How to Write a Personal Growth Essay: Structure and Tips

There are so many reasons why people and many expert writers write a personal growth essay. Students will write one as part of their application process for a university or college, while writers will write one to share stories with a particular audience. When this particular type of essay is well put together, it can not only inspire others, but also enlighten them with information taken from real-life experiences they had no idea about.

If you feel that you’re struggling to get your message across in your personal growth essay or you cannot find someone to do my essay cheap, then you can always reach out to online essay writers who can write your essay for you. If you plan on writing one on your own, below are a few tips you can follow that will help you put together good-quality essays. Before touching on the tips, one needs to know the structure of such papers.

The Structure of a Personal Essay

When putting together a personal essay, pro essay writers, or you have to make sure it has an introduction, main body, and most importantly, a conclusion. Many personal essays are around 5 paragraphs long, however some can be longer or shorter than this. Everything should be okay as long as one puts these three main sections in their paper.

1. The introduction

This is all about captivating the reader and booking them in. You should give the reader a glimpse of what they should expect in the main body of your paper. Refrain from using any common clichés because your goal is to connect with the reader, not bore them with famous quotes.

2. The main body

This is regarded as what many professional essay writers call the meat of any paper and should be filled with personal evidence and points that support your thesis. You talk about the knowledge you’ve gained and some of the personal experiences you’ve been through that have made you see things how you do.

3. The conclusion

This is your chance to remind the reader of what you talked about in your paper and the moral of the story you’ve been telling. Sum up some of the things you want the reader to take away and also tell them why this paper means a lot to you

Useful Tips to Follow When Writing a Personal Growth Essay

1. Come up with an outline

Coming up with an essay outline will help you come up with the tone of the essay, as well as lay out some of the important points you want to add to your piece. With the important points laid out, you will be able to decide which ones will make it in your paper and which ones won’t. No matter the topic you decide to talk about, make sure it is one that has taught you a lesson or had a strong impact on your personal life.

2. Write a good introduction

An introduction makes or breaks many students’ essays or those written by an essay writing company because the goal is to hook the reader in and not make them lose interest. You have to create a good first impression because a boring introduction can mean boring content in some people’s eyes. Make it compelling by stating the thesis and using words that will tag your reader’s heartstrings. Let the reader know from the get-go what your piece will be about so they know what to expect and not be set up for disappointment.

3. Have a good body of work

This is just as important as the introduction because it is the meat of your essay. You need to provide your readers with as many details about your chosen topic as possible. Look at your thesis carefully and work around it when building up your personal essay.  You have to slowly guide your readers to the main points in your essay to keep them engaged.

4. Write to the point

Your piece should not be filled with filler content just for the sake of meeting the required word count. The point of the essay is to write about very important moments in your life, meaning that you have to write straight to the point and be specific. Don’t waste your reader’s time by adding unnecessary details because that will make your paper less engaging.

5. Write the conclusion

This is your chance to summarize everything you’ve spoken about in your essay and highlight the important message you want the reader to take to heart. You might add things in there that are controversial and unsettling for some people in your content, but ending on a high note always helps the reader see the brighter side of things as well as be inspired.

6. Proofread before submitting

On top of making sure that grammar and spellings are on point, you want to make sure that your message gets across perfectly. You can do this by proofreading your work to ensure the narrative flows how you want. One might have impressive writing skills, but going through content a few times before submitting helps highlight any mistakes one might have missed. You can also use websites like Grammarly, essay writing services, or enlist the help of a family member, classmates, or friend when it comes to proofreading.

Overall, a personal growth essay is content that describes what one has been through in their personal life. As a matter of fact, essay writing performance influences personal growth in a lot of ways. It talks about important events from the writer’s point of view and usually takes the form of an essay. They have a conversational tone to them, which allows the writer to connect to the person that is reading the content. The goal of this essay is to inspire, uplift, and educate someone while also making sure that the person reading it doesn’t make the same mistakes in life the writer did. A variety of topics can be covered in this type of essay which can range from surviving an abusive relationship, kicking a drug habit, family disputes, failing an important exam, and more. An event that changed you or inspired growth can be written as part of your personal growth essay.

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