Call of Duty Warzone: 7 Gamebreaking Glitches That Caused Many Deaths

Call of Duty Warzone has been through so much since the battle royale launched alongside Modern Warfare 2020. Ever since there have been countless glitches that people have been exploiting to gain an unfair advantage over unsuspecting opponents. Unfortunately, it seems the moment one gets patched, another one follows. It almost seems like Activision is doing it on purpose to spark discussions in the COD community, but that’s a conspiratorial debate for another article.

Today, we will keep it simple and take a look at the funniest and more game-breaking glitches that have been used to exploit Call of Duty Warzone since its launch. Warning: some of these might trigger your PTSD if these happened to you. Try really hard not to fling your PC or console out of the window. Proceed with caution.

Death by God Mode

Yes, God Mode was a thing in Warzone. The only thing worse than being murdered by a player you can’t see is getting killed by a player you CAN see but can’t kill. I can’t imagine the frustration on the faces of those who have experienced the abuse of the God Mode exploit.

Before they patched it, players could complete specific contracts that, for some reason, would kick a part of them from the game. It’s hard to explain, but whatever part of their avatar is locked in that contract sequence gets left behind.

However, their hitbox doesn’t come with them, leaving them invincible to all attacks, including melee, explosives, and of course, bullets from your guns. It was a truly devastating experience for many players causing frustration in the community, which of course, led to the removal of the bug.

Death by Invisible Cars

Missing textures is not a new thing in unfinished games. Unfortunately, it’s become typical for players to expect some texture glitch while playing games in this generation of gaming. The gaming community mostly respects the fact that games take longer to make these days, and it’s widely accepted that they get released unfinished as long as they are playable sooner than later, especially annually launched titles like Call of Duty.

However, it’s never fun when missing textures cause the game’s core mechanics that can actively end someone’s life not being visible in the play area. Cars are extremely dangerous to travelers in Warzone, so having something that you can’t see crash into you and kill you will make a lot of people complain.

Death by Infinite Stim Shots

So, you’re perched atop a skyscraper, and you see someone run across the street beneath you. You take a shot at the passer-by with your sniper, and it cracks him. You take another shot, but you miss the headshot, so he’s damaged and takes cover. He peaks and returns almost immediately after, so you assume he healed himself up with a stim shot. Knowing this, you take another shot, and you get him low again.

You know he doesn’t have time to plate up, and he just used his stim, so he’s low. You don’t reload your weapon and jump down on top of him to continue the battle. You go to shoot him with the quarter clip you had left from the last shootout, and he doesn’t fall. As you reload, he kills you, and you watch the kill cam only to see that he did shoot himself with another stim. That’s the story of someone who realized he got killed by someone taking advantage of the stim shot glitch.

To have unlimited access to an item that regenerates your health is the next best thing to having infinite health. You literally can’t die as long as you toss a grenade, plant a C4, and pick up both while using a stim pack, which forced the game’s engine to repeatedly cycle the use of a stim pack while not consuming it. It’s incredibly frustrating, and unfortunately, there were people out there who enjoyed tormenting lobbies with this glitch.

Death by Helicopter

Yeah, this one doesn’t sound that threatening because we all know that people die by helicopters all the time, right? Unfortunately, there was an exploit where people could fly helicopters underground. They’d find places underground and shoot up at people who were running and looting and minding their own business.

There was no way to detect that this was happening, so this is one of those exploits that people intentionally activated to get an edge that they knew was uncounterable. It’s disheartening knowing that people are out there ready to ruin people’s nights like that, but that was another one that got patched. If someone finds a way to do it in these later seasons, they are fortunate.

Death by Invisible Players

Last on this list, but certainly, not least is the infamous invisible avatar glitch that plagued Warzone for what seemed like forever. It went on for so long that some people suspected that Activision had done it on purpose. If they didn’t do it on purpose, they left it there for as long as they did on purpose to continue to get hype and outrage-publicity about it.

Of course, Activision and Infinity Ward eventually patched it. However, before that, players were able to do some tinkering with the game’s engine with a series of decisions that overloaded it in a way that caused certain features to not recuperate after those actions. One of the ways is super complicated and involves crashing a helicopter and changing seats and self-reviving and all that jazz so that I won’t break it down here.

Regardless, this was probably even worse than getting killed by a God Mode player because you literally couldn’t see the avatar of the enemy who was shooting you. In some cases, they’d torment you by hitting you with their gun and right before killing you, allowing you to plate up, then cracking you again for fun. It is the epitome of scum when it comes to exploits.

Exploits Are Dumb, So Just Have Fun

Why do you have to ruin the game for other people? If you know that there is a glitch in the system, why can’t we all just wait for it to get patched? Unfortunately, there are grimy people out there whose fun factor relies on pain of other people. Fortunately for you, ruining games for other people doesn’t make you feel good, which is highly appreciated. You only seek to make YOUR experience the best it can be.

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