Best Places for Adventure Vacations in the USA

It is quite possible to have the most interesting time in America. In this vast country, you can find entertainment for every taste – from architectural city sights to breathtaking beautiful parks with incredible natural landscapes. Absolutely all tourists and guests strive to capture what they saw in their memory, make good photos and videos, and just be surrounded by nature and unique places.

Visiting outdoor for all users of the Internet network Daily Summit Shop, you can find popular products and premium items for everyday use. Whatever a person is busy with, whatever his hobby, the site has everything for outdoor activities, home, cycling, traveling and excellent well-being. Discover the best places in the USA for active vacations or holidays with family and friends.

What are the TOP 8 places worth paying attention to?

No wonder America is called “a country of great opportunities and prospects.” To be convinced of this, it is enough to visit several natural and historical sights. Although the list of popular, tourist, best places to travel for outdoor adventure in the USA is endless, TOP 8 leaders can be distinguished among them:

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is located in Tennessee. All animal and plant lovers should definitely visit this wonderful place. It is located literally on the border of the states of North Carolina and Tennessee. In this region, the highest point is located, from the height of which a bewitching view opens – the longest walking Appalachian trail (2030 meters).
  2. Oahu, Hawaii. Athletes, everyone who loves to swim, surf, scuba dive, should visit this region. On the island, you can see wildlife through the Waikiki Aquarium and look at animals at the Honolulu Zoo, visit the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve.
  3. Grand Canyon, Arizona. Anyone who wants to feel adventure vacations usa needs to visit this adventurous place. The region impresses with its canyon, bright radiance and iridescence of the surrounding nature, breathtaking heights of 4000 feet. The canyon even somewhat resembles a skyscraper, which offers an incredible panoramic view, where you can watch the beautiful sunrise. The place belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  4. Seattle, Washington. The city will attract lovers of fishing and underwater hunters. This place hosts an aquarium that is replete with marine flora and fauna. The Space Needle tower, from which all skydivers dream of jumping, as well as Discovery Park, where a military training ground was once located, will allow you to feel the true spirit of the US Northwest.
  5. Yellowstone National Park. This place is home to the Old Faithful geyser, which is famous for its geothermal feature of constant eruption (every 44-120 minutes). There is a subalpine forest with numerous rare plants and rocky mountains. They attract all lovers of active tourism.
  6. Williamsburg, Virginia. The city has interesting and exciting history. It attracts attention with an abundance of sights. It will take at least a day to get around the region and look at memorable places, beautiful streets, statues and other architectural treasures.
  7. Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The place where the world-famous hotel is located. All year round, you can engage in various types of outdoor activities, as well as, if desired, attend cultural events. In winter, it’s best to go dog sledding, visit the elk sanctuary and ride in the snow, and in summer, take a walk in the Snow King Mountain theme park or walk along the scenic trails of the area.
  8. New York, USA. A place where you can’t get bored. From major attractions in the form of Central New York Park, where outdoor vacations are possible in the literal sense of the word, a chic large embankment and the highest skyscrapers, you simply cannot take your eyes off. The area is distinguished by an abundance of historical and iconic places (Bronx Zoo, Empire State Building, etc.).

What to choose for lovers of wildlife and outdoor activities?

All those who prefer to be alone with the pristine wilderness should visit one of the famous relic groves in California in the USA. From the outside, the trees look like giant baobabs, so it’s hard not to notice them and they will definitely attract the attention of nature activists.

And if you want to take a more extreme route, then choose the Grand Canyon. The place will fascinate with its rocks and cavern of gigantic height. In fact, best nature vacations in the USA are possible in absolutely any region of the United States. The main thing is to clearly understand what type of recreation you like, where you like to spend time most of all and what active activities you prefer.

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