What Are the Popular Companies That Accept Crypto?

The cryptocurrency market has been dominated by Bitcoin. A lot of sizable businesses already recognize Bitcoin as an acceptable form of payment. They are all covered in this article. According to a 2020 HSB poll, 36% of US small-to-medium companies accept Bitcoin. Visit at https://bitprofit.software. Today, the most well-known businesses accepting Bitcoin payments globally are:

  • Microsoft
  • AT&T
  • Starbucks
  • PayPal

What I’ll cover is as follows:

Significant Businesses That Accept Bitcoin as Payment – Wikipedia

Bitcoin donations are accepted by Wikimedia, the organization that runs Wikipedia, the biggest open-source encyclopedia in the world. BitPay is used for payment.


Your Microsoft account may be topped off with Bitcoin, according to the corporation. The business had previously stopped accepting bitcoin payments but had soon restarted it. From 2014 onward, Microsoft started utilizing Bitcoin for buying major computer and online games, apps and also forms of digital content.

Food King

In Venezuela, Burger King locations announced cooperation with Cryptobuyer to take cryptocurrency as a form of payment, as per local news sources. Payment options for customers include Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Tether. Additionally, on September 3, 2019, Burger King’s German division started taking Btc on its mobile app and website.


For a short period of time, KFC Canada opted to take Bitcoin in return for the “Bitcoin Bucket.” The bucket was going to be delivered right to the customer’s home address, and the business used BitPay to handle the payment.


In order to accept Payments in bitcoin for their online orders, Overstock, a well-known American online shop that frequently offers expensive things at discounts owing to overstocking, teamed up with Coinbase. CNN also reported few years back and Overstock has become a good crypto company.


Several Subway locations accept Cryptocurrency payments for their sandwiches (or formerly did; the current situation is uncertain). In this movie, you can view an illustration:


Bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash may be used to pay for services on Twitch, an industry leader in game broadcasting. Twitch is owned by Amazon. This option was disabled by the corporation in March 2019 but was then enabled again in June.

Pizza Hut

In Venezuela, customers may now use Bitcoin to order and pay for Pizza Hut as of November 2020. This came when the nation was subjected to economic sanctions, which elevated the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Norway Air

The third-biggest budget airline in Europe, Norwegian Air Shuttle, wants to offer a payment method that would allow consumers to pay for flights using cryptocurrencies.


Since the company’s IT audience had demanded it, one of the top domain name registrars began taking Bitcoin back in 2013. CheapAir

The American online travel firm founded in 1989 began taking BTC through Coinbase and then switched to BTCPayServer as their payment processor.

NewEgg is an online store that sells electronics and computer gear. One of the first businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Archive on the Internet

Donations in Bitcoin are welcome for a nonprofit library collection with the declared goal of “universal access to all knowledge” that is located in San Francisco. The Wayback Machine, which is their online archive, has hundreds of trillions of web grabs.


Although Amazon, the largest online retailer in existence today, does not yet take Bitcoin directly, you may use Purse.io to purchase on the website and use Bitcoin as payment. It has already started prioritizing all the major payment agreements that it has made, and people now can use Bitcoin much indirectly to buy things from Amazon.


A popular imageboard website among cryptocurrency users is 4Chan. The majority of user posts are anonymous, and the most recent ones are shown above the rest. 4chan is divided into a number of boards, each with its own rules and content. It is not possible to register. For the purchase of a 4Chan pass, the website takes Crypto, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, and Litecoin.


Cloud storage and file hosting service were introduced on Jan 19, 2013, by Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. When upgrading accounts, the website takes Bitcoin.

You’re in luck if you’re seeking businesses that take cryptocurrencies and which businesses do so. The most well-known businesses that take bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies are listed in this article. You may choose a firm that is ideal for your needs by conducting your study in advance with the help of link.

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