Paros: 5 Best Things to Do in a Weekend

Every single person wants to spend endless days on the Greek islands, enjoying the vacations without stress and exploring every destination to the fullest! Unfortunately, however, most of us have limited time and try to see and experience everything in a few days.

So, if you’re planning to spend your next weekend in Paros or you have planned only two days on the island during your Greek Island Hopping, you might be thinking that two days are not enough to enjoy the island. We won’t lie to you, it’s not enough! Paros is a beautiful place full of amazing things to do. But before you get disappointed, we have good news for you.

You can get around Paros in two days and enjoy the top things to do. You can have a great time, love the main attractions and definitely come back. However, to avoid wasting time for your transportation, we suggest you rent a car in Paros to get quickly and easily everywhere.

Let’s see what the locals recommend as the absolute must-see in Paros.

Parikia and the Frankish Castle

Parikia is the capital, the main port of the island and the most touristic town, where you can find many shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. It is no coincidence that Parikia’s nightlife is famous in all the Cyclades!

The most beautiful part of Parikia is the Frankish Castle (also known as Fragokastello), which was built in 1260 AD by the Venetians. Parts of an ancient temple were used for its construction, and there are also remains of ancient houses. Today, it is a picturesque quarter that dominates the hilltop and offers breathtaking view.



Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Naoussa, which is perhaps the most beautiful town in the Cyclades. The second largest town of Paros has managed, despite its cosmopolitan atmosphere and intense nightlife, to maintain its traditional and romantic character.

The whitewashed houses, the small churches, the labyrinthine pebbled streets and the tiny harbour with its colourful fishing boats make the landscape similar to a postcard. The fish taverns of Naoussa offer you the ultimate experience of Greek cuisine, and of course you can party until dawn in the bars on the coastline.

The Monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani

The monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is located in Parikia. It is one of the best preserved early Christian monuments in Greece. The main church was built in the 4th century AD, but during the Byzantine period many changes and additions were made to the church. Today, it is a complex of early Christian, Byzantine and post-Byzantine elements.

It is worth visiting the church one morning before heading down to the island’s beaches located near Parikia.

Museums of Paros Worth Visiting

If you want to combine your summer vacation with cultural holidays, the museums of Paros are definitely a must. The Archaeological Museum and the Byzantine Museum in Parikia, the Wine and Vine Museum in Naoussa, the Folk Art Museum in Lefkes and the Sculpture Museum in Marpissa are some of the places you can easily visit by car for a morning full of culture, before going to the beach.

The Best Beaches of Paros

The best beaches of Paros

Obviously, it is impossible to visit all the beaches of Paros in two days. You can, however, visit several beaches in one day on an amazing beach hopping trip! All the well-known beaches are organised, with crystal clear waters, golden sand and facilities with beach bars and water sports.

If you want to swim at more than one beach, we recommend:

Golden Beach, New Golden Beach and Lolantoni.

– Santa Maria, Little Santa Maria and Lageri.

– Faranga, Trypiti and Glyfa

– Marcello and Livadia.

All these beaches are within walking distance to each other. Of course, don’t forget to visit Kolymbithres beach which is considered the most beautiful beach on the island! It’s important to remember that the locals are proud of the beach and try to keep it as clean as possible. Therefore it is important to practice responsible tourism and keep the beach clean at all times.

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