5 Unique Aquarium Decor Tips

An aquarium at home can bring a very positive vibe to your life. Whether it’s for your pet fish or because you are an aquarium hobbyist, a well-decorated aquarium can be soothing and relaxing to your mind. Aquariums have a large impact on global trade, not just in terms of fish. It also includes corals, live rocks, or even sand.

Did you know that over 40 countries globally participate in the aquarium trade and nearly 50 million aquarium essentials are sold to 2 million hobbyists around the world? If you too have an aquarium and would like some tips on decorating it, this list here for you is perfect.

1. Size of your aquarium

Before actually buying any of the decor items, you need to keep into account the size of your aquarium. It’s no use decorating a tank where you put in too many things and it ends up looking crowded or messy. If you have fish too, it will be uncomfortable for them.

In case you have a small tank, you should always go for the mantra “less is more”. Put only one or two decoration items so that your fish can breathe and swim freely. You can also try deciding on a particular theme for decoration in case you’re confused about what to choose

For example, the theme “Lost World” might be good for you. You can buy a small sunken ship and one or two mermaid kingdoms, making it look like an underwater lost kingdom. Sticking to a particular topic will make your purchase easier.

2. Color of your fish

If you are concerned about ruining the overall aesthetic of your tank, then one tip to choose the decoration items is by contrasting them with the color of your fish. If you have light-colored fish, you can go for dark-colored items to complement each other.

Vibrantly colored fishes look beautiful against white sand or gravel. In this case, pale decoration items make your fish stand out more and look more attractive. Green items like toy seaweed look good no matter what color your fish is.

3. Natural vs wild theme

You can opt to choose either a natural-looking theme or a wild one. If you want the former, you can buy items like pea gravel and light-colored items. However, if you go for a wild theme, you can experiment a little more. Neon toys and vibrant pebbles will give a good wild theme to your aquarium.

For example, bright blue and purple pebbles along with an orange decor item will make a good Spongebob Paradise theme. You can also add a bridge to make it look as if the fish are swimming from one side of the aquarium to another!

4. Zen forest

For igniting the spiritual soul in you, you can go for a little Zen-themed tank. It works really well if you have a large-sized aquarium. Purchase some small bamboo sticks and place them vertically, making a little forest.

Don’t worry, bamboo stays up in the water easily and holds up well over time. Add some dark green floral decorations to place on the sand or gravel. You can also go for mossy-looking stones to enhance the forest effect.

And last, but not least, add a little statue of Buddha (make sure it’s water-friendly). You fish can happily swim between the bamboo shoots, and the Buddha statue will give a serene and peaceful vibe to the entire aquarium.

5. Super Mario tank

If you have little ones in your house, they must be fond of Super Mario. So why not add some Mario items to the fish world as well? You’ll find 8-bit structures of houses and castles in a store easily.

Some pieces of floating bricks, and a miniature Mario will make the tank look splendid! While it is tough to find all the items identical to the video game, you can still find many of them online.

Over to you…

To find the perfect ornaments for your tank, you can visit Pet City. This Australian site will give you a huge number of items to choose from to adorn your aquarium. You can even buy aquariums based on the kind of fish you have- freshwater or marine.

From small clay pots to logs, Pet City will give you just what you need to brighten up your house. So start shopping here today, and make your aquarium look like a paradise!

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