6 Innovative Solutions for Better Irrigation

Water is one of the major farming requirements. Some plants need excess water, while others can survive with little water. But still, they need water to grow. One of the natural and primary sources of irrigation is rainfall. However, farmers also rely on other resources like rivers, lakes, and wells to irrigate their lands.

These water sources provide enough water for the growth of plants. The question is, can farmers solely depend on these natural water sources for irrigation? Depending solely on these water resources can not be the best option for farmers for land irrigation. Why? Because rainfalls can sometimes be hard to predict. In past years, some places have even witnessed no rainfall. So depending entirely on rainfall can bring losses.

Cropping is not done once a year; plants are grown throughout the year. To grow plants at their best, they need to be watered regularly. If we use water from water bodies regularly throughout the year, cases of water bodies drying up may occur. Since we are also facing an issue of water scarcity, drying up water bodies will be the worst scenario.

So, if we can’t use water from natural resources, how can plants be grown? Technologies are being introduced to different sectors. The farming industry has also been gifted with innovations that have made farming much easier.

Here, we will be discussing 6 innovative solutions for irrigation. Find out about the innovations that are making farming easier and more convenient.

Underground Drainage System

Growing crops needs proper irrigation. Proper irrigation means watering crops at the right time and with the right amount of water.

However, lands in different places are not the same. For example, some places have arid lands which require a lot of water. In comparison, lands in some places have high water consistency. So even if plants are not watered, excess amounts of water present in the ground can damage the plants.

If any land already has high water consistency, underground drainage systems can be used for irrigating the land. Underground drainage systems bring down the water level to make the land suitable for growing crops.

Solar Irrigation System

How do most water pumps function? They need fuels or electrical power to generate energy to pump out water. Farmers with large fields spend hours irrigating their fields. Using traditional motors for long hours to irrigate land will consume excessive electricity.

In this era, where we are all trying to conserve resources, consuming electricity will not be a good option. To deal with these situations, solar power can be used. The solar cells transfer the solar-generated energy to a motor which then pumps out the water.

Drip Irrigation System

Plants are usually planted in rows to make the flow of water easy. However, this might not work in arid regions. Farmers in the arid region face issues like quick evaporation, runoff, and wastage of water. A drip irrigation system is preferred to prevent these issues while land irrigation.

In drip irrigation systems, water is distributed to the plants uniformly. In these irrigation systems, pipes with smaller sections called drippers are laid down, supplying water and fertilizers to the plant. The main advantage of the drip irrigation system is that it supplies necessary nutrients directly to the roots.

Sprinkler Irrigation System

The sprinkler irrigation method supplies water to the plants, similar to rainfall. However, in a sprinkler system, water is uniformly distributed through pipes laid around the plants.

Through sprinkler pipes, water is pumped to supply the plants through the breaks called sprinklers present in the pipes sprays, the water out into the air. The water gets split up into smaller droplets that fall on the plants.

AirDrop Irrigation System

It is right that today, the world is facing water scarcity. But, have you ever imagined that land will be irrigated not by water from the water bodies but by air? It doesn’t sound evident. Right?

Airdrop irrigation has made it possible. The device in the airdrop irrigation method has an air turbine built at the top of it, which intakes air. The device also has copper tubes in which collected air cools down by the surrounding soils. The water that gets produced in the airdrop irrigation device is pumped out through a hose directly to the plant roots.

Irrigation Programmers

Technology can be difficult to understand. Instead of messing up everything, it is better to take help from professionals. Irrigation programmers are managers that handle land irrigation.

So, if you are facing difficulties in using modern technologies, consider getting help from management professionals.

Irrigate Your Land in an Innovative Way

Technology may have introduced the farmers to some innovative irrigation methods. But, it must be kept in mind that not all innovative irrigation methods will work in all kinds of lands. Like, drip and sprinkler systems can be used in hilly areas as they allow uniform water distribution. Therefore, it is best to research your land and choose the suitable method and equipment.

For the right irrigation equipment, you can check Padman Stops. They have multiple options for irrigation automation.

Parting Note

Irrigation is an important thing to consider in farming, and with innovation, it can be more effective. Follow some of these methods and get stunning results.

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