Things You Should Know Before Visiting Mystic Falls

Southwest Virginia is home to the charming village of Mystic Falls. The town of Mystic Falls was founded in 1859 by the Founding Families. In addition, it has a long history of vampires, witches, and werewolves, making it an eerie community with a sinister secret. Mystic Falls has been the scene of numerous noteworthy historical events. Are you willing to know where is mystic falls? Then read this correctly.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you already know that if you are a massive fan of the Georgia-produced television series The Vampire Diaries. This is why the majority of these great activities to do in Mystic Falls are connected to the program. Everyone gets eager to visit the New Orleans locations where The Originals, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, was filmed. We also have Legacies, a different spin-off series.

Therefore, Mystic Falls, VA, makes sense to argue that Covington, Georgia, is the place to be if you’re a fan of any of these. However, you must still visit this charming town even if you’re not a fan! Actually, where is mystic falls located?

Activities in Mystic Falls

Let’s say that you will have an incredible experience if you decide to go on the Mystic falls tour. Mystic Falls is a real town. Therefore, you can explore it for nothing at all! There are various ways to enjoy your trip to Covington, Georgia.

Visiting the Welcome Center

This is so evident that you truly can’t miss it. You will learn all the information required to fully appreciate the lovely town of Covington, also known as Mystic Falls. They also have a wonderful assortment of genuine props for shooting The Vampire Diaries series.

Take a photo of the famous clock tower

The town’s 1884 clock tower will leave you speechless even if you haven’t seen the show.

The Vampire Stalkers/Mystic Falls Tours may arrange a tour for you

Mystic falls Virginia is an excellent option if you like doing tours. You visit the sites where The Vampire Diaries television series was filmed. Except for “The Lockwood Mansion,” you can still see most of these sights up close even if you decide not to take the tour. The real name is Worthington Manor. If you are a die heart fan of vampires, you should know the

answer to “where is mystic falls?”

Ice cream is served at Scoops

It’s fantastic, this ice cream! It is pretty plush, and the little store is worth a visit. The actors of The Vampire Diaries frequented Scoops frequently while filming the show. And if you’re a fan of Ian Somerhalder, who plays the series’ Damon, you must try the banana pudding milkshake, a favorite of Ian’s. However, you would have a cup of Belgian chocolate today. Are you searching for the answer to where mystic fall from vampire diaries?

Circulate the Town Square

Georgia’s Covington is a quaint little town. You will adore the entire square and all of

the photo opportunities. There’s a reason Georgia is referred to as the “Hollywood of the South”! Because of this, celebrities from various shows and movies have featured our lovely

town all over the square. Covington most recently became the setting for the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias.

Snap a photo of the Mystic Falls sign

Whether you’re a fan or not, you should get your picture taken in front of the Mystic Falls welcome sign! Mystic Falls is the hub of activity. It’s where everything starts, as well. In other words, starting your Hollywood of the South trip with a photo next to the Mystic Falls sign makes complete sense. The visitor’s Center has a simple wooden sign, and The Alley has a painted version on one of the walls.

The Mystic Grill should be visited

Again, Devoted followers like me will be aware of this location. Even so, it would be

best if you still came here. You could not eat there this time and take pictures of the bar (die-hard fan issue). The cuisine at the Mystic Grill is lovely, so when you go there again, you can plan to at least have a salad. Visit the downstairs Alley Shop while you’re here. It’s the town’s top Vampire Diaries-related gift shop! This blog will fulfil your thirst about where is Mystic falls from vampire diaries.

Visit the Plantation House that served as the model for the iconic movie Gone with the Wind.

This was also known as the Old Lockwood Mansion or the home from 1864 flashbacks, as The Vampire Diaries fans may recall. But this beauty also served as the model for the Gone with the Wind plantation. The Twelve Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Covington, Georgia, is unquestionably a must-see. Mystic falls tour will give you an actual royal experience.

Experience a taste of New Orleans in Olde Town Conyers, where The Originals was filmed

Numerous examples of elaborate ironwork are so distinctive of New Orleans throughout Olde Town Conyers. As a result, this location served as The Originals television series’ primary location for much of the five seasons’ worth of filming. The fascinating thing about this sleepy small town is how lovely it is and makes you feel as though you’ve somehow entered. Mystic falls, Virginia. Additionally, the city has a railroad station, stores, and eateries.

View The Vampire Diaries’ Rooftop from Season 1, Episode 2.

If you’re a die-hard fan like me, you’ll recall seeing this recognizable rooftop in The Vampire Diaries’ inaugural season. If you are a die heart fan of this vampire Diaries, then you have to know the answer to where is mystic falls located. The Butter Bakery & Coffee Shop’s rooftop was the location of a memorable scene. Who can recall this event? In this adorably adorable village, there are lots of fun things to do. You should rapidly learn to love visiting Covington, Georgia, which is close to Central Florida. You also can search about actually where is mystic falls?


You can also stay at home from The Vampire Diaries. The entire property was an actual set for the popular television series The Vampire Diaries for eight years. You can take a tour of the grounds, the lake, and the mansion on a personal basis while you’re here. Take the chance to stay in the Center of the action. If you visit this place, you will love the actual Mystic Falls, VA.

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