich man.

10. Indulgent

Definition: able to live with; lenient

Synonyms: charitable, compliant, considerate, fond

Example: He was considered to be very indulgent and kind towards everyone.

11. Infinite

Definition: without end or limit; limitless

Synonyms: eternal, everlasting, enormous, immense

Example: Everything has an end or you can say all is vanity except that infinite sky.

12. Intimate

Definition:  friendly or devoted

Synonyms: bosom, close, affectionate, faithful

Example: Anna is my intimate friend and we have been together for the last eight years.

13. Intransitive

Definition: not talking in a direct object

Synonyms: verb, intransitive verb form

Example: You will find some verbs that may be transitive or intransitive according to the context of the sentence.

Positive Adjectives Starting with I to Describe an Event

1. Incentive

Definition: inducement or consideration

Synonyms: stimulation, purpose, ground, excuse

Example: They give me a great incentive up on hard work.

2. Important

Definition: something or someone valuable

Synonyms: considerable, foremost, extensive, necessary

Example: I missed an important meeting, shit!

3. Interesting

Definition:  entertaining or attractive

Synonyms: exotic, captivating, curious, elegant

Example: Today’s get-together was very interesting.

4. Illicit

Definition: something illegal

Synonyms: contrary to law, black-market, criminal

Example: He is doing illicit trade with his business partner for the last few years.

5. Intellectual

Definition: very smart

Synonyms: bookish, brainy, cerebral, creative

Example: She got an intellectual scholarship for her brilliant performance.

6. Immediate

Definition: in a hurry, without delay

Synonyms: instant, current, at once, prompt

Example: Beware of making immediate decisions, keep calm and have patience.

7. Impermanent

Definition: temporary

Synonyms: fleeting, transient, passing, ephemeral

Example: This site also includes impermanent information and worthless.

8. Inclusive

Definition: all together or comprehensive

Synonyms: all the options, overall, broad, whole

Example: The fastest train in china contains an inclusive speed of 35km per hour.

9. Italian

Definition: native or related to Italy; italic

Synonyms: roman, Sicilian, Tuscan, Latin

Example: In Italian, sentence structure is exactly the same as English sentence structure.

10. Introductory

Definition: leading or initial

Synonyms: earliest, starting, opening, precursive

Example: You have to follow this with an introductory manual of inventory.

Positive Adjectives Starting with I to Describe a Place

1. Identifiable

Definition: recognizable

Synonyms: determinate, described, distinguished

Example: The criminals are identifiable by this person because he saw them doing robbery.

2. Impressive

Definition: influential or remarkable

Synonyms: absorbing, imposing, profound, monumental

Example: The outside interior of the house was really very impressive.

3. Incredible

Definition: beyond imagination

Synonyms: absurd, unbelievable, unplausible, unsubstantial

Example: Malaysia is an incredible country to visit.

4. Irrational

Definition: senseless or without any logic

Synonyms: brainless, disjointed, foolish, freaky

Example: No one can get his irrational logic.

5. Interior

Definition: in-house, inner

Synonyms: central, inside, domestic, remote, secret

Example: The interior of Blue Mosque is really very beautiful or soul catching.

6. Impossible

Definition: beyond possibility

Synonyms: absurd, inconceivable, cureless, impractical

Example: It is impossible to alter them; if possible, kindly guide me about it. 

7. Indian

Definition: related to India, its people or culture

Synonyms: Asian, Amerind 

Example: He has many Indian friends in Malaysia.

8. Industrial

Definition: related to manufacturing

Synonyms: automated, business, industry, industrialized

Example: They sold very poor products, even the people in their city are very industrial.

9. Immense

Definition: extremely large; extensive

Synonyms: boundless, endless, great, humongous

Example: Mughal architecture, displaying the immense power of spirituality of Islam.

10. Imperial

Definition: majestic or magisterial

Synonyms: royal, stately, lordly, kingly

Example: An imperial icon of Lahore, Quaid library adds grandeur to the city.

11. Iconic

Definition: having characteristic or related to an icon

Synonyms: recognizable, ideal, exemplary, representative

Example: Badshah Mosque is one of the most iconic examples of Mughal architecture. 

Positive Adjectives Starting with I to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Illustrative

Definition: explanatory and clarifying

Synonyms: comparative, descriptive, revealing

Example: This timetable is provided for illustrative purposes only.

2. Innocent

Definition: blameless or clean handed

Synonyms: honest, angelic, immaculate, guilt-free

Example: Ani is really an innocent but brilliant girl I must say.

3. Intelligent

Definition: having great sense of humour, very smart

Synonyms: able, alert, acute, imaginative, brilliant, brainy, inventive, creative

Example: She has an intelligent mind to attract the whole people around her.

Negative Adjectives Starting with I to Describe a Person

1. Idle

Definition: out of action

Synonyms: abandoned, inactive, passive

Example: He made her idle for a long period of time, but she didn’t realize once.

2. Ignorant

Definition: unknowing, unconscious

Synonyms: illiterate, dense, misinformed, unaware

Example: He is totally ignorant about the danger; he is going to face there.

3. Illiterate

Definition: lacking of education or knowledge

Synonyms: unread, solecist, uneducated, unlearned

Example: She never votes in an election because she is illiterate.

4. Immodest

Definition: bold or shameless

Synonyms: indecent, depraved, bawdy

Examples: It is totally unfair to say she wears immodest clothes in front of the whole meeting.

5. Impersonal:

Definition: unfriendly or candid

Synonyms: abstract, neutral, unbiased

Example: She seems very impersonal, even unkind to others.

6. Incommunicative

Definition: uncommunicative; unwilling to talk

Synonyms: clammed up, quiet, dumb, reserved

Example: It seems so bad having incommunicative staff in office.

7. Inexpert

Definition:  having lack of skills

Synonyms: unskilled, unprofessional, untrained

Example: He is inexperienced and also inexpert to get successful.

8. Indebted

Definition: under obligation

Synonyms: answerable for, accountable, bound, obliged

Example: He is indebted because of his father’s life.

9. Inferior

Definition: not important, less in rank

Synonyms: bottom, secondary, minor, lower

Example: France is a country with an inferior population; trained for their physical capabilities.

10. Irritable

Definition: bad tempered or annoyed

Synonyms: bearish, brooding, offended, crabby

Example: His temper was irritable, even I have never seen him impatient with his employees.

11. Intrusive

Definition: being unwelcome or uninvited

Synonyms: interrupting, obtrusive, invasive, unwanted

Example: He is penetrated by younger intrusive masses at Forkill.

12. Intense

Definition: forcefully or passionate

Synonyms: acute, agonizing, ardent, eager

Example: She was feeling intense about that event, even after 5 years.

Negative Adjectives Starting with I to Describe an Event

1. Impolitic

Definition: careless or unwise

Synonyms: undiplomatic, untimely, misguided

Example: I can’t follow his policy because it is completely impolitic.

2. Incoherent

Definition: disordered or incomprehensible

Synonyms: discordant, indistinct, dumb

Example: They end up there meeting with an incoherent decision.

3. Intended

Definition: having or showing intention about something

Synonyms: advised, destined, engaged, deliberate

Example: He is wrong, I was just intended to encourage her.

4. Increasable

Definition: something that can be increased

Synonyms: expand, enlarge, augment, multiply

Example: They have relatively increasable goods; at the end of one scale

5. Immature

Definition:  having no experience; inexperienced

Synonyms: premature, childish, raw, unsophisticated

Example: She is a nice and intelligent girl but a little immature as well.

6. Inexperienced

Definition: lack of knowledge or experience

Synonyms: unpractised, untrained, untutored

Example: He is too inexperienced and needs more guidelines to repair this car.

7. Illegal

Definition: against the law

Synonyms: banned, forbidden, actionable, crooked

Example:  There was nothing illegal going on, it was just a rumour.

8. Illogical

Definition: without making any sense; groundless

Synonyms: absurd, implausible, faulty, false

Example: It is absolutely an illogical thought; you are thinking beyond any logic.

9. Inappropriate

Definition: not suitable

Synonyms: incorrect, improper, irrelevant, out of place

Example: Your way of talking was inappropriate.

10. Incorrect

Definition: without fact; wrong

Synonyms: erroneous, false, imprecise, unreliable

Example: It would be incorrect to suppose that everything will be fine without making an effort.

11. Indistinct

Definition: ambiguous or blurred

Synonyms: obscure, confused, bleared, inexact

Example: This path is becoming indistinct with each step.

12. Intricate

Definition: complicated or complex

Synonyms: entangles, fancy, convoluted, tricky

Example: The ceiling of its courtroom embodies craftsmanship through the intricate detail of its hand painted motifs.

13. Invalid

Definition: disabled by any disease or injury

Synonyms: sick, unwell, infirm, ailing

Example: A fall from horse made him hopeless invalid.

Negative Adjectives Starting with I to Describe a Place

1. Illiberal

Definition: narrow-minded

Synonyms: greedy, biased, stingy, vulgar

Example: Unfortunately, illiberal democracy takes place in our country’s government.

2. Inclined

Definition: giving preference

Synonyms: bent on, likely, prone, willing

Example: He is inclined to go there and decline her offer.

3. Interval

Definition: break or pause

Synonyms: breach, distance, downtime, interruption

Example: They take an interval of about 2 hours at Indus valley.

4. Inefficient

Definition: not working well; improvident

Synonyms: ineffective, careless, disorganized, faulty

Example: This is an inefficient way to do this work; please do it properly.

5. Invisible

Definition: unable to see; concealed

Synonym: covert, disguised, deceptive, insensible

Example: Suddenly they got invisible from the main store.

Negative Adjectives Starting with I to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Ironic

Definition: sarcastic or caustic

Synonyms: arrogant, critical, clever, mocking

Example: She likes her ironic nickname because of his red hairs that really matches his nickname.

2. Introverted

Definition: modest or reserved

Synonyms: secretive, demure, reclusive, cautious

Example: John has a quiet and introverted nature.

3. Incompetent

Definition: having no skill; unskilful, unable

Synonyms: amateur, awkward, clumsy, disqualified

Example: He is proved as incompetent as he loses his leadership.

4. Inconvenient

Definition: having trouble or bothersome

Synonyms: annoying, awkward, difficult, disturbing

Example: The present situation of corona covid-19 is very inconvenient for everyone.

5. Inactive

Definition: inert or lazy

Synonyms: asleep, inoperative, latent, indolent

Example:  They are big, stout men, but when they lead an inactive life, they become sluggish.


Most common mistake found in people writing is they use some adjectives in an inappropriate way. This happens because they don’t know the detailed meaning of that adjective.

That is why we discussed the above adjectives in detail about their meanings, synonyms and examples to clear the use of them properly in our mind.

Positive adjectives are used to bring about something good in a person, place or thing. On the other hand, negative descriptive words give a bad impression about something or anyone. 

Plenty of descriptive words starting with letter “I” exist in English dictionary that can be searched, and you can choose some of them mentioned to use where they are appropriate.

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