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Creating social media content is always a time taking task and creating extraordinary social media content takes even more time. It is also important how you can customize all the social media posts for different platforms. For example, video content for sharing on Facebook or a GIF for Instagram. By using the right kind of tools, content creators can save a bunch of time and create impressive pieces of content within a few minutes.

Social Media Tools to Speed Up Content Creation

Different tools such as a favicon generator or a video to gif tool might be helpful to get the most out of every minute a content creator spends creating social media content. Here are some most popular social media content tools to quickly create images, stories, videos, and many more.

1. Favicon Generator

A favicon generator helps to create a favicon for sites within a few moments. A real favicon generator has a few simple steps to create a favicon. A user needs to get access to the online favicon generator and then “Upload” the image and click on the “Create Favicon” button, a favicon will be created of that image. Now the next step is to click on the “Download” button. This favicon creator also enables users to pick the required image dimensions for creating a favicon as per needs and requirements.

2. Video to GIF Converter

There are hundreds of tools that work as a video to gif converter floating on the internet right now. However, a video to gif converter is the best tool to create a GIF from video. This video to gif converter does not require installation on any device and asks for no personal information. You can convert your videos to GIFs as much as you want, without any limits and cost. A user needs to upload a video file that must be 5MB or less to make the video into a gif.  A user will have the choice as to whether to add the start and end time to the GIF, as well as to squeeze the GIF size and frame rate. In the end, this MP4 to gif maker gives the option to just download it with all customized specifications.

3. Lumen5

This tool is helpful to Turn blog posts into engaging videos quickly. It analyzes the content of a particular blog post and creates a video storyboard. It also gives recommendations about relevant pictures and videos, which can be easily used by dragging and dropping onto the respective frames. It highlights only the key points of the blog post in the video. Once a user enters a blog post URL it will display blog post text and ask to pick a subheading to add them to the storyboard. After that, it will generate a video according to those subheadings.

4. BIGVU Teleprompter

Many times content creators retake their videos because they can’t remember what to say. This online tool quickly displays a particular script as a person starts recording video so that they can easily remember the script. It offers a web video editor to spice up any video by changing the background and adding exciting captions. In teleprompter, the user needs to create your script. A stress-free way might be to draft a script on a desktop and then transfer it to a smartphone. If there is a need to record video horizontally, hold the smartphone horizontally before tapping the camera icon. After a five-second countdown, tap the “REC” button. In addition, recording will robotically stop once the script ends.

5. InVideo

It is an online video editor that helps you create great video content in minutes.It does not require much technical knowledge to go with video editing. With this, you can add overlays, create collages, use animated text, and others to give the much-required professional touch to videos. Just by double-clicking on the element, you can add it to the video and create it in the way you want.Choosing the right background music to the template of your choice, you have to use it correctly when using the video for marketing purposes. Therefore, the host of features and the ease of usage of the tool make it stand out from the rest.

One of the best features of the tool is that it comes with an extensive library of 4000+ templates that are perfect for every use. No matter the niche you’re working in, there will always be a template that you can customize according to your needs. All the templates available come with different editing options that you can use to make your videos professional and engaging.

The tool allows users to create videos for all types of social media platforms. It comes with various templates that are perfect for all the major platforms. All the templates available are optimized to fit the size and ratio of all popular social media platforms. So, whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, It comes with all the right features that help you integrate your videos seamlessly.

6. Kizoa 

Kizoa is the best 4K Video Editor Movie Maker. This tool is famous for its ultra-high-definition resolution videos. Using this tool you can easily create social media videos in 4K ultra-HD. This tool allows you to upload your 4K files directly to the platform without any changes to the original file size. Once uploaded, you can then use the files in your creations to download them directly to your computer in ultra-HD! That means, no more automatic conversion into 1080p, and no more losing the high quality of your creations.

7. Animoto

It helps users to make great videos quickly and easily. This tool helps to turn different photos and video clips into video slideshows with negligible effort. It’s one of the few video tools that let every interested user easily create square videos, as well. It usually recommends using one of the many storyboards to speed up the video creation procedure. Every storyboard is pre-made with a particular structure, a style, and a song. Once the user has picked a storyboard, there is an option to replace the template content with particular photos as well as video clips. All the resulting videos can be converted into a gif using a video to gif converter.

8. Anchor

This online tool is famous for making cool audio, right from the phone. This tool offers its services without any cost and is considered the best social media platform for audio creation. With this tool, it becomes easy and simple to create audio recordings and videos that are great for sharing on different social media platforms. Once a content creator has recorded particular audio, they need to tap on the video icon. This tool will ask them to pick a theme and edit the transcript of the recording. It allows downloading the audio as well as video files in a square, landscape, or portrait format.

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