The Meaning behind Different Types of Popular Funeral Flowers

Funerals are a difficult time for everyone, but are important to remember and honor those that have passed on, and provide your sympathy to their family and loved ones. Attending them is important, and helps you show your support. A staple at many funerals are flowers. However, the flowers you see at a funeral will likely be vastly different from the ones you will give for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

They are still beautiful, but are often more somber and neutral, than bright and cheerful. Also, their meanings will also differ greatly, as will the symbolism they represent. There are many popular sympathy flowers out there, and this blog post is going to take a closer look at the meaning behind the many different types of flowers you will often see at a funeral.


Lilies are certainly one of the most common flowers seen at funerals all over the country. You may see all different colors of lilies at a funeral, but white lilies are the most common. These white lilies signify the soul returning to a state of innocence, which is why they are so popular at funerals.

Many lilies also symbolize sympathy itself, which makes them great gifts to show grieving family members you care and are there for them. Lilies are incredibly aromatic, and look absolutely beautiful, without being too bright or cheerful. They are a very elegant flower, and one that has a place at any funeral.


Few flowers are as versatile as the rose. Roses can be given to friends, family members, and even your significant other. This is because roses come in several different colors. Each color has a different meaning as red roses are very romantic and passionate and generally given to a partner, while yellow roses can often be given to friends appropriately.

For funerals, the most common roses to see are white roses or incredibly dark roses. White roses signify innocence and humility, while the darker red roses symbolize grief and sorrow.

You could have a single rose in a bouquet with other funeral-appropriate flowers, or even in a bouquet or arrangement all on their own. Roses themselves are a very beautiful flower, with a detailed and unique look, and a wonderful scent that is easy to identify.


Another of the best flowers for expressing sympathy are orchids. Orchids are a delicate flower that can last a very long time if treated right. They can be added to a bouquet, but are often seen on their own in a pot.

Orchids come in many different colors and styles, but generally share a singular meaning, which is “I will always love you”. They are the perfect flower to show love for the departed, and decorate a funeral to help it look outstanding. So while all colors of orchids can be appropriate, you will generally see white and pink orchids at funerals most frequently.


Another flower that is commonly seen at funerals are carnations. They are particularly great for wreaths, but can also be put in vases or as a part of a standing spray. Like many colors, they come in several different colors and have many different meanings.

The two types of carnations you are most likely to see at a funeral service will be the white or pink variety. White carnations generally stand for innocence and purity, while pink carnations stand for remembrance and are perfect for remembering those who have passed on.

In addition to being used frequently at funerals, carnations can also be given as gifts of sympathy for those who have lost loved ones. They can last a very long time, and give off a subtle (yet pleasant) scent. They are generally easy to find and affordable, which makes them such a popular option for many people.


Chrysanthemums are another popular funeral flower, and for good reason. They are a beautiful and uniquely-shaped flower and come in many colors, but are generally more subtle than some other blooms. However, it is important to know that the meanings of these flowers will change (sometimes dramatically) depending where you are.

In Europe and many parts of the USA, these flowers symbolize both honor and sympathy. While the flowers can also be seen as positive and cheerful in the USA, in Europe, this isn’t really the case. In countries like France, Italy and Spain, these flowers also symbolize death and are almost exclusively used at funerals or grave sites.

In Asian countries like Japan and Korea, white carnations are a symbol of grief and often used at funeral services there. While the meanings change a little around the world, these flowers are most often used to honor someone who has passed.


While funerals are often sad in nature, they can also be happier events. Many families will treat funerals as more of a celebration of one’s life and accomplishments more than a sad event to mourn for the loss. If this is the case for a funeral, a bright yellow flower that reminds everyone of springtime like daffodils are a logical choice.

They lift the moods of those who may be struggling and can bring some encouragement and hope. These are a symbol for fresh starts and renewal, which fit perfectly with a funeral of this type where positivity is more prevalent.

While this flower is suitable for funerals, if there are going to be pets around at all, you need to be careful. Daffodils are a flower that cat or dog lovers will want to avoid as it is among the plants that are toxic to pets.

In Conclusion

We hope this article has helped you learn a little more about the meanings behind popular funeral flowers. While technically any flower can be used for any sort of occasion, it is a good idea to consult the meanings behind flowers to ensure they are as appropriate as possible for these types of events.

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