Top 10 Dog Sitting Tips for Beginners

Well, people who love doggies indeed know the pleasure of staying around these cuties. But does everyone out there have all the fun? Well, we’re afraid not everyone out there knows how to manage a dog!

So, if you’re a new pet parent and are looking for tips to become a pro or wish to become a professional in dog sitting, you’ve alas stumbled upon the right space! Below we have curated a list of pro tips for beginners for dog sitting that is super easy and effective.

So, let’s check out what they are without any delay:

1. Meeting & Greeting!

If you love dogs and yet have no experience in how to do dog sitting, this is the first step. House sitting Australia or at any part of the world, meeting and greeting the dog is the most important step.

Yes! You read that absolutely correctly! You have to know the behavior of your dog, and understand if the little pooch likes you or not. Once you meet them and become a familiar dog sitting them shouldn’t be a problem at all!

2. Learn the Motives!

When your dog is sitting, as a beginner, you must understand the motive of the dog! You have to understand well enough if they wish to play outside, inside, or simply want to go for a walk on the trail. Once you’re sure about that, you will be able to plan your time accordingly with them.

3. Spend Time with Dogs in Front of the Pet-Parents!

Another important factor that you must consider is this one! If you want to work as a dog sitter, you would have to spend more and more time with them! But the tricky part is every dog is different and does come with various temperaments. And that’s exactly where you need to play it carefully.

You can begin by staying around the dog when the pet-parents are around. Once they become a little used to you, then you can ask the owners to leave you for a short while. Rather than going for one go, it’s best to take it in turns until they start feeling comfortable.

4. Get Associated with a Company!

If you’re new in this field and wish to become an individual renowned dog sitter, it is important that you first get into a company. Everyone has the first day, and without training, nothing is possible. And once you’ve cracked that, getting more and more recommendations will be helpful for you.

5. Speak about Food habits

When owners leave their loved pet with you, they will want to ensure you take of them just the way they do it themselves. So, it’s important that you speak to the pet parents about their food habits and know about their food allergies beforehand.

6. Keep Dog File with You!

In the dog file, pet parents usually have the vet and vaccination details. All these are important at the time of emergency. So, being a beginner, you might miss out on this point, and we would want you to keep a close watch on this. The dog file is the most important thing, and you need to keep it close to your hand.

7. Assess if the Dog is Aggressive

No one calls their child naughty. Do they? Well, we’re afraid it’s the same with dog owners as well. They will never tell you that their pet is naughty or aggressive. And once you’ve taken the responsibility without assessing, it becomes your responsibility entirely.

So, we would always want you to assess the behavior of the dog before you take up their responsibility.

8. Allow Them to Come to You

Many times, dogs kind of feel uncomfortable when they don’t find their owner around them. And that’s exactly when you have to hold onto your patience. Going too close to them when they are nervous can make them bite you. So, give them the space and wait for them to come close to you.

9. Do Your Research!

It’s important that you do your research thoroughly before you start dog sitting any breed. Always remember that each breed is different, and you have to know their temperament. For that, you can always speak to the owner to know more in detail. But in any case, your own research is important.

10. Keep a First Aid Kit Handy!

Not all beginners would keep this in mind. But you’re likely to get scratches, fall down or get a slight pup bite! So, it’s always advisable to be well-prepared with a first aid kit.

Final Thoughts

Now, don’t you know exactly what to do when you’re appointed to dog sit! So, follow these tips, and I’m sure you’ll become a pro very soon.

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