10 Things You Need to Know About Family Medicine Clinic in Singapore Today

Family medicine provides personal and comprehensive healthcare to individuals of all ages and sexes, covering all diseases and body parts. This field aims at the prevention and treatment of all diseases. Your family physician will attend to your condition, considering your physiology, psychology, socio-economic, cultural, and spiritual factors within the context of your family and community. Family medicine believes that primary care is the root of all medical services. Family medicine health facilities offer many medical services, which include:

Management of chronic diseases

Doctors at the family medicine clinic in Singapore helps manage chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart complications, and asthma. Your doctor will ensure you take your drugs as prescribed and get to understand the challenges you may be going through to help you manage them.

Health screenings

Singapore family clinics will offer health screenings depending on your age, gender, or health history. Screens help healthcare providers detect diseases for early treatment and prevent further complications.

Reduces wait times

You may experience an injury or a complication that requires immediate medical attention. Despite the busy schedules at the Singapore family clinic, the management preserves slots for patients with urgent medical needs.

Cost of services

The costs of services in Singapore clinics are affordable, but they vary depending on your disease and its severity. The doctor will openly discuss the charges with you before and after the treatment.

Referrals to specialists

Although family medicine clinics cover all diseases, some may require a particular specialist. The clinic partners with a trusted specialist to enhance your condition’s effective management and treatment.

Promotes personalised care

The doctors at Singapore family clinic have a personal interaction with you and spend enough time understanding and discussing your needs for effective treatment. The friendly environment and sufficient time will enable you to express all your needs.

Routine exams

Singapore family clinic offers routine medical check-ups and consultations to enhance disease prevention and treatment. During discussions, your doctor will dedicate enough time to listen and attend to your inquiries.

Disease prevention

Singapore family clinic promotes disease prevention by giving you counselling on healthy lifestyle ways. The physicians in this clinic offer immunizations and vaccinations, which are crucial factors in disease prevention.

Carrying out disease diagnosis

The Singapore clinic will start the treatment process of your condition after a proper diagnosis. Misdiagnosis can worsen your infection. Doctors base diagnosis on family history, signs and symptoms, physical examinations, or running lab tests.


Many people have adopted family medicine for its affordable cost and effective treatment of acute infections and injuries. Prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of diseases in family medicine will improve your general well-being. Schedule an appointment at Osler Health to increase your life quality through family medicine services.

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