10 Best Memes about Weed and Stoners

Mari###na enthusiasts are unique. Some prefer chilling on the couch after a toke, while others like listening to their favorite music. It isn’t surprising to see one of them giggling at a smoking weed meme on the internet, either.

With the increased legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, mari###na is gaining acceptance in various sectors. Apart from a surge in cannabis products like Haze seeds, weed decriminalization comes with a plethora of hilarious online quotes.

Keep reading to discover ten of the best cannabis memes, and stay smiling as you roll your next joint.

Top 10 Funny Weed Memes on the Internet

Besides getting high, pot lovers have many other things to celebrate. The list includes the iconic 420 holiday and a vast selection of cannabis quotes. Are you ready to laugh until your stomach hurts?

Here are our top ten picks for funny weed memes in 2022:

1. Weed and I

Have you ever missed a loved one for a long time and felt you could do anything to be with them? If you’re a genuine weed enthusiast, you may have the same experience when you’re away from your pot for an extended period.

This meme represents the deep relationship that mari###na lovers have with the herb.

2. When Your Heart Wants It, But the Body Refuses

Is it possible for a mari###na lover to say “no” to another round of their favorite hit?

This smoking weed meme represents such a situation. Sometimes you’ve had too much, and your body feels like it can’t take any more. Yet, your fellow tokers roll another joint, and your heart can’t resist another puff.

Enjoy the trip as long as possible, and then jump into your bed and enjoy a deep sleep when you can’t go any further.

3. Can They Smell It?

Although many states are legalizing the herb, there’s still some stigma associated with it. Tokers may not want other people to notice the smell of weed on them after a hit.

This picture is one of the best stoner memes. The two smokers smell like cannabis but are too high to realize it.

4. Heading to Space

It’s impossible to forget about Snoop Dogg when looking for memes about smoking weed. The award-winning rapper is a famous pot lover who started toking before the legalization of recreational cannabis in most states.

His love for the herb led him to start a mari###na company, Leafs by Snoop. Produced by Canopy Growth, which also works with some of the best seed banks in America, Leafs is the brand to watch. It offers various products, including flowers and edibles.

This meme portrays Snoop’s love for the herb. If there were a planet covered in mari###na, he’d be more than willing to land there.

5. 420 Is Around

Many of the best stoner and funny stoner memes go viral every year when the famous 420 holiday comes around.

Nobody knows the source of this cannabis buzzword. Some claim it originated from a group of San Rafael High School, California students who met at 4:20 pm to enjoy the herb. Others say it’s a police code for reporting mari###na.

Whatever the explanation, pot enthusiasts have an iconic holiday to celebrate. This meme features Sean Bean as Eddard Stark dressed in reggae clothes. It references the famous Game of Thrones quote, “Winter is coming.”

6. I Am Weed

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are a famous stoner couple with many memes. The two do things that may be considered weird and like sharing bits of their private lives in public.

On one occasion, Megan Fox tells Machine Gun Kelly, “You smell like weed,” when they meet for the first time. He hilariously replies, “I am weed.”

This meme captures the interaction, and tokers can’t help but giggle at MGK’s funny answer.

7. Best Friends

Cannabis makes you feel uplifted, energized, and relaxed, but the feeling gets better when you experience it in the company of friends.

The excitement goes to another level when you go out with your 420-friendly pals and come across another gang. This meme captures the instant friendship that crops up when the two groups meet.

8. Christmas Weed Meme

Do you enjoy smoking mari###na during the festive season? This weed Christmas meme could add to the fun.

It represents a stoner Santa who has to deliver presents to millions of potheads worldwide.

When asked if he’s ever tried doing it sober, he replies, “It’d be boring to do the same thing year after year without smoking weed.”

9. Christmas Wish List

How about telling Santa what you want for Christmas? The stoner in this meme is running low and wishes Mr. Claus would bless him with some weed to enjoy during the festive season.

10. I Am Really Stoned

If you’re a pot smoker, wouldn’t you want a puff of what this gentleman has? He’s so high that he posts a tweet, replies to himself, and is surprised that he did it afterward. Hilarious, isn’t it?

Imagine smoking your favorite strain while giggling at such a meme.

Enhance Your High with Weed Memes

Cannabis enthusiasts have different ways of enjoying their high. While some like listening to music, a few prefer meditating on the couch, and others are fine with a night of deep sleep.

Stoner 420 memes are also a fun pastime. The feeling of smiling at hilarious quotes and pictures while smoking a joint is fantastic. It becomes even better when you do it in the company of fellow tokers.

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