Tips for Buying a Double Sofa Cover: Top 10

Most American couples buy a two-seater sofa so they can spend their free time more comfortably. Of course, if you use your home furniture frequently, its appearance will deteriorate over time. How to increase the real life of the sofa? The most obvious option is to buy a cover. In fact, this is a protective fabric, which is necessary to protect the furniture from external negative factors.

If you made the decision to buy the cover, here are ten tips for choosing the best option:

  1. Measure your sofa: before you buy a cover, you need to know exactly the dimensions of your home furniture. Measure the length, width and height to find the right cover. It is advisable to leave an extra 15-20 centimeters for overlapping.
  2. Take the shape of the sofa into account. Not all covers are suitable for all shapes of sofa. Take into account the shape of your sofa to choose the cover that best fits the specifics of the furniture. Sometimes, the lack of measurements, or erroneous figures can lead to the purchase of the product, which will not be able to use for home purposes.
  3. Choose a durable material. You need to consider options made of materials that are easy to clean, hard-wearing and durable. Such a cover will last you a long time. Of course, almost everyone wants to spend the money once and not think about buying the cover for the next few years.
  4. Choose a color that matches your interior. Make sure that the color of your new cover matches the color of the walls in your room. This will help you create a harmonious design in the room that will evoke positive emotions, and your guests.
  5. Consider the design. Covers in brand name stores can come in a variety of designs and patterns. Choose a design that fits your preferences. When it comes to classic stores, many of the target collections have monochrome slipcovers available. A unique format will cost you a lot more.
  6. Pay attention to the fasteners Make sure the fasteners on the cover are secure and easy to install. This will help keep the cover in place and prevent slipping.
  7. Consider the cost: sofa covers can have different prices depending on the material, size, and design. Determine your budget and choose a slipcover that suits your price. It is desirable that the cover is ten or more times cheaper than a new sofa. Moreover, you can buy several protective fabrics at once. For example, in order to use one while the other is being washed.
  8. Look for customer reviews. Before making a purchase, read reviews from other buyers to find out how satisfied they are with their purchase. After all, not all brands produce a high quality product.
  9. Check the warranty. Make sure the case has a warranty. This will provide you with protection if something goes wrong. It is not always possible to see possible flaws directly in the store.
  10. Don’t forget about seasonal changes: if you live in a region with cold winters, make sure your sofa cover is suitable for winter conditions. Also consider the seasonal changes in your color palette.

Mamma Mia Loveseat Cover is the best option when it comes to the American home furniture protection market. The company employs a large number of highly skilled professionals who produce new covers every day. Despite the fact that the brand is considered a top brand, the prices for the goods here are quite adequate. Moreover, discounts are often available. You can see the range of products directly on the official website of the company, or by visiting their store.

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