Where to Find Funny Valentines Cards

You want to surprise your loved one with something special on Valentine’s Day but where should you look for funny Valentine’s cards? Many people head to their local bookstore to get some cards, but they tend to have a limited selection. They might even have to wait until next year before seeing another card from the same manufacturer or theme. For example, Boomf has many unique designs of funny Valentine’s cards that can be enhanced with colorful confetti or pop-our characters. And Zazzle, for example, has over 7 million items for sale. In addition, many online shops offer custom printing services such as personalization, engraving, foil stamping, embossing, hot stamping, etc. At a very basic level, you can create your personalized valentine using Photoshop. Or why not go the extra mile and design your card?

To make sure they get the perfect gift on this special day, consider these ideas:

  1. Personalize it — Create a photo collage, write a love poem, or draw a picture (or better yet, let them choose). Also, remember to send the photo along with the card.
  2. Surprise them — Try something new – ask them to a restaurant or movie date instead of taking them out to dinner at home.
  3. Get Creative — Do a DIY project, craft a beautiful bouquet, or make homemade funny Valentine’s cards.

Paper Rifle, a Co.

Regarding stationery, gift wrapping, and greeting cards, Rifle Paper Co. always comes out on top as a favorite among editors.


Amazon (as usual) knows how to play your hand if you’re looking for a wide variety of funny Valentine’s cards that arrive quickly and come in a wide range of hilarious, cute, and sensual options.


Etsy is a veritable treasure trove of little card stores selling handcrafted greeting cards, including funny Valentine’s cards, from humorous and charming to more serious options like custom portraits.


Ban is the one and only you need to see. If you’re looking for cheerful and retro-inspired funny Valentine’s cards for your friends and family, this is the place to look.


When it comes to unique and personalized Valentine’s Day address labels, stickers, stamps, and stationery designs, Zazzle has no limits.


Lovepop is your one-stop-shop for high-quality 3D funny Valentine’s cards; their elaborate pop-up greetings range from modern (Star Wars, Toy Story) to classic (hearts, flowers, chocolates, etc.). (like flowers and heart candies).

The Urban Outfitters

The UO provides a wide variety of adorable and culturally relevant funny Valentine’s cards that are perfect for your boo if they appreciate clever puns.


Check out Target’s assortment of funny Valentine’s cards from multiple brands for something more sentimental and stylish.


Boomf offers not only a wide selection of funny Valentine’s cards, but also a convenient online personalization tool to customise it to your liking and to your recipient’s preferences as well as a range of upgrades that will turn your card into an experience.


Everyone loves receiving gifts and greeting cards now and then. It gives us a sense of joy knowing someone cares for our hearts. And sending a special gift for your loved ones is something which will bring happiness to everyone. As a result, today, we celebrate Valentine’s Day’s occasion. This festive season is full of fun-filled activities, including romantic dinners, candle-lit date nights, etc. There are many ways to express your love and care towards your dear ones on the day of love. If you’re looking for a way to show your love and make your Valentine’s Day more fun, funny Valentine’s cards are just what you need.

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