Replacing Windows: How Long Can You Expect Them to Last?

You recently said adieu to your old windows by replacing them with newer models. And you’re probably wondering how long they will last before you need to replace them again.

If you’re yet to take the plunge, you can get the windows replacement services in Houston from a reputable firm like Maverick Windows – to keep your home in excellent condition. The pros at the firm can also walk you through the replacement process, help you pick a suitable material, and offer you a ballpark estimate of your windows’ service life. This way, you won’t shell out for new window replacements prematurely.

All the same, average replacement windows last between 10 and 15 years – depending on various factors. Let’s quickly run through these variables so you know how long you’ll need to wait until your next window installation.

1. Frame Material

Granted, wood frames give your home a classic vibe and are easy to customize. However, they need a fresh coat of paint every five years or so as they’re susceptible to chipping and warping.

Fiberglass frames, on the other hand, don’t chip or warp. They also don’t rust or succumb to heat, making their seals less likely to fail. As such, you can expect window replacement crafted from this material to serve you well for over 30 years.

Likewise, vinyl replacement windows can hold up well for 20+ years. However, their service life can drop significantly if exposed to harsh climates. For instance, extended exposure to direct sunlight causes vinyl to disintegrate, implying a replacement could be on the cards before the 20-year mark.

2. Installer’s Craftsmanship

Did you DIY your window replacement? If so, your windows could have a shorter lifespan. “But why?” I can almost hear you ask. Unless you’re a pro, chances are your windows aren’t entirely level and secure. This could leave them vulnerable to leaks and drafts.

At the same time, window installations by inexperienced craftsmen may drastically reduce their service life. With that in mind, it pays to hire professionals like Maverick Windows when replacing windows in Houston or surrounding areas.

Such individuals understand the ins and outs of window replacement, meaning your new units are likely to last longer. In fact, some firms offer a lifetime warranty on their replacements. In short, the right installer makes a world of difference.

3. Maintenance

Windows are like cars or other machinery – they need regular upkeep to remain in great condition. To that end, you should inspect your windows and caulk them (if required) to keep air and water leaks at bay. Similarly, check the hardware – handles, locks, latches, hinges, and cranks – for imperfections. Otherwise, the frame could corrode and lead to costly repair bills.

Simply put, if you install replacements and neglect them, chances are they may not live up to their full potential. Hence, to get the most out of your investment, clean your windows regularly to minimize condensation, lubricate the tracks, ensure the windows fit, and repair damaged parts immediately. Such preventive maintenance may seem unnecessary, but it keeps your window functional and prevents system failure.

Storm windows may also help if harsh elements regularly batter your area. Basically, you may consider investing in such windows to safeguard your current replacements. And as a result, you can expect your windows to last longer.

Also, if you’re lucky enough to live close to the ocean, remember that salty water is corrosive. Hence, take extra precautions to extend your windows’ service life. This could mean thoroughly rinsing your windows quarterly to fend off rust.

4. Window Usage

Do your windows get a regular workout? Well, the more you open and close your windows, the more prone they are to wear and tear. For instance, if you have a casement window in the kitchen, it may bear the brunt of the grease and steam emanating from the range. The hinges may also deteriorate in the long run due to constant friction.

Besides, usage patterns can also affect your windows’ performance. For instance, some people tend to be rough when operating their windows. Would you expect such windows to uphold their structural integrity and remain airtight? Probably not. Conversely, if you’re gentle, the window replacements will thank you by serving you for a long time.

Plenty goes into ensuring our windows last for years on end. Chiefly, maintenance is critical – pay attention to it. Additionally, hire competent installation professionals who can help you select weather-resistant windows and give them a great start in their service life. In other words, by keeping an eye on the variables above, you won’t have to break out your wallet earlier than planned.

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