Travel Video: 5 Tips to Make a Great One [Beginner Guide]

We all love to travel, and sometimes we want to save this moment in order to then again feel these incredible sensations from the vacation. Fortunately, with the development of modern technologies, this ceases to be a problem; with a large number of various devices and software, we can capture any moment of our life, and most importantly, you don’t need the best travel video camera for this. If you are running your own traveling vlog, you will also need this guide, as it is universal and will make your videos even more exciting.

What Are The Reasons For Making the Video of a Trip

Each of us has a unique personality, and there is no person who would be similar to another. Of course, each person will have their own reasons for traveling and filming their trips. Someone films a travelog for a YouTube channel, someone wants to remember the family trips with children, someone just wants to feel those feelings again after a while. But still, here are some reasons why people want and love to film travel videos.

Capturing the Moment

Surely this reason will be the main one for a very long time. In order to better remember the moment, people used to film their trips. Probably each of us knows this feeling when we would like to slow down time and stay in this moment a little longer. And fortunately for us, we live in a time when technology allows us to capture the moment using a variety of technical devices so that after a while, we can enjoy these moments again.

Creating New Content 

A large number of people like to share their travels with people as their hobby, and they do it mainly through their social networks. Filming helps to show their subscribers the aesthetic of the moment they witnessed.

Vlogging on YouTube

More and more people are considering vlogging on YouTube as a way to make money. In recent years, travel content creation has become more and more popular. There are a lot of travel shows on TV and on the Internet, so more and more people are creating their own channels where they talk about their travels through video filming. You can consider using an ai video editor to create videos faster and more easily.

What is most interesting, this type of content is only gaining popularity, and rest assured that this trend will continue and grow in the next couple of years.

Sharing Memories with the Loved Ones 

Unfortunately, we do not always manage to travel with our friends or family, sometimes it turns out that we have to go on business trips, or simply resolve issues in other countries. But when we see something exciting, we want to share this moment with loved ones, and a professional camera or even a camera on your smartphone can come to the rescue.

5 Main Tips to Make a Great Travel Video

Having identified the reasons why people are filming their travels, let’s move on to tips to improve the quality of your videos and how to choose the best online video editor for your personal needs.

#1 Choose the Suitable Video Editor

Choosing the right tool will make it easier for you to work with the footage and implement your even the most incredible ideas. Some of the most popular free tools are:

With the help of such software, you can insert a variety of songs and melodies into your video, you can actively use montage, and add different effects to create the masterpiece. Each of these tools is a professional video processing environment, you can try them and determine the best one for yourself.

#2 Practice More

Don’t worry if your videos don’t turn out as professional as you thought they were at first. Most often, the road to success is not easy, but this is not a reason to quit what you started, because a little time will pass, and you will be surprised that, thanks to practice, your abilities in videography have improved significantly and you begin to like the result of your work. The main thing that you need to remember is that each person starts with something. Give yourself time and do not limit yourself to the framework, create for your own pleasure and let your soul enjoy the process.

#3 Showcase Your Unique Vision 

When trying to create something of your own, do not try to imitate other travelers. It’s good to get inspired by them but seek to discover your own vision. Come up with your own clips that no one else will have, develop your unique style, experiment with the presentation of your content. Explore text to voice tools to add voice overs that can make your content stand out.

#4 Use All Kinds of Technical Devices

Despite the fact that you can create your own content for a blog even using a smartphone, this is not a reason to abandon professional devices. Using a professional camera will significantly improve the quality of your videos. Imagine showing London attractions in 4K HD quality and just in a regular phone shoot. Naturally, the difference will be significant.

Although this clarification is not that necessary for beginners, those who’ve been making travel videos for some time need to plan a technique upgrade.

#5 Follow the Dream

If you’ve dreamed your whole life of traveling the world and showing it to people, then just do it. Don’t look at what others think of you. Do not worry that you lack knowledge in this area or that you are not good enough at video editing. The most difficult thing is to start, and after you develop your skill, the only thing you will regret is that you did not dare to follow your dream earlier.


Modern man cannot imagine himself without travel. All of us, having returned from one vacation, are looking forward to the next. Fortunately, with the help of cameras, we have found a wonderful way to keep beautiful moments a little longer. And most importantly, each of us can create our own masterpiece, all that is required is love and dedication to this cause.

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