60 Adjectives Starting with C Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

In this article, I will be discussing with you 60 simple descriptive words starting with C, that are used in several different ways to enhance and deepen the meanings of our information. I have carefully divided this article into eight different categories so you can easily understand and learn the descriptive words starting with C.

Adjectives make it easy for you to compare, contrast, modify and quantify a noun. In this way, the reader or the listener of your speech will get a deeper meaning and will be able to understand your communication easily, because his or her mind will get a clear picture.

Positive Adjectives Starting with C to Describe a Person

1. Capable

Definition: to have the ability, willingness, skills or strength to carry out a job

Synonyms: adept, apt, proficient

Example: Bill Gates is a highly capable man.

2. Communicable

Definition: able or willing to communicate with others to suit different conditions

Synonyms: Communicational, transmittable

Example: He is pretty communicable.

3. Courageous

Definition: Someone who is never deterred by pain, suffering or danger

Synonyms: unafraid, brave

Example: She is always courageous so she never gives up.

4. Cooperative

Definition: being able to work mutually to achieve common goals

Synonyms: communal, unified

Example: He is cooperative, this is why the company is benefiting a lot from his work.

5. Courteous

Definition: Someone who is exceptionally respectful

Synonyms: civil, humble

Example: Our boss is courteous towards all of his employees.

6. Careful

Definition: a deep level of attention and consideration

Synonyms: alert, attentive

Example: My mother is very careful about my diet.

7. Calm

Definition: someone who has exceptionally strong emotions and never becomes nervous easily

Synonyms: peaceful, quiet

Example: I couldn’t keep calm when I discovered my mother has cancer.

8. Cautious

Definition: Someone who is careful and attentive enough to avoid all potential losses, risks, harms and sufferings

Synonyms: watchful, alert

Example: She is a cautious driver.

9. Coy

Definition: Someone (especially a woman) who is pretending to be shy and modest and intends to allure other people

Synonyms: skittish, simpering

Example: I can’t refuse the demands of my girlfriend when she gives a coy smile.

10. Certain

Definition: Someone who thinks beyond doubt

Synonyms: indisputable, unchallengeable

Example: The weather reporter was certain that it will be raining for the next three days.

11. Carefree

Definition: A person who is fortunate enough to be free from any kind of responsibility, duty or anxiety

Synonyms: unworried, untroubled

Example: When the young girl heard about the sudden death of both of her parents she turned from a carefree child into a responsible person.

12. Changeable

Definition: someone who has the capability to adjust and adapt to the environment

Synonyms: flexible, variable

Example: The changeable behaviour of the investors is very admirable.

Positive Adjectives Starting with C to Describe an Event

1. Charming

Definition: extremely attractive and pleasant

Synonyms: awesome, incredible, stunning, appealing

Example: The evening was so charming so we decided to go for a walk on the beach.

2. Cheerful

Definition: An event that is full of hope, happiness and joy

Synonyms: satisfactory, agreeable, approvable

Example: My Sunday mornings are not cheerful if my neighbours start mowing their lawn early.

3. Cloudy

Definition: When the sky is overcast with dark clouds or water which is not transparent

Synonyms:  dull, murky, hazy

Example: I saw the weather forecast and came to know that tomorrow evening will be cloudy.

4. Chilly

Definition: Something that is very cold

Synonyms: icy-cold, fresh

Example: Our holiday house is located in a deep valley and chilly winds keep blowing around it due to the presence of the tall trees.

5. Chirpy

Definition: The time when birds are chirping or chickens are squawking

Synonyms: noisy, echoing

Example: When I stepped into my chicken coop to feed the little birds the whole place became chirpy.

6. Cool

Definition: Something which is too fashionable, impressive and attractive

Synonyms: vogue, elegant

Example: I hung some photos on the walls, string lights on the ceiling and put some flowers on the tables, as a result, my room looked very cool.

7. Clubby

Definition: The practice of being sociable and friendly with members of an organisation or group

Synonyms: snobby, clannish

Example: There were numerous news reporters in the clubby world of the Parliament.

8. Comfortable

Definition: Something which provides a lot of relaxation, physical ease and is more than needed

Synonyms: enjoyable, homely

Example: The large income of the father could feed the entire family and keep them comfortable.

9. Comical

Definition: something that is entertaining in a funny manner

Synonyms: amusing, clownish

Example: All the jokes and the videos you sent me were so comical that I couldn’t stop my laughter for hours.

10. Crafty

Definition: something characterized by decorative objects created by hands

Synonyms: creative, embellishing

Example: whenever I visit a crafty exhibition, I buy my most favourite jewellery.

11. Chic

Definition: Something which is stylish and fashionable in an elegant way

Synonyms: dashing, smart

Example: We added a rustic fireplace to our TV lounge to give it a chic look.

12. Cultured

Definition: something that is very refined by manners, education or taste

Synonyms: civilized, urbane

Example: Jane Austen’s novels were set in the cultured Elizabethan era of ancient English society.

13. Cultivated

Definition: something that is developed by human attention

Synonyms: Artificial, unnatural

Example: Due to the population explosion, the demand for food cannot be met by agricultural products, this is why it is necessary to use the cultivated ones.

Positive Adjectives Starting with C to Describe a Place

1. Cabalistic

Definition: A place that has mystical interpretations and hidden meanings known to a very small group of people

Synonyms: cryptic, sibylline

Example: There Is a cabalistic tomb in the village.

2. Calculable

Definition: A place that can be measured and assessed easily

Synonyms: estimable, countable

Example: The depth of the river is calculable.

3. Captivating

Definition: A place that is capable of capturing someone’s attention, interest and imagination.

Synonyms: alluring, beautiful, appealing

Example: The scenery of Niagara Falls is very captivating, which is why millions of tourists visit the place every year.

4. Celebratory

Definition: A place that is constructed for, intended for and used for celebrating a public day or event of significance

Synonyms: occasionally, merrymaking place

Example: The Prince owns a celebratory as he always invites all his friends to celebrate his success in horse races.

5. Canorous

Definition: a place that is full of melodies and sounds of birds.

Synonyms: resonant, echoing

Example: I wake up early in the morning to enjoy the canorous environment of my backyard garden.

6. Capricious

Definition: someplace that is capable of changing and altering

Synonyms:  inconstant, irregular

Example: The whole place was capricious because it was inflated using an air pump.

7. Conventional

Definition: a place that is in accordance with and based on acceptable standards of society

Synonyms: stereotypical, normal

Example: Most of our ancestors were buried in our conventional graveyard.

Positive Adjectives Starting with C to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Creative

Definition: involving a high degree of imagination in creating something new

Synonyms: Constructive, originative

Example: He is generally a creative person, so it’s no surprise he is good at arts.

2. Canty

Definition: Feeling or showing briskness and liveliness

Synonyms: energetic, efficient

Example: He becomes very canty just minutes after our boss gives the orders.

3. Constructive

Definition: Something which serves a useful and beneficial purpose, or something which implies the law

Synonyms: positive, helpful

Example:  she has great stamina to listen carefully to the constructive criticism.

4. Chesty

Definition: about someone or something that is arrogant and conceited

Synonyms: Pride, gratification

Example: The champion felt chesty when the audience applauded his success.

5. Clannish

Definition: about someone or something that has the characteristic of a clan in being unified

Synonyms: clubby, snobby

Example: It is important to exercise clannish behaviour in these critical situations.

6. Callous

Definition: Someone who is emotionally strong

Synonyms: Indifferent, tolerant

Example: The poor widows were callous about the rising prices.

Negative Adjectives Starting with C to Describe a Person

1. Cunning

Definition: being skilful in achieving one’s goals by cheating

Synonyms: clever, sharp

Example: Just before the announcement of the lottery winner a cunning look came into the eyes of the audience.

2. Catty

Definition: someone who is showing deliberate malice

Synonyms: malicious, cattish

Example: She was very catty in her remarks.

3. Cantankerous

Definition: someone who is short-tempered, uncooperative and disagreeable

Synonyms: hostile, belligerent

Example: He became very cantankerous as soon as he heard the news.

4. Chagrined

Definition: someone who feels ashamed, guilty and humiliated

Synonyms: Irritated, annoyed

Example: She is chagrined which is why she refused to hang out with you.

5. Cruel

Definition: being extremely harmful to other people, or willfully showing no concern to others’ sufferings

Synonyms: tyrant, barbarous

Example: Never Be cruel to animals.

6. Crazy

Definition: someone who is completely out of place, or extremely enthusiastic, or showing mental irregularity

Synonyms: insane, deranged

Example: I heard she grew up in a crazy family.

Negative Adjectives Starting with C to Describe an Event

1. Critical

Definition: something that happens very disastrously or in an unexpected way

Synonyms: crisis, grave

Example: The pandemic has not ceased so the situation is still critical.

2. Creepy

Definition: something that can cause extreme fear and unease

Synonyms: sinister, terrifying

Example: I got creepy feelings when I went to visit the haunted house.

3. Cacodaemonic

Definition: something that has a connection with evil spirits

Synonyms: Cacodemonic

Example: This is a cacodaemonic temple.

4. Cacogenic

Definition: something that has degeneration in the production of the offspring

Synonyms: dysgenic

Example: We must get rid of the cacogenic breeding of animals.

5. Cacophonic

Definition: something that is characterized by an unpleasant sound

Synonyms: noisy, echoing

Example: I get a headache when I go to a cacophonic place.

6. Catastrophic

Definition: something that is at the risk of causing sudden suffering or calamity

Synonyms: unfavourable, disadvantageous, unfortunate

Example: A catastrophic situation prevailed in the whole town because of that cyclone.

Negative Adjectives Starting with C to Describe a Place

1. Cackly

Definition: A place that has the noise of ducks or chickens

Synonyms: squawky, noisy

Example: Even the small pond felt cackly.

2. Craggy

Definition: A place that has many turns and twists, or ups and downs

Synonyms: hilly, uneven, bumpy

Example: I saw numerous accidents of cyclists on the craggy road.

3. Confusing

Definition: A place that has the capability to perplex and bewilder the visitors

Synonyms: baffle, puzzle

Example: Hong Kong is a confusing bedlam of sounds and sights.

4. Crooked

Definition: A place that is out of shape, bent, turned and twisted

Synonyms: curved, deformed

Example: We went to a crooked hiking trail.

5. Constricting

Definition: A place that is very narrow

Synonyms: shrunk, contracted

Example: The roads in the depth of the valley are constricting.

6. Cursed

Definition: A place that is used to express irritation or annoyance

Synonyms: damned, ill-fated

Example: This is a cursed village by the prophets of ancient time.

Negative Adjectives Starting with C to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Coward

Definition: to be filled with fear and lack the courage to face the dangers and problems of life

Synonyms: fearful, cowardly

Example: The darker the night got, the more the coward ones hid inside.

2. Cavalier

Definition: about someone or something that lacks enough concern

Synonyms: indifferent, offhand

Example: The teachers should not tolerate cavalier behaviour inside the classrooms.

3. Cliquish

Definition: about someone or something that forms a strong group and is unwelcoming to the outsiders

Synonyms: clannish, snobbish

Example: This political party is very cliquish.

4. Closelipped

Definition: about someone or something that is always inclined to secrecy

Synonyms: closed-mouthed, tight-lipped

Example: All the members of this political party are closelipped.


I have explained with detail simple descriptive words starting with C, which is the third alphabet of the English language.

I have divided these descriptive words starting with C in 8 different categories, 4 positive and 4 negative, so that you can understand them easily.

By using the above-given adjectives in your day to day conversation, you can add a lot of description to what you are trying to inform others. In this way, your listeners will be able to enjoy the talk with you, at the same time understand the meaning that you intend to convey deeply and completely.  

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