Simple Tips on Writing a college Essay in 2023

In fact, the requirements for essay writing are minimal – disclose the topic and write a title. However, this can be the main difficulty. Creativity freedom can lead you in the wrong direction. We propose to understand the tips and norms and figure out what should be included in the essay and what should not. Let’s get started.

The ability to write an essay (express thoughts on paper) is required to successfully pass the most prestigious international exams in English, such as CAE, TOEFL, and IELTS. In order for the written text to be considered good enough by the examiners, it is required to demonstrate a high ability to form one’s own thoughts. Also, the ability to write an essay will be helpful while studying at college.

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What is an essay, and how is it structured?

From the point of view of form, such a paper is a small (at exams, it is usually required to meet 200-300 words, the volume depends on the type of testing) text in which the author’s opinion on a specific topic is expressed. That is, it is such a coherent and reasoned presentation that reveals the point of view of the writer. This written genre has the following features:

  • the text has a given structure: a title, then an introductory part (usually fits in a couple of sentences), the main part, and a conclusion with a summary of the issue under consideration;
  • reasoning in writing is presented in a free form; there are no strict restrictions on style;
  • the opinion of the author expressed in the essay may be incomplete.

Thus, an essay text is the transfer of a reasoned oral statement on a certain issue into a written form in compliance with a certain structure and rules.

Types of essays and features of text construction

There are various forms of essays on the topic. For example, you may need to write a short essay in the course of correspondence with a person who lives in another country. Consider the most common essay forms that are asked to write in college:

  • for and against essay – an essay with reasoned arguments for and against. The text begins with the reader’s acquaintance with the essence of the problem; in the main part, the author gives arguments for and against, and at the end, they draw a conclusion in accordance with their personal position;
  • opinion essay – an expression of one’s opinion. The essence of the task differs from the previous version in that you need not only to express your opinion but also to support it with various arguments;
  • suggesting solutions to problems essay – suggesting a solution for a specific problem. In the beginning, you also need to form and describe the essence of the issue, then state your solution method. In the end, you should summarize everything.

When compiling essay texts, the form must be strictly observed. Otherwise, you can lose points. But during the training, you should learn to write not only the three types of text listed above on the same topic, but you should also keep in mind that there are some rules for writing an essay. For example, if you are writing an essay for IELTS (there are three types of essays), they have their own rules, and in Cambridge – they have another format. In one case, one cannot deviate from the regulations, the number of paragraphs, and their content; in the other, variations are possible, as with the Cambridge exam. As for IELTS, you will be asked to define the format of the presentation, to begin with, but you will not be required to strictly follow the structure of 3 or 4 paragraphs. In any case, we advise you to hone your essay-writing skills in all possible variations.

Essay writing technique: recommendations

The main task of the examinee is to understand the topic and, using logical connections correctly, to reveal it. To reveal the topic in the text, various grammatical and lexical connectives are used, which are evaluated by the teacher and which, in fact, demonstrate the very level of writing skills.

Everyone can learn how to write an essay competently: for this, you need to replenish your vocabulary, practice speaking, read literature consciously and thoughtfully, and get your hand on writing typical text examples. But it is a mistake to believe that classes on complicated vocabulary and grammar are enough to express thoughts logically. If with the richest vocabulary, the very construction of connections within the essay text suffers, you will lose points.

Therefore, in order for the text to turn out to be literate in terms of syntax and narrative construction, we recommend using the following universal scheme of work:

  • it is necessary to think over the topic and, in a draft, list all the factual data that is needed to write a coherent and reasoned text;
  • next, you need to draw up a plan for the development of thoughts in the text. Starting statement → thought development → argumentation → conclusions;
  • writing a draft;
  • draft editing, search, and correction of grammatical and semantic errors;
  • rewriting in a clean copy, taking into account corrections.

Be sure to use a draft, even if it seems that rewriting the text will take a lot of time. During the editing process, you can find serious errors that, in a clean copy, will significantly reduce your grade for the assignment. Note! A small amount for an essay is from three to seven pages of computer text.

Useful words and expressions for writing an essay

To make this article as useful as possible, we suggest you study and use the basic literary phrases often used in essay texts.

  • In my opinion
  • As I can see
  • To begin with
  • In addition to
  • They often say that

Use these simple tips, and your college essay will get a high grade.

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