It’s So Dirty on Airplanes – And What You Can Do about It

Hygiene in airplanes is a mammoth task, as many hundreds of passengers fly in it every day and do not deal with the facility with care.

In airplanes, many passengers not only go in and out every day, but sometimes spend many hours in them. Shoes and socks are taken off, hair is distributed, diapers of the children are changed or crumbs are distributed from the plane food. All in all, a not very hygienic matter. But how dirty is it really on airplanes?

Hygiene in airplanes – what about it?

A Boeing 737 holds about 160 seats. After all the passengers who have taken these seats have landed, there are usually only a few minutes left for the next swing of passengers with the same aircraft to start their journey.

The risk of spreading diseases can increase if surfaces on board are not sufficiently cleaned. This cleaning is usually carried out by external companies. Standard procedures on boeing 777 business class british airways include quick cleaning between two flights, more thorough cleaning during the night and deep cleaning.

So it is a challenge to get the plane hygienically in shape between two flights in this short time. Because it is not uncommon for passengers on board who suffer from a contagious disease.

This is how you can ensure hygiene yourself on the plane

If you have concerns about hygiene on the plane or if there is a passenger sitting next to you who seems sickly and sneezes and sniffs, then you can also help yourself: It is best to always have a packet of hygiene wipes with you wh

Even if you go to the toilet, the hygiene wipes can be used. Wipe the handles of the door with it. After washing your hands, you can also disinfect your hands with it. Instead of hygiene wipes, alcohol-containing hand sanitizer is also an option. However, stick to the prescribed maximum amounts of liquid.

Why are airplane seats almost always blue?

There are many things that the average passenger does not know about airplanes. Why, for example, are airplane seats usually blue? We know the answer.

Passengers should feel as comfortable as possible on board an airplane, because for many, the stress on a trip is not insignificant. The color of the aircraft seats also contributes to this.

Blue has a calming effect

Aircraft designers are very concerned with the well-being of passengers when designing the interior, as Boeing told the Insider portal. The design of the seats, or even better their color, pattern and shape, is also important. The carpet and ceilings also play a major role here, even the shadow of the cabin lighting is taken into account.

The feeling of comfort that makes passengers feel comfortable on board is the focus. So it is not surprising that most Airlines interiors are mainly based on blue patterns, seat covers and carpets.

According to Boeing, the colors blue and green are soothing and associated with relaxation. Professional designers affirm that colors affect the perception of temperature, humidity and aroma. From this point of view, blue stands for cleanliness and freshness.

Since flying can be a stressful situation for many travelers, blue seems to be a good choice to start the holiday with the right feeling.

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