5 Sunrise Paintings That Will Take Your Breath Away

Sunrise has always been a source of inspiration to people, as it is associated with growth and a new beginning of all kinds. Likewise, the morning light has always inspired and challenged many artists to capture the stunning and breathtaking view of the sunrise.

You should choose a sunrise painting if you’ve ever thought of adding some natural artwork to your home decor. A gorgeous sunrise art will surely bring a serene and harmonious atmosphere to the walls where it has been hung.

In today’s article, we will talk about five sunrise paintings that are bound to take your breath away.

Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet

Impression, Sunrise by the French maestro Claude Monet is one of the famous sunset painting of all time. Painted in 1872, the painting is often considered the pathway towards developing a new art movement, Impressionism.

In this iconic piece of art, the founder of the Impressionist movement has portrayed the port of Le Havre, Monet’s hometown in the Normandy region of France. The mesmerizing view of the rising sun in the port is greatly complimented by small boats, creating a dreamlike image of the morning light on the canvas.

What’s unusual about this particular sunrise painting is the haloed sun, which gives the painting a mystical feel – not really easy to find. That’s not all. Monet’s absolutely genius use of the color palette perfectly captures the essence of the sunrise scenario.

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk – Claude Monet

Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk is a beautiful depiction of a small Venetian monastery island in Venice, Italy. Painstakingly hand-painted with exceptional skill and detail, the painting captures the romantic beauty of the iconic monastery with extraordinary realism.

A true vision of beauty, this famous sunset painting captures Monet’s fascination with color and light. This breathtaking painting captures the dazzling sunset with the San Giorgio Monastery in the background, as seen from the artist’s hotel room in Venice. It is said that Monet created five other versions of the painting, which pictures the monastery under multiple light conditions.

Unlike other paintings in the list, Monet used much more vibrant shades of blues, yellows, and reds to capture the essence of the sunset. Created between 1908 and 1912, the painting is currently owned by the National Cardiff Museum in Wales.

Forest Sunrise by Albert Bierstadt

An admirer of scenery and landscape, Bierstadt’s works are particularly known for their dramatic silhouettes and dramatic colors. The artist has created some of the finest landscape paintings in his art career, and Forest Sunrise is one of them.

In Forest Sunrise, Bierstadt captures the contrast of sunlight against the forest’s darkness emerging from nightfall. This painting is all about the peace that we all can feel when taking time to just take in the beauty and serenity of nature.

As the sunlight shines through the forest, you can see a small silhouette of an animal sitting on the ground, most likely watching the breathtaking sunrise. With its vivid colors and crisp lines, this is an excellent piece for any home that loves nature.

Wheat Field With Rising Sun by Vincent Van Gogh

It is known to all that Vincent Van Gogh was put in the asylum for his mental treatment for almost a year. However, despite his mental illness, Van Gogh was quite productive and completed almost 150 paintings during his time in the asylum- Wheat Field With Rising Sun is one of them.

In the painting, Van Gogh portrayed the view of the wheat field as seen from Van Gogh’s room in the asylum. The farm is entirely covered with poppies and daisies that are just beginning to grow, accompanied by partly green corn plants. The picture’s background is painted yellow, which perfectly resonates with the moment during sunrises.

That’s not all. The yellow tint on the wheat field also credits to the brilliant essence of the rising sun. The vantage point of the painting is, of course, the wheat field. However, the steep diagonal wall in the center of the painting gives it a strong dynamic that cannot be missed.

New England Sunrise – John Frederick Kensett

Despite not capturing the pure essence of sunrise as most viewers wish, John Frederick Kensett’s New England Sunrise is one of many sunrise paintings that can take your breath. Composed of sky, ocean, and cliffs, the picture portrays a romantic getaway in the North of England.

An exquisite vista of smooth sand, gently rolling waves, and an endless blue sky create the perfect blend of light and tranquility in the painting. However, what makes the picture even more beautiful is the colors. They are quite bright and colorful but not too much to hurt the viewer’s eyes.

A mixture of the open sea and bright sky, the sand and blue ocean in the backdrop helps to create a gentle, loving scene. The oceanfront view will inspire days of relaxation, while the crisp breeze shall bring you calm every time you take a glimpse of the painting.

The Bottom Line

With their serenity and calmness, both sunset and sunrise have their very own charm associated with a picture. These were some of the most famous sunrise and sunset paintings. You can order a replica of these masterpieces from 1st art gallery and enjoy the serenity of the sunrise from the comfort of your home or office.

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