Travelings That Improve Brain Performance And Increase Productivity

Our main enemy is automatism. So say philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists. In everyday life, we perform the same actions, visit the same places, walk the well-trodden paths. We get used to it, but gradually we get tired of the routine. Salvation can come in the form of a vacation, which will break up the “groundhog day” for a while. In addition, short trips help relieve the stress that often accompanies our daily life. It negatively affects the higher mental functions, which include: learning, attention, memory, concentration. 

How are the brain and travel related? Can travel increase brain productivity? This article focuses on these questions.

Our brain, like the rest of our body, can become tired. There are numerous ways to improve its performance. In this article, we’ll tell you about one of the most enjoyable ways to increase brain function.

You will learn:

  • How to boost brain function;
  • What kind of travel improves brain function.

How to Boost Brain Function

It’s worth starting with the fact that our brains work better during and after active rest and exercise. Hormones are released that improve memory and speed up thought processes.

To enhance brain function, you should always be working on your body. But it doesn’t have to be exhausting activities. It is enough to attend yoga courses or the swimming pool. Also, cycling, playing badminton or tennis will have a positive effect on brain function.

Of course, for better brain function, you need to have a proper diet. Eat more dairy products and nuts. Also for brain function is good:

  • dark bitter chocolate;
  • fish;
  • greens.

It has already been proven that travel has a positive effect on brain function. It makes it rest and get into daily life with new energy. With the monotony of the world around us, the brain becomes lazy, ceases to produce ideas, to think of something new and high. In other words, degradation gradually sets in. 

Everyone can experience the benefits of travel for themselves. The main thing is to choose a tour that will really bring you maximum pleasure.

What Kind of Travel Improves Brain Function

To start with, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to fly to the other part of the world to recharge your brain. You can find the inspiration you need even on the outskirts of the city or in the country. When the world around us changes, the brain resets and travels to the subconscious.  The brain develops through neuroplasticity, new neural connections are formed, and productivity increases. External variety, new emotions, and experiences are necessary for the property of neuroplasticity to work.

During even a short trip there is a change of scenery, which resets the system, eliminating the effect of automatism. Think back to the last time you returned from a trip. You must have noticed that the formerly familiar space seemed to have changed. The whole point is that by resting and gaining new experiences, you have brought the effect of the new into your daily life. And that’s the way it always works.

People who work in creative fields, such as journalists, writers, professional essay writers, artists, musicians, said that the secret to their successful creativity is just in travel. Even if not a trip to another country, a vacation outside the city perfectly helps to relax the brain and inspire with new ideas.

Walking outdoors is one of the most affordable options for improving brain function. During them, the brain is saturated with oxygen. Because of this, concentration improves, the body feels rested and awake, and the brain absorbs information better and works more actively.

Discover unexplored corners of your country. You may have never thought about it, but we have many beautiful places, and to see them, you just have to take a train, plane or your car. Such trips will take a little time but will distract you from your daily thoughts and burdensome worries.

What Can You Find within the Country

  • Beautiful estates of famous landlords.
  • Remains of defensive forts and castles.
  • Ancient cathedrals.
  • Parks, arboretums, and national reserves.

Go camping in the mountains or on the shore of a lake. When you are away from home, your brain actively absorbs new information and pictures. During this time it forgets about current problems and just rests.

Everything new inspires you and fills you with positive emotions. Being in a pleasant and relaxing environment for a few days you get a brain reset. And when you come home, you will realize that even after resting for a few days, you got a lot of energy.

Listening to local music and learning about its history can also relax and rejuvenate the mind. If you happen to plan a trip down in the Southern states, get a chance to experience the delta blues trail in Mississippi and discover the rich history of delta blues music.

If possible, of course, go abroad as often as possible. New emotions will improve the work of your brain. It benefits from trips to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding. During activities, your brain clears and fills with new ideas and plans.

If you go to the sea, at least choose a day or two for active entertainment. Travel should be full of impressions. It’s not enough to just sit on the beach for a few days, sipping cocktails and enjoying exotic fruits. Go on an excursion or to the water park. It is necessary to turn novelty into an inexhaustible source of experience, including both learning and emotional outbursts.

Also, you must be able to obtain some variety and adrenaline even while passively resting. All this, in the end, will have a positive effect on the work of your brain.

But there are advantages to passive relaxation as well. You can think about your current state of affairs in a quiet and peaceful environment. Perhaps you will come up with a new idea, or maybe you even decide to change something upon arrival home.

The main thing in travel is a change of scenery and new emotions. It is these two factors that contribute to better brain function. After all, you yourself have probably noticed that after the vacation it is much easier to work.

It is, in fact. You may sleep, not stress about work, and enjoy your leisure time while on vacation. And if you combine all of this with a trip, the happy emotions will saturate you and make your brain’s work more productive.

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