The Golden Rule of Carpet Cleaning: How Often You Should Really Be Doing It

When you sink your toes into your carpet’s soft, plush pile, it’s hard to imagine that dirt and dust could be lurking deep in your flooring.

But carpets create an excellent hang-out for various contaminants, and only good old-fashioned carpet cleaning can get it squeaky clean.

It also pays to settle on a cleaning approach that protects your valuable floor covering. For instance, Zerorez adopts a smart technique that doesn’t involve harsh chemicals. Thus, you can expect cleaner and residue-free carpets. But how frequently should you spruce them up?

Generally, it’s advisable to vacuum your carpet once weekly and to deep clean it every six months. Even so, various aspects may necessitate more regular cleaning. Let’s break them down below.

1. Your Carpet’s Color

Light-colored carpets are often our homes’ pride. We’re drawn to their lighter hues as they breathe new life into our living spaces, transforming them into vibrant sanctuaries.

Nonetheless, such carpets are dirt’s enabler, showing the slightest specks of dust – displaying it like an oddly curated art exhibit. To counter this, you may opt for a deeper clean every three months or so and the weekly va-va-voom with the vacuum.

2. Having Pets

We often imagine waking up to a pristine carpet, its soft fibers beckoning us to step on its cushiony surface. Then, enter your energetic new pet, a miniature tornado of fur and boundless enthusiasm. From the moment their tiny paws descend upon your precious carpet, prepare to watch in shock as they turn it into a Jackson Pollock painting come to life.

Pets track in mud, smearing it on your once-spotless carpets like a postmodern masterpiece. They also generously shed piles of fluff, decorating your floors with furry confetti. Plus, their occasional “oops” moment can bestow a unique bouquet of lingering scents upon your carpet and drive you wild.

To keep your carpets fresh despite your fur buddy’s daily antics, deep clean them every three months. Regular weekly vacuum sessions can also get rid of pet dander, fur, dust, and dirt.

3. The Volume of Foot Traffic

You’d think the floors are a busy train station in some homes, given how they accumulate dirt and funky smells. But did you know that the frequency of carpet cleaning directly correlates to the foot traffic in your home?

The hotspots where everyone seems to tread need some TLC regularly. These include living rooms, kitchens, hallways, stairs, and other places you frequently use. Hence, clean them every four to six months to keep them dirt-free. Other less-trafficked areas such as bedrooms can make do with an annual cleanup, but remember to vacuum them weekly.

4. Families Prone to Allergies

Carpets can be an effective filter, trapping dust and allergens to keep your home cleaner. However, the dirt can build up over time, transforming your floor covering into a health hazard if it’s not maintained correctly. For instance, dirty carpets significantly impact the air quality in your home.

Sure, a HEPA filter can help reduce allergens, but it can only handle so much. A deep clean every two to three months is, therefore, necessary for families with allergy-prone members – to cut the sneezes, runny noses, headaches, and watery eyes.

Also, two weekly vacuum sessions can help keep irritants away. A professional cleaning service like Zerorez may also help as their professionals use safe, non-toxic cleaners. Thus, you don’t have to worry about hazardous chemicals that could also exacerbate allergies.

5. Homes with Children

Children are not exactly tidy. They tend to leave a trail of destruction wherever they tread. For instance, they make tracks with muddy shoes and occasionally spill or drop things on the carpet. What’s more, they fancy spending time on the floor playing or doing homework, which only compounds the issue. Plus, the same dirt they bring in can easily get trapped and multiply, causing never-ending health issues.

If your brood is the irrepressible type, consider vacuuming your carpets daily, if not after every few days. Plus, schedule a cleaning service at least every three to six months to tackle the messes on your carpets and keep them fresh.

Also, deal with carpet stains immediately to prevent them from festering and becoming a permanent feature on your floor covering. To this end, baking soda and vinegar are excellent spot removers to keep your carpets looking pristine. But if you’re unsure how to rid your carpets of stubborn stains, seek help from a professional.

There are no hard-and-fast rules for cleaning carpets as it depends on various aspects. Nevertheless, regular vacuuming and cleaning ensure your floor coverings last longer and don’t become a haven for dirt and allergens. As such, assess your home’s needs and put a cleaning plan in place to keep your carpets unsoiled.

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