Bingo 101: Free Spins, Strategies, And Winning Big        


The game of bingo has always been a people’s favourite across the globe, by people of all ages. There is just something so wholesome about sitting together with your loved ones and hearing the sounds of bingo balls being pulled from the wheel or even the sound of people marking off the bingo card. It is intriguing to see how the room can be filled with great intensity where participants pray that their number will be the next one called, followed by a mix of celebratory screams or disappointed sighs when someone completes a line or a full house.

Though many of us play bingo as a form of entertainment, there are individuals who play the game competitively – these are the very people who diligently strive to become the highest-scoring winner in the bingo hall. To them, bingo is not just a game of luck. Instead, they have numerous tips and tricks up their sleeves to skew the game in their favour. We’ve put together some of their expertise and listed out seven key strategies that will give you a competitive edge!

Choosing a Credible Bingo Site

Whether you are playing online or going to your neighbourhood bingo hall, it is crucial to check if the bingo site is a credible game provider. Based on the experts, the best bingo sites are those that assure a smooth, well-structured bingo game and makes the rules clear for everyone. Thus, if you are seeking to increase your winning rates, we encourage you to do your due research to find out which bingo sites that best suit your playing style. If you’re looking for a bingo site, we suggest checking up this one! Sign up to claim bonus spins today!

Picking the Right Time to Play

It is common knowledge that maths do not lie. After doing the necessary maths, it was revealed that playing with fewer people increases the chance of winning bingo significantly. Because the odds of winning change according to the number of people you are playing against, therefore you need to avoid the timings where the bingo hall will be filled with hundreds of players. If you are heading to the physical halls, we recommend visiting there during teatime on the earlier days of the week. For those playing the game virtually, the best timing will be during everyone’s work or bedtime hours.

Since bingo is a social game by nature, it is to no surprise that we observe so many players coming together to play bingo at the same time physically or virtually. If you are playing bingo for its entertainment value, you can play the game anytime you wish to. But for those who are interested in playing the game competitively, it is strongly encouraged to try playing the games during the unconventional hours of the day to play against other bingo professionals.

Purchase More Bingo Cards and Train

It is true – you need to practice to win at bingo. To do so, experts often purchase multiple bingo cards to play with each round. First, having more cards skews the odds of winning because having just one card limits the possibility of being a winner. Therefore, playing with more cards can be really advantageous if you can cope with it.

Next, playing with many cards will boost your skill as a bingo player. Have you seen bingo players who play the game with dozens of cards? You might see them frantically daubing the card as the numbers are announced, but this is a form of training that improves your reaction speed and accuracy as you attempt to keep up with the caller. This insanely fast reaction skill is not something that happens overnight, so it might be tough initially but we want to guarantee you that you can be on par with the caller if you continue practising with this method.

Play Bingo for Free

To make a profit off bingo, your wins have to be bigger than the cost of entering the game. Increasing the odds of winning is a good effort, but you are losing out if you are spending more on cards to receive one small prize. Those who prefer playing with many cards should keep in mind how much they invest in the cards versus the output. Because at the end of the day, the more you spend to increase the winning rate, the value of the prize diminishes too.

A more cost-friendly yet effective option will be to try playing free online bingo games. Although the payouts are not as great as your paid bingo game, every win is a pure win.

Go for the Big Jackpot

Another cost-friendly yet risky alternative will be to exclusively play bingo games that offer a large jackpot. However, do challenge with some caution because games with high stakes are extremely popular and consequently dilute the odds of winning. If receiving a bigger payout is your priority, this method is for you!

Besides the jackpot, collecting bonuses is also another cost-effective method. Many online bingo sites offer welcome packages and loyalty bonuses that can be well utilised to fund your bingo career and play the game longer.

The Granville Strategy

Granville, a stock market analyst, argues that you can predict the numbers called during bingo. Following the Granville strategy, we should select cards that have an equal proportion across high and low numbers, and it should be close to equal in terms of odd and even numbers as well. Additionally, having a variety of numbers with their last digits ending from 1 to 9 increases the probability of your number getting called.

The Tippet Strategy

If you are playing a 75-ball game, it is recommended to pick cards with numbers clustered to the ends at 1 and 75 instead of picking a card with numbers close to the median of 38.


Bingo is essentially a game of chance, but the aforementioned strategies are ways one can legally skew the winning rate to their favour. If you are considering playing bingo professionally, we encourage you to put some of these tips to use during your upcoming games.

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