10 Reasons a Vacation Rental is Better than a Hotel

As the world reopens and people start traveling again, they’re looking for a more individual, unique, and authentic experience—and equity residences provide it. From shared rooms to private houses, almost 25% of world travelers rent properties when they go on holiday. Here, we’ll list ten major reasons to rent a vacation property instead of booking a hotel room.

It Brings Savings

When a traveler books a vacation rental, they know just what’s included and at what cost. There won’t be any surprise charges for towels, bottled water, internet access, and parking, and groups can easily share the expense when they are looking for vacation rentals in Phoenix.

More Room to Roam

The average hotel room is 400 square feet in area, while vacation homes average about 2000 square feet. The additional space found in these properties gives them more of a welcoming feel, allowing tired travelers to kick back, relax, and make themselves at home.

Additional Availability

One of the biggest advantages of vacation rentals is that they’re available in almost every style, size, and location. No matter where you’re going or where you are coming from, there’s a rental that meets your needs.

Cutting the Cost of Dining

While most people love to treat themselves while on vacation, dining out can have serious effects on a person’s bank account and waistline. It’s easier to eat healthy and save money when we cook for ourselves, and a vacation rental with a full kitchen makes it simple to accomplish all three goals.

Bringing Pets Along

Although some hotels accept pets, room availability is often limited. Renting a vacation home allows travelers to bring their pets along while giving everyone the space needed for a truly relaxing trip.

It’s Good for Groups

If you’re getting a group together for a weekend getaway, a vacation rental is the way to go. Not only do these rentals give travelers the comforts and luxuries of home, but they also allow them to come together more easily.

Living Like the Locals

Today’s travelers are looking for authentic experiences, and vacation rentals provide just that. With most properties being in residential areas, booking a rental lets you see what life is like in that area. You’ll shop, eat, and party like a local!

Plenty of Amenities

According to recent research, half of travelers chose vacation rentals over hotels because of the quality of amenities, and 94% were happy with their experience. Vacation rentals often come with numerous amenities, including WiFi access, laundry facilities, pools, hot tubs, and full kitchens.

More Privacy

One of the most important reasons to choose a vacation home is for the privacy it offers. Rental properties are ideal for those who value their personal space, which is something that you just won’t get in a hotel. Book a vacation rental and relax without worrying about housekeepers, noisy neighbors, loud elevators, and crowded pools.

It’s Better for the Kids

When families travel, they often have to book multiple hotel rooms—which isn’t an ideal situation when vacationing with young children. Instead of overspending on cramped hotel rooms, book a vacation rental that can accommodate everyone.

Book a Vacation Rental and Stay Your Way

According to a recent Airdna review, vacation rentals have increased by more than 100% over the last few years as travelers search for affordable, memorable alternatives. If you are looking for a vacation rental, you’ll appreciate the comfort and value Casago offers. Browse our Scottsdale and Phoenix rentals now or submit a question to our past guests.

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