How To Master Cryptocurrency Trading?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have been controversial since the beginning in a majority of different countries. However, as the world is changing and more and more people are moving towards digital investments, the bitcoin era is witnessing a rise in its audience and is widespread. Further, with the gains comes challenges, investing and trading in digital assets like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether etc. requires prior knowledge and a structured way to carry out the process. The highly volatile nature of crypto discourages investors to trade in as the fear of loss becomes prominent. Visit:

One needs to be courageous and well-knowledgeable about the mechanism before they dig deep into the world of trading and investment. To make the process more simplified and propitious, here is the complete guide to mastering cryptocurrency trading, centering on the basics to expert techniques.

Beginning with the Basics of Trading and Investment


A fundamental economic concept that consists of buying and selling assets online is termed trading. These assets can be goods and services where the seller receives some amount of compensation from its customer. Defining trading in simpler terms, the transaction that takes place between the exchange of goods and services, consisting of trading parties is termed as trading.

With the relevance to the global finance market, these digital assets are popularly known and traded as financial instruments which can be stocks, currency pairs on the forex market, bonds, margin products and cryptocurrency itself. Trading also includes several strategies such as day trading, trend trading, swing trading, etc. If you’re a new investor and you’re looking for a better way to invest your money, then you should check out the Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor vs Zacks. Both services use a time-tested investment strategy and apply strict criteria for choosing stocks. 


The allocation of resources like capital, which yields higher profits is termed investing. The mechanism includes using the money for funding and setting up a business, or purchasing land in order to resell it at a higher value to generate profit. With reference to the global financial market, financial instruments are invested with expectations to resell them at a much higher price value.

The Basic Difference Between Trading and Investment

With a common motive of gaining high profits in the finance sector, these two differ in terms of their mechanism. Traders work according to the volatility of the market by entering and exiting positions frequently and work towards smaller returns through multiple trades. On the other hand, investors work upon generating results in the long run as they have a larger time horizon and returns.

Simplified Ways to Master Cryptocurrency Trading

1. Smaller investments

Beginning with caution and smaller investment is the key to safe trading. With cryptocurrency trading comes risks and responsibilities one needs to stay aware of. The global market can make anyone lucky through high profits however leaves space for big term loss too as crypto is highly volatile.

2. Market research

Another necessary way to master crypto trading is to study the market trends in-depth. In order to become a successful trader, one needs to perform technical analysis and stay aware of crypto techniques and market changes. However, this is a largely speculatory area where the market changes are unforeseen, hence one can practice reading charts and identifying patterns to stay informed about different trading methods.

3. Choosing the right wallet

For maximising security and reducing the risk factor, one needs to choose the right wallet to store and trade digital assets. Beginner traders should trade through a reputable broker, for example, Coinbase and their wallet. Apart from them, there are other wallets termed Hot wallets and cold wallets.

Hot wallets work on an internet connection and are more prone to cyber-attacks. Whereas cold wallets store assets offline and are secure.

4. Trading strategy

The most essential step before beginning crypto trading is to analyse and select the right trading strategy. These strategies are decided largely through the total amount of time for trading activities and in-depth market analysis, along with how quickly one wants to yield profit. There are different types of trading methods some of which includes –

  • Scalpers – Multiple trades per day for small profits, and are the most active
  • Day traders – enter and exit market within 24 hours time period to work upon short term market movements
  • Passive trader – Sticking to a position for long term profit
  • Swing traders – Works upon in-depth technical analysis to understand market trends.


Mastering crypto trading requires patience and the right strategy to minimise risks and yield higher results. With the onset of the Bitcoin era, the global market and finance sector are witnessing larger investments and more and more audiences, resulting in evolution and overall expansion.

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