Hydroponic Weed: What Is It and How Can I Grow It

For years, the farming community has been using a method to grow all sorts of plants in a more sustainable fashion. This method is hydroponics. Hydroponics has a multitude of benefits for the growth of the plants as well as benefits for the environment, including reducing the amount of land needed for growing and allowing year-round growth. Weed is just another example of a plant benefiting from this process.

What Is Hydroponic Weed?

Hydroponic weed is basically weed that is grown hydroponically. There are many benefits to growing hydroponic cannabis. These benefits include higher-yielding plants and reduced issues with disease and pesticides. Understanding hydroponics can provide the perfect method for new and experienced growers to create a bigger crop in less space.

Hydroponics is basically growing without soil. It allows the grower to provide their plants with a closed system of growth that lets the grower completely control everything the plants are exposed to during their lifetime. This helps to ensure the plants have exactly the right amount of nutrients, water, oxygen, and sun to grow properly.  

What Are the Benefits of Hydroponic Weed?

One of the biggest benefits of growing anything hydroponically is not needing large amounts of land to produce a large crop. With hydroponics, more cannabis plants can be grown in a smaller environment than when using soil. The entire crop can be grown indoors which allows year-round growing. This eliminates the need to wait for particular growing seasons.

Since the entire process of growing is completely controlled, it reduces the likelihood of any disease or pests invading the plants. This ensures a healthier crop without the need for pesticides. Nutrients are provided in the perfect concentrates to ensure the proper growth of the plant. This allows for higher-yielding plants and faster grow times.

By converting a weed farm to completely hydroponics, growers can produce far healthier crops with greater yields more frequently throughout the year. In addition, much of the materials used to grow hydroponically can be recycled or reused. It also benefits the environment by utilizing less land and reducing the need for pesticides.

How to Get Started

Getting started with hydroponics is not a difficult process. Even those planning to simply grow a few plants from home can easily create a hydroponic system for their own use. There are a variety of kits available online to make the process easier. However, creating one’s own hydroponic system is not that difficult and may even be cheaper than the kits available.

The first thing that is needed before any planting can begin is the grower must have a grow room or a marijuana grow kit. Some people use a specific room for growing others utilize a tent to help isolate their plants. Grow room lighting must also be installed and a hydroponic reservoir is also needed.

A growing medium must also be chosen and the right pots for the type of hydroponic set-up being used. A fan and carbon filter are also beneficial to remove odors and circulate the air in the growing area. There will also need to be meters purchased to allow for the right monitoring of the various aspects of growing. These can include pH, EC, and moisture meters. Nutrients and the seeds to be grown are also needed to successfully start the process.

Growing Schedule

A growing schedule is also important for those wishing to grow cannabis hydroponically. Following the right schedule will allow growers to maximize their yields and improve the quality of their weed. There are many guides available that can assist with developing a schedule to ensure the right steps are taken throughout the life of the plants to ensure the best growth possible.

Although it may seem a bit intimidating when getting started, hydroponic growing is not a difficult process and may even be a much more rewarding method for growing cannabis or any plant.

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