136 Nouns That Start with U [with Definitions and Examples]

For exploring the unlimited spheres of universe amidst its unbelievable beauty, the nouns that start with U can whisk us away to magical lands filled with endless wonder. We use the nouns starting with U all day, every day as a way to dissect nouns with our children or students, or a new way to add to our vocabulary.

The letter U stands tall somewhere in the last of the alphabets. Nothing beats a robust vocabulary and, with some nouns beginning with U in your back pocket, you’ll be well positioned to brighten up your next piece of writing or speech. The nouns that start with U are a great addition to an already-robust vocabulary which can help you improve your English skills.

You can build a nice vocabulary for describing people and their personalities through the nouns that start with U to describe a person and can add a spice to your next tale or speech. Let’s dial back to a list of nouns that start with U.

Nouns That Start with U You Always Use

The nouns that start with U you always use are main building blocks for everyday conversation of English language. Below, you’ll enjoy the most common nouns that start with U, with their definitions, a number of synonyms and examples.

1. Uncle

  • Definition: the brother of one’s father or mother or the husband of one’s aunt
  • Synonyms: elder, kinsman, gentleman
  • Example: Tom is living with his uncle now.

2. Underwear

  • Definition: clothing worn under other clothes, typically next to the skin
  • Synonyms: undergarment, underpants, panties
  • Example: She packed a fresh set of underwear and her toothbrush.

3. Uniform

  • Definition: the distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or by children attending certain schools
  • Synonyms: suit, dress, costume
  • Example: The hat is part of the school uniform.

4. Urine

  • Definition: a watery, typically yellowish fluid stored in the bladder and discharged through the urethra
  • Synonyms: secretion, stool, sweat
  • Example: All the athletes had to provide a urine sample.

5. Use

  • Definition: the action of using something or the state of being used for a purpose
  • Synonyms: utilization, application, operation
  • Example: Modern trains are now in use.

6. University

  • Definition: a high-level educational institution in which students study for degrees and academic research is done
  • Synonyms: college, academy, institute
  • Example: The university graduated 500 students last year.

7. Unemployment

  • Definition: the number of people who do not have a job that provides money
  • Synonyms: idleness, inactivity, layoff
  • Example: Unemployment is likely to go on rising this year.

8. Untruth

  • Definition: a lie or false statement (often used euphemistically)
  • Synonyms: lie, falsehood, fabrication
  • Example: The untruth of this statement was immediately clear to me.

9. Understanding

  • Definition: the ability to understand something; comprehension
  • Synonyms: comprehension, perception, conception
  • Example: Our understanding of cancer remains imperfect.

10. Unavailability

  • Definition: the state of being unable to be used or obtained
  • Synonyms: bareness, emptiness, defeciency
  • Example: Many of the problems were caused by the unavailability of suitable equipment.

Nouns That Start with U You Usually Use

Due to intensive usage in daily conversation, it’s nice to get acquainted with the nouns starting with U, letter by letter. Let’s take a close look and pluck few of them below:

1. User

  • Definition: a person who uses or operates something
  • Synonyms: customer, operator, buyer
  • Example: All this information can be confusing to the user.

2. Umbrella

  • Definition:a device consisting of a circular canopy of cloth on a folding metal frame supported by a central rod, used as protection against rain
  • Synonyms: parasol, sunshade, brolly
  • Example: She held an umbrella and was dressed in a grey suit.

3. Umpire

  • Definition: (in some sports) an official who watches a game or match closely to enforce the rules and arbitrate on matters arising from the play
  • Synonyms: referee, line judge, arbitrator
  • Example: An umpire stands behind the catcher in baseball.

4. Undergrowth

  • Definition: a dense growth of shrubs and other plants, especially under trees in woodland
  • Synonyms: shrubbery, vegetation, greenery
  • Example: There was a sudden movement in the undergrowth.

5. Undergraduate

  • Definition:a university student who has not yet taken a first degree
  • Synonyms: student, junior, scholar
  • Example: While still an undergraduate, his first slim volume ‘Fighting Terms’ enjoyed a considerable success.

6. Unity

  • Definition: the state of being united or joined as a whole
  • Synonyms: union, unification, coalition
  • Example: The dispute has destroyed unity among the workers.

7. Unknown

  • Definition: an unknown person or thing
  • Synonyms: unfamiliar, unidentified
  • Example: Racism is in some ways just a fear of the unknown.

8. Usage

  • Definition: the action of using something or the fact of being used
  • Synonyms: utilization, consumption, use
  • Example: The tractor had been damaged by rough usage.

9. Unit

  • Definition: an individual thing or person regarded as single and complete but which can also form an individual component of a larger or more complex whole
  • Synonyms: component, part, section
  • Example: The family is the basic unit of society.

10. Utility

  • Definition: the state of being useful, profitable, or beneficial
  • Synonyms: usefulness, benefit, advantage
  • Example: This information is of the highest utility to a historian.

Nouns That Start with U You Often Use

Learning the nouns that start with U you often use in your daily life is of utmost importance to learn English language. Let’s take a closer look and see how many nouns that start with U you can add to your everyday conversation.

1. Uplift

  • Definition: an instance of being raised or increased
  • Synonyms: improve, boost, bring up
  • Example: This victory was a massive uplift for us.

2. Unfortunate

  • Definition: a person who suffers bad fortune
  • Synonyms: unlucky
  • Example: She was always good with the unfortunate.

3. Universe

  • Definition: everything that exists, especially all physical matter, including all the stars, planets, galaxies, etc. in space
  • Synonyms: cosmos, creation, macrocosm
  • Example: Do you believe God created the universe?

4. U-turn

  • Definition: a change of plan, especially a reversal of political policy
  • Synonyms: reversal, shift, retraction
  • Example: The government has made a spectacular U-turn on taxes.

5. Umber

  • Definition: a brownish moth with colouring that resembles tree bark
  • Synonyms: nut brown, cocoa, chestnut
  • Example: Its color was metallic gold sunward and burnt umber on the shielded side.

6. Ugliness

  • Definition: the quality of being unpleasant or repulsive in appearance
  • Synonyms: foulness, monstrousness, dreadfulness
  • Example: He was depressed by the extreme ugliness of the city.

7. Ultrasound

  • Definition: special sound waves used in such processes as examining organs inside the body and directing the route of submarines
  • Synonyms: sonography, echography, x-ray
  • Example: Long before the ultrasound, she was certain that her problem was pregnancy.

8. Unaffordability

  • Definition: the state or condition of being unaffordable
  • Synonyms: unattainability, inaccessibility, confidentiality
  • Example: The problem of unaffordability is most apparent for the nearly 47 million Americans who lack health insurance.

9. Unawareness

  • Definition: the fact of not knowing, understanding, or realizing something
  • Synonyms: ignorance, obliviousness, unfamiliarity
  • Example: Of course employers can claim unawareness of obscure medical journals.

10. Unconsciousness

  • Definition: the state of being unconscious
  • Synonyms: insensibility, coma, collapse
  • Example: She slid into unconsciousness after a few minutes, and her body went limp.

Nouns That Start with U You Sometimes Use

Enjoy below the list of nouns beginning with U you sometimes use for English stemming in your daily conversation. Perhaps one or two of them will spice up your next writing piece or speech.

1. Upset

  • Definition: the state of being unhappy, disappointed, or worried
  • Synonyms: distress, trouble, irritation
  • Example: It would be quite an upset if the favorite didn’t win.

2. Urgency

  • Definition: the quality or state of being urgent
  • Synonyms: insistence, exigency, immediate
  • Example: There was an urgency in her movements.

3. Unambiguity

  • Definition: clarity achieved by the avoidance of ambiguity
  • Synonyms: openness, purity, perceptibility
  • Example: Because of its compactness, fineness and unambiguity, formal analysis of cryptographic protocol has been an efficient and correct method step by step.

4. Upbringing

  • Definition: the treatment and instruction received by a child from its parents throughout its childhood
  • Synonyms: raising, breeding, nurture
  • Example: He finally rebelled against his strict upbringing.

5. Urge

  • Definition: a strong desire or impulse
  • Synonyms: wish, need, impulse
  • Example: I felt an uncontrollable urge to scream.

6. Upright

  • Definition: a post or rod fixed vertically, especially as a structural support
  • Synonyms: post, pole, column
  • Example: The uprights of the structure were embedded in concrete.

7. Unease

  • Definition: anxiety or discontent
  • Synonyms: agitation, nervousness, anxiousness
  • Example: He sensed a certain unease in her.

8. Utilization

  • Definition: the action of making practical and effective use of something
  • Synonyms: usage, exploitation, practice
  • Example: Sensible utilization of the world’s resources is a priority.

9. Utmost

  • Definition: the greatest or most extreme extent or amount
  • Synonyms: best, hardest, maximum
  • Example: That was the utmost he could do.

10. Unbalance

  • Definition: a lack of symmetry, balance, or stability
  • Synonyms: instability, disequilibrium, imbalance
  • Example: An unbalance in one sector can affect the whole.

Nouns That Start with U You Occasionally Use

English has a tone of unique words that you may be well versed with but use it occasionally. Let’s gather a list of certain nouns that start with U you use occasionally in your daily conversation and writings:

1. Union

  • Definition: the action of joining together or the fact of being joined together, especially in a political context
  • Synonyms: unification, joining, uniting
  • Example: The union safeguards the interests of all its members.

2. Unrest

  • Definition: a state of dissatisfaction, disturbance, and agitation, typically involving public demonstrations or disorder
  • Synonyms: agitation, disrupt, trouble
  • Example: There is growing unrest throughout the country.

3. Usefulness

  • Definition: the quality or fact of being useful
  • Synonyms: functionality, utility, effectiveness
  • Example: The theory is of limited usefulness.

4. Uncertainty

  • Definition: the state of being uncertain
  • Synonyms: unreliability, unpredictability, variability
  • Example: There is considerable uncertainty about the company’s future.

5. Update

  • Definition: an act of updating something or someone or an updated version of something
  • Synonyms: refurbish, redesign, refresh
  • Example: The report gives an update on the currency crisis.

6. Unfairness  

  • Definition: lack of equality or justice
  • Synonyms: injustice, inequity, oppression
  • Example: We must all fight against unfairness and cruelty.

7. Uniqueness

  • Definition: the quality of being the only one of its kind
  • Synonyms: distinctiveness, discrete, peculiarity
  • Example: The author stresses the uniqueness of the individual.

8. Unconcern

  • Definition: a lack of worry or interest, especially when surprising or callous
  • Synonyms: indifference, apathy, passivity
  • Example: He has shown a surprising unconcern for his own safety.

9. Utensil

  • Definition: a tool, container, or other article, especially for household use
  • Synonyms: tool, instrument, gadget
  • Example: The best utensil for steaming is a wok because its width easily accommodates a whole fish.

10. Unpredictability

  • Definition: inability to be predicted; changeability
  • Synonyms: volatility, vulnerability, fluctuation
  • Example: The unpredictability of life is built into his structure as an essential part of it.

Nouns That Start with U You Seldom Use

Read on to enjoy a list of some nouns that start with the letter U you seldom use in everyday conversation or writing and further explore the function of these all-important nouns.

1. Unlikelihood

  • Definition: the state or fact of not being likely to happen, be done, or be true
  • Synonyms: improbability, doubtfulness, implausibility
  • Example: Given the unlikelihood of a tax increase, these programs will probably run out of funding next year.

2. Unfoldment

  • Definition: the gradual development or revelation of something
  • Synonyms: evolvement, progress, outstretching
  • Example: He who desires wisdom, power, or permanent success of any kind will find it only within; it is an unfoldment.

3. Unpleasantness

  • Definition: the state or quality of being unpleasant
  • Synonyms: nastiness, awfulness, horribleness
  • Example: To avoid any unpleasantness, those unwilling to comply should not seek to take part.

4. Unimportance

  • Definition: the state or fact of lacking in importance or significance
  • Synonyms: worthlessness, inessentiality, pettiness
  • Example: To realize the unimportance of time is the gate of wisdom.

5. Unevenness

  • Definition: the quality or fact of not being level, equal, flat, or continuous
  • Synonyms: inconsistency, inequality, dissymmetry
  • Example: You should smooth out any unevenness in the cloth before you cut it.

6. Underpayment

  • Definition: the act of paying less than is necessary or less than the value of something, or an occasion when this happens
  • Synonyms: underpaid, defrayal, compensation
  • Example: Even a small miscalculation, an underpayment of just one cent, can trigger an avalanche of bureaucracy.

7. Usher

  • Definition: a person who shows people to their seats, especially in a cinema or theatre or at a wedding
  • Synonyms: attendant, escort, guide
  • Example: The usher seated them in the front row.

8. Underestimate

  • Definition: an estimate that is too low
  • Synonyms: miscalculate, underrate, undervalue
  • Example: The official figures are a gross underestimate of the true number.

9. Upswing

  • Definition: an increase in strength or quantity; an upward trend
  • Synonyms: increase, growth, acceleration
  • Example: Violent crime is on the upswing.

10. Underground

  • Definition: a group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime
  • Synonyms: resistance, guerrillas, freedom fighters
  • Example: In Britain and the USA in the 1970s, the underground was a powerful subversive force.

Nouns That Start with U You Rarely Use

Under this category, we have gathered here a list of some unbelievably unusual and undeniably utilizable nouns that start with U (U-nouns) to boost up your vocabulary and enhance your English language skills.

1. Undertone

  • Definition: a subdued or muted tone of sound or colour
  • Synonyms: murmur, whisper, mutter
  • Example: She commented in an undertone that the music was really not very good.

2. Upsurge

  • Definition: an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase
  • Synonyms: improvement, boom, recovery
  • Example: There was a genuine upsurge of religious feeling.

3. Unchastity

  • Definition:the quality or state of being unchaste
  • Synonyms: obscenity, vulgarity
  • Example: She was found guilty of unchastity and buried alive.

4. Unacceptibility

  • Definition: the state or condition of being unacceptable
  • Synonyms: inadmissibility, unsatisfactoriness, undesirability
  • Example: The law reinforces the freedom of information and unacceptability of censorship.

5. Umbrage

  • Definition: offence or annoyance
  • Synonyms: take something personally, take something amiss, get the hump
  • Example: She took umbrage at my remarks about her hair.

6. Udder

  • Definition: the mammary gland of female cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and related animals, having two or more teats and hanging between the hind legs of the animal
  • Synonyms: teat, dug, nipple
  • Example: The cow has a diseased udder.

7. Upheaval

  • Definition: a violent or sudden change or disruption to something
  • Synonyms: disturbance, disruption, trouble
  • Example: Wherever there is political upheaval, invariably there are refugees.

8. Upholstery

  • Definition: the art or practice of upholstering furniture
  • Synonyms: furnishing, cushioning, padding
  • Example: He learned upholstery from his father.

9. Ultimatum

  • Definition: a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations
  • Synonyms: final warning, final notice, demand
  • Example: He rejected the insulting ultimatum of the Russian emperor.

10. Utterance

  • Definition: a spoken word, statement, or vocal sound
  • Synonyms: expression, declaration, remarks
  • Example: His every utterance will be scrutinized.

Positive Nouns That Start with U

It might be a bit unbelievable but positive nouns that start with U are quite unique. It is time to get uplifted by these unique nouns. Dive into short nice words with U that you might really enjoy using in your letters and emails.

1. Undertaking

  • Definition: a formal pledge or promise to do something
  • Synonyms: oath, pledge, agreement
  • Example: She gave a solemn undertaking to respect their decision.

2. Ultimate

  • Definition: the best achievable or imaginable of its kind
  • Synonyms: peak, optimum, apex
  • Example: Guy’s home is the ultimate in luxury.

3. Uptake

  • Definition: the action of taking up or making use of something that is available
  • Synonyms: utilization, consumption, intake
  • Example: There is a 90% uptake of vaccination in this country.

4. Upholder

  • Definition: a person or organization that upholds a law, a principle, or a decision that has been made
  • Synonyms: supporter, sustainer, advocate
  • Example: She joined the police force and became an upholder of law and order.

5. Unanimity

  • Definition: agreement by all people involved; consensus
  • Synonyms: agreement, accord, harmony
  • Example: These discussions have led to a remarkable unanimity.

6. Unification

  • Definition: the process of being united or made into a whole
  • Synonyms: merger, union, fusion
  • Example: This decision may delay the process of European unification.

7. Unison

  • Definition: simultaneous performance or utterance of action or speech
  • Synonyms: simultaneously, all at once, all together
  • Example: ‘Good morning!’ the kids replied in unison.

8. Upshot

  • Definition: the final or eventual outcome or conclusion of a discussion, action, or series of events
  • Synonyms: result, outcome, consequence
  • Example: The upshot of the discussions is that there will be no redundancies.

9. Upside

  • Definition: the more positive aspect of a situation
  • Synonyms: benefit, advantage, crown
  • Example: It’s annoying that we can’t travel until Thursday, but the upside is that the fare’s cheaper then.

10. Urbanization

  • Definition: the process of making an area more urban
  • Synonyms: development, growth, expansion
  • Example: Increased urbanization and the poor sanitation led to many diseases.

Nouns That Start with U – Full List (136 words)

  • Uberty
  • Ubiquitary
  • Udder
  • Uganda
  • Ugliness
  • Ukulele
  • Ulcer
  • Ultimate
  • Ultimation
  • Ultimatum
  • Ultracentrifugation
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Ultrasound
  • Umber
  • Umbrage
  • Umbrella
  • Umpire
  • Unacceptability
  • Unaffordability
  • Unambiguity
  • Unanimity
  • Unavailability
  • Unawareness
  • Unbalance
  • Uncertainty
  • Unchastity
  • Uncircumcision
  • Uncle
  • Unconcern
  • Unconsciousness
  • Unconventionality
  • Unction
  • Underachievement
  • Underarm
  • Underbelly
  • Underbrush
  • Underclassman
  • Undercurrent
  • Undercut
  • Underdog
  • Undergraduate
  • Underground
  • Undergrowth
  • Underpayment
  • Undershirt
  • Underside
  • Understatement
  • Understructure
  • Understudy
  • Undertaker
  • Undertone
  • Undertow
  • Underwear
  • Underworld
  • Underwriter
  • Unease
  • Uneasiness
  • Unemployment
  • Unevenness
  • Unfairness
  • Unfoldment
  • Unfortunate
  • Unhappiness
  • Unicorn
  • Unicycle
  • Unification
  • Uniform
  • Uniformity
  • Unimportance
  • Uninitiate
  • Union
  • Unique
  • Uniqueness
  • Unison
  • Unit
  • Unity
  • Universal
  • Universality
  • Universe
  • University
  • Unknown
  • Unlikelihood
  • Unpleasantness
  • Unpredictability
  • Unrealism
  • Unreality
  • Unreason
  • Unreliability
  • Unrest
  • Untruth
  • Upbeat
  • Update
  • Upgrade
  • Upheaval
  • Upholder
  • Upholstery
  • Upkeep
  • Uplift
  • Upperclassmen
  • Uppercut
  • Upright
  • Uproar
  • Upset
  • Upshot
  • Upside
  • Upsurge
  • Uptake
  • Uptown
  • Uptrend
  • Upturn
  • Uranium
  • Uranyl
  • Urbanism
  • Urbanization
  • Urea
  • Uremia
  • Urethane
  • Urethra
  • Urge
  • Urgency
  • Urine
  • Urn
  • Usage
  • Use
  • Usefulness
  • User
  • Usher
  • Utensil
  • Utility
  • Utilization
  • Utmost
  • Utopia
  • Utopian
  • Utopianism
  • Utterance
  • Uttermost

Final Thoughts on Nouns That Start with U

The more we read, the more we advance our literacy. With one flip of the page, we can venture off to unknown worlds filled with mythical dragons, fairy princesses, and ugly ogres. Thanks to literature and poetry, a passport isn’t required to enter new realms. The further you escape into fantasy, the more your vocabulary will grow. You can even author your own future with the nouns starting with U in writing books.

Ready to dabble in a little writing yourself? Scan through the nouns that start with U to see if you can fancify your next tale with any of these nuanced nouns. As a matter of fact, mastering the vocabulary list of nouns beginning with U and being able to use it properly are foundational English language skills.

Ps. See also positive words that start with U, adjectives that start with U and verbs that start with U.

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