105 Verbs That Start with V [with Definitions and Examples]

Verbs that start with V are included in this article. Not only verbs starting with V, but verbs, in general, are very important in our daily life. Without verbs, it is impossible to write anything, read or even speak. For example, if I didn’t use any verbs in this writing, it would have been full of gibberish that doesn’t make any sense.

Verbs beginning with V are very useful, and so the more you know, the better. If you read through these verbs, you will learn quite a few new verbs that start with V. Knowing more verbs that start with V will not only help to increase your vocabulary but also you can use verbs that start with V to describe a person.

A list of verbs that start with V, which are unique, is included here. With every verb, its meaning and the synonym are given so that it is easier for you to understand.

Verbs That Start with V You Always Use

If you are a beginner and are just learning English, this is the section for you. These are some verbs that start with V, which are commonly used and easy to understand.

1. Vacation

  • Definition: take a holiday
  • Synonyms: holiday, travel, tour
  • Example: I was vacationing in Europe with my family.

2. Vow

  • Definition: solemnly promise to do a specified thing
  • Synonyms: swear, pledge, promise
  • Example: The rebels vowed to continue fighting.

3. Value

  • Definition: consider (something or someone) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of
  • Synonyms: appreciate, esteem, admire
  • Example: She had come to value her privacy.

4. Vanish

  • Definition: disappear suddenly and completely
  • Synonyms: evaporate, fade, disperse
  • Example: Moira vanished without a trace.

5. Voice

  • Definition: express (something) in words
  • Synonyms: express, assert, proclaim
  • Example: Get teachers to voice their opinions on important subjects.


  • Definition: give or register a vote
  • Synonyms: elect, choose, prefer
  • Example: They voted against the resolution.

 7. Verify

  • Definition: make sure or demonstrate that (something) is true, accurate, or justified
  • Synonyms: substantiate, confirm, prove
  • Example: His conclusions have been verified by later experiments.

8. Vibrate

  • Definition: move continuously or rapidly to and fro
  • Synonyms: shake, tremble, shiver
  • Example: The cabin started to vibrate.

9. View

  • Definition: look at or inspect
  • Synonyms: observe, scan, survey
  • Example: The public can view the famous hall with its unique staircase.

10. Visit

  • Definition: go to see and spend time with (someone) socially.
  • Synonyms: lookup, stay with, drop by
  • Example: I came to visit my grandmother.

Verbs That Start with V You Usually Use

These are some verbs starting with V, which are usually used and you are most probably already aware of. Keep reading to find out if you know them or not.

1. Violate

  • Definition: break or fail to comply with (a rule or formal agreement)
  • Synonyms: transgress, defy, infringe
  • Example: They violated the terms of a ceasefire.

2. Vaporize

  • Definition: convert or be converted into vapour
  • Synonyms: annihilate, demolish, extinguish
  • Example: There is a large current that is sufficient to vaporize carbon.

3. Version

  • Definition: create a new version of
  • Synonyms: edition, release, adaptation
  • Example: The English curriculum would then be versioned for Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

4. Vaccinate

  • Definition: treat with a vaccine to produce immunity against disease; inoculate
  • Synonyms: dose, inoculation, needle
  • Example: All the children were vaccinated against tuberculosis.

5. Vacate

  • Definition: leave (a place that one previously occupied)
  • Synonyms: abandon, quit, evacuate
  • Example: Rooms must be vacated by noon on the last day of your holiday.

6. Volunteer

  • Definition: freely offer to do something
  • Synonyms: step forward, come forward
  • Example: 140 employees volunteered for redundancy.

7. Validate

  • Definition: check or proof the validity of accuracy of
  • Synonyms: uphold, demonstrate, endorse
  • Example: All analytical methods should be validated in respect of accuracy.

8. Visualize

  • Definition: form a mental image of; imagine
  • Synonyms: envision, evoke, forecast
  • Example: It is not easy to visualize the future.


  • Definition: eject matter from the stomach through the mouth
  • Synonyms: spew, retch, boke
  • Example: The sickly stench made him want to vomit.

10. Victimize

  • Definition: single (someone) out for cruel or unjust treatment
  • Synonyms: exploit, abuse, torment
  • Example: They are victimized by racism or discriminatory barriers.

Verbs That Start with V You Often Use

In this section are some verbs starting with V which are used often in novels, essays, articles, and so on. Make sure you read them to increase your vocabulary.

1. Vacillate

  • Definition: waver between different opinions or actions; be indecisive
  • Synonyms: temporize, hesitate, unsure
  • Example: I vacillated between teaching and journalism.

2. Valet

  • Definition: act as a valet to (particular man)
  • Synonyms: gentleman, manservant
  • Example: One evening when I was valeting him, Mr Charles told me he had met my father.

3. Vandalize

  • Definition: deliberately destroy or damage
  • Synonyms: ravage, ruin, spoil
  • Example: Stations have been vandalized beyond recognition.

4. Vacuum

  • Definition: to clean using a tool that stucks dirt into a storage container
  • Synonyms: clean, hoover, suck
  • Example: I have to vacuum my room.

5. Vend

  • Definition: offer (small items) for sale, either from a stall or from a slot machine
  • Synonyms: display, trade, peddle
  • Example: There was a man vending sticky cakes and ices.

6. Veer

  • Definition: change direction suddenly
  • Synonyms: deviate, curve, skew
  • Example: An oil tanker that had veered off course.

7. Venture

  • Definition: undertake a risky or daring journey or course of action
  • Synonyms: travel, migrate, proceed
  • Example: She ventured out into the blizzard.

8. Vest

  • Definition: confer or bestow (power, authority, property etc.) on someone
  • Synonyms: endow, lodge, lay
  • Example: He approaches the altar to vest for mass.

9. Vary

  • Definition: differ in size, amount, degree, or nature from something else of the same general class
  • Synonyms: range, extend, change
  • Example: The properties vary in price.

10. Vail

  • Definition: take off or lower (one’s hat or crown) as a token or respect or submission
  • Synonyms: defer, accept, concede
  • Example: You must vail to him in my absence as you do me.

Verbs That Start with V You Sometimes Use

Don’t we come across some verbs once in a while reading something, right? These are some verbs beginning with V that are sometimes used and maybe are new to you.

1. Vouch

  • Definition: assert or confirm as a result of one’s own experience that something is true or accurately described
  • Synonyms: confirm, affirm, uphold
  • Example: The explosive used is of my own formulation, and I can vouch for its efficiency.

2. Vault

  • Definition:  to leap over something
  • Synonyms: hurdle, clear, bound
  • Example: She vaulted the wall and kept running.

3. Vegetate

  • Definition: live or spend a period of time in a dull; inactive; unchallenging way
  • Synonyms: molder, languish, stagnate
  • Example: If she left him alone, he’d sit in front of the television and vegetate.

4. Vent

  • Definition: to complain about something
  • Synonyms: release, discharge, let out
  • Example: We vent our spleen on drug barons.

5. Vamp

  • Definition: to fix or repair
  • Synonyms: mend, patch, fix
  • Example: Daddy wants to vamp your foot.

6.  Vitalize

  • Definition: give strength and energy to.
  • Synonyms: brace, animate, stimulate
  • Example: Yoga calms and vitalizes body and mind.

7. Verge

  • Definition: be very close or similar to
  • Synonyms: approach, resemble, near
  • Example: Despair verging on the suicidal.

8. Ventilate

  • Definition: to air out
  • Synonyms: aerate, circulate, oxygenate
  • Example: We ventilate our room by opening windows.

9. Verbalize

  • Definition: to use words to express something
  • Synonyms: articulate, express, say
  • Example: It is difficult to verbalize his lifetime of frustrations.

10. Veto

  • Definition: to refuse to sign a bill or reject a proposed act
  • Synonyms: decline, prohibit, interdict
  • Example: The president vetos new legislation.

Verbs That Start with V You Occasionally Use

There are some words that are occasionally used as they are not as common. So, these are some verb words that start with V, which will help you to expand your vocabulary.

1. Vouchsafe

  • Definition: to give or grant something as a favor
  • Synonyms: award, concede, grant
  • Example: Please vouchsafe me as a reply.

2. Venge

  • Definition: to avenge; to punish; to revenge
  • Synonyms: redress, requite, retaliate
  • Example: A romance featuring a hotheaded hero who is ever ready to venge every affront to the family’s honor.

3. Versify

  • Definition: turn into or express in verse
  • Synonyms: compose, indite, metrify
  • Example: It was never suggested that Wordsworth should simply versify Coleridge’s ideas.

4. Vesiculate

  • Definition: to form vesicles in, as lava
  • Synonyms: change, alter, modify
  • Example: Drugs can vesiculate your perception of reality.

5. Vet

  • Definition: to evaluate in a thorough way
  • Synonyms: appraise, judge, assess
  • Example:  I cannot vet distance.

6. Variegate

  • Definition: change the appearance of, especially by marking with different colors
  • Synonyms: vary, motley
  • Example: This plant has different variegated leaves.

7. Videotape

  • Definition: another term for video
  • Synonyms: tape, record
  • Example: His arrest was videotaped.

8. Vaticinate

  • Definition: foretell through or as if through the power of prophecy
  • Synonyms: predict, presage, augur
  • Example: I can’t vaticinate her.

9. Veneer

  • Definition: cover (something) with a decorative layer of the wood
  • Synonyms: cover, overlay, surface
  • Example: Factories employed cabinet makers to veneer looking glasses.

10. Vitrify

  • Definition: convert (something) into glass or a glasslike substance, typically by exposure to heat
  • Synonyms: coat, rub, polish
  • Example: The option of vitrifying nuclear waste presents problems.

Verbs That Start with V You Seldom Use

We can’t always be aware of every single verb that exists, right? In this section are some verbs that start with the letter V which are seldom used and might be new to you.

1. Vivisect

  • Definition: (used only by opponents of the practice) perform vivisection on (an animal)
  • Synonyms: dissect, anatomize
  • Example: People are vivisecting animals and experimenting with germ warfare.

2. Vanquish

  • Definition: defeat thoroughly
  • Synonyms: conquer, trounce, quell
  • Example: He successfully vanquished his rival.

3. Vex

  • Definition: make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with the trivial matters
  • Synonyms: irritate, inflame, enrage
  • Example: The memory of the conversation still vexed him.

4. Vilify

  • Definition: speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner
  • Synonyms: revile, berate, defame
  • Example: He has been vilified in the press.

5. Vindicate

  • Definition: clear (someone) of blame or suspicion
  • Synonyms: acquit, absolve, redeem
  • Example: Hospital staffs were vindicated by the inquest verdict.

6. Volley

  • Definition: (in sport, especially in tennis or soccer) a strike or kick of the ball made of before it touches the ground
  • Synonyms: play, strike at, kick
  • Example: She volleyed the ball home.

7. Vociferate

  • Definition: shout, complain or argue loudly vehemently
  • Synonyms: verbalize, utter, express
  • Example: He then began to vociferate loudly.

8. Vulgarize

  • Definition: make less subtle or complex
  • Synonyms: act, do, behave
  • Example: They were attacked for vulgarizing the debate.

9.  Vituperate

  • Definition: blame or insult (someone) in strong or violent language
  • Synonyms: revile, scold, attack
  • Example: Don’t vituperate him when he has an accident.

10. Vesicate

  • Definition: blister or cause to blister
  • Synonyms: swell, tumefy, tumesce
  • Example: The plant reddens and vesicates healthy skin and has been used as a counter-irritant.

Verbs That Start with V You Rarely Use

There are hundreds of verbs that we don’t know or even know existed. These are some V-verbs that are rarely used. So, keep on reading to find some new words which may come in handy later.

1. Void

  • Definition: declare that (something) is not valid or legally binding
  • Synonyms: negate, retract, undo
  • Example: The Supreme court voided the statute.

2. Vulcanize

  • Definition: harden (rubber or similar material) by treating it with sulfur at a high temperature.
  • Synonyms: process, treat
  • Example:  The development of a method for fixing vulcanized rubber firmly onto mild steel.

3. Vroom

  • Definition: to operate a motor vehicle at high speed or so as to create a great deal of engine noise
  • Synonyms: speed up, hurry up
  • Example: He started his motorcycle and it vroomed.

4. Vagabond

  • Definition: wander about as or like a vagabond
  • Synonyms: ramble, stray, maunder
  • Example: He went vagabonding about the world.

5. Vamoose

  • Definition: depart hurriedly
  • Synonyms: skip, decamp, leave
  • Example: We’d better vamoose before we’re caught.

6.  Vat

  • Definition: place or treat in a vat
  • Synonyms: baking, kiln, distillery
  • Example: The grapes are vatted for between 15 and 21 days and then aged in small barrels.

7. Veil

  • Definition: cover; conceal or disguise
  • Synonyms: covert, conceal
  • Example: Cold mists veiled the mountain peaks.

8. Vide

  • Definition: consult (used as an instruction in a text to refer the reader to a specified passage, book, author, etc., for further information).
  • Synonyms: see, consider, behold
  • Example: Vide the comments cited in Schlosser.

9. Voodoo

  • Definition: affect (someone) by the practice of voodoo
  • Synonyms: glamour, enhance, jinx
  • Example: Someone had voodooed her.

10. Vasectomize

  • Definition: perform a vasectomy on
  • Synonyms: fix, desex, sterilize
  • Example: When a bull is too young, he is difficult to vasectomize.

Positive Verbs That Start with V

Positive words are really useful in our daily life as we use them almost everywhere. So, these are some positive verbs that start with V which can help to cheer you up.

1. Vaunt

  • Definition: boast about or praise (something), especially excessively
  • Synonyms: bluster, tout, gloat
  • Example: He was initially vaunted by the West for his leadership of the country.

2. Valuate

  • Definition: estimate the worth or quality of (something); appraise
  • Synonyms: praise, judge, evaluate
  • Example: They valuate the land at half a million an acre.

3. Valorize

  • Definition: give or ascribe value or validity to
  • Synonyms: rank, elevate, value
  • Example: The culture valorizes the individual.

4. Vowelize

  • Definition: supply (something such as a Hebrew or shorthand text) with vowel points or signs representing vowels
  • Synonyms: articulate, enounce, pronounce
  • Example: Allow history to vowelize the verdict.

5. Velcro

  • Definition: fasten, join or fix with velcro
  • Synonyms: secure, fix, fasten
  • Example: The doctor velcroed with the top of Badri’s nightgown together.

6. Vivify

  • Definition: make more lively or interesting, enliven
  • Synonyms: stimulate, renovate, arouse
  • Example: Outings vivify learning for children.

7. Voyage

  • Definition: go on a voyage
  • Synonyms: trip, journey, pilgrimage
  • Example: They decided to voyage across the sea to England.

8.  Vie

  • Definition: compete eagerly with someone in order to do or achieve something.
  • Synonyms: contend, contest
  • Example: The athletes were vying for a place in the British team.

9. Volatilize

  • Definition: (with reference to a substance) make or become volatile
  • Synonyms: change, alter, modify
  • Example: The sulfur dioxide added before fermentation has already been volatilized.

10. Venerate

  • Definition: regard with great respect; revere
  • Synonyms: hallow, adulate, magnify
  • Example: Phillip of Beverley was venerated as a saint.

Verbs That Start with V – (105 words)

  • Vacate
  • Vacation
  • Vaccinate
  • Vacillate
  • Vacuum
  • Vagabond
  • Vail
  • Valance
  • Valet
  • Validate
  • Valuate
  • Value
  • Vamoose
  • Vamp
  • Vamper
  • Van
  • Vandalize
  • Vanish
  • Vanquish
  • Vantage
  • Vaporize
  • Variegate
  • Varnish
  • Vary
  • Vasectomize
  • Vaticinate
  • Vault
  • Vaunce
  • Vaunt
  • Veer
  • Vegetate
  • Veil
  • Vein
  • Velcro
  • Vellicate
  • Vend
  • Veneer
  • Venerate
  • Vent
  • Ventilate
  • Venture
  • Verbalize
  • Verbify
  • Verdigris
  • Verge
  • Verify
  • Vermiculate
  • Vermilion
  • Vernate
  • Verse
  • Versify
  • Vesicate
  • Vesiculate
  • Vest
  • Vesture
  • Vet
  • Veto
  • Vex
  • Vibrate
  • Victimise
  • Victimize
  • Victual
  • Videotape
  • Vie
  • View
  • Vilify
  • Vilipend
  • Vindicate
  • Vinify
  • Violate
  • Virilize
  • Visa
  • Visit
  • Visor
  • Visualise
  • Visualize
  • Vitalise
  • Vitalize
  • Vitiate
  • Vitrify
  • Vitriol
  • Vitriolize
  • Vituperate
  • Vivificate
  • Vivify
  • Vivisect
  • Vocalise
  • Vocalize
  • Vociferate
  • Voice
  • Void
  • Volatilize
  • Volley
  • Volunteer
  • Vomit
  • Voodoo
  • Vote
  • Vouch
  • Vouchsafe
  • Vow
  • Vowelize
  • Voyage
  • Vroom
  • Vulcanize
  • Vulgarize

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with V

Congratulations on making it till the end of this article. These verbs starting with V will surely come in handy to you in the long run. You surely learned some new verbs beginning with V from this article today, didn’t you? If you memorize all the verbs from this article, you will surely be able to write an exceptional article to impress others. As there are many of these verbs, we couldn’t include all of them.

This article containing verbs that start with V will surely help you out, and even if you know all of them, it is better to keep them in a list like these.

Ps. See also positive words that start with V, adjectives that start with V and nouns that start with V.

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