Why Do You Have to Cover Your Large Window?

Windows serve multiple purposes in the aesthetic and structural design of the house. When they are covered with the correct window treatments, they become the room’s focal point and help the owner create the theme of their choice. They also make the room functional as they provide good sunlight protection and adequate privacy to the homeowner.

Historically speaking, windows were tiny holes in walls to let the sunlight in the room. They had a marked disadvantage in that these small openings allowed dust particles and water to enter the room along with the sunlight. It was with the invention of glass that the size of windows started increasing. It was because glass could cover the window but at the same time keep the elements of nature outside. The development of glass production technology to produce bigger glass pieces led architects to experiment with window size and shape. With the increasing size of the window, the need for treatment also arose because one can’t have an excess of natural light throughout the day.

Why Should A Large Window Be Covered?

Large windows can be a blessing, especially during the cold winter months, as they can let the sunshine in the room to keep it warm. But the real challenge emerges when there is no sunshine during winters, and all that the window allows inside is the cold. Therefore, the need to cover the large windows is felt by every homeowner. Following are key points that highlight the importance of covering the large windows:

1. Window Treatments for Large Windows Should Help Control Sunlight:

Large windows should be covered with a suitable window treatment because it ensures that only the required amount of sunlight can enter the room. If the large window is not covered well, it will allow too much sunlight access, and the room will become too bright to live in comfortably. If the large window is adequately covered, the owner will be able to control the amount of natural light entering the room. They will be able to decide the room’s theme and, depending on the look, determine the sunlight’s requirement. When a lot of natural light is required, like in the morning,

the large window can be uncovered, but during the afternoon, the window can be covered to create a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Window Treatments for Large Windows Ensure the Required Privacy:

It becomes essential to cover large windows with suitable window treatments so that the owner can have the required privacy. Everyone wants some quiet and peaceful moments either with oneself or with the family and friends. Large windows make the room well ventilated and airy, but on the flip side, they allow everyone from outside a chance to peep inside the room. Moreover, if one lives in a crowded area, then large windows can make the owner victim of the prying eyes of the outsiders. Therefore, covering large windows with suitable window treatments is a must so that the owner can have some relaxed moments in the house with their near and dear ones.

3. Window Treatments for Large Windows to Increase the Energy Efficiency of the Room:

Large windows normally do not provide good insulation. The hot and cold air (depending upon the season) can easily escape through the glass because of the large surface area. Consequently, the owner will not be able to maintain the desired level of temperature inside the room. The overall energy efficiency of the room will be low as the air conditioning unit will have to work round the clock to maintain a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in the room. The best option to provide the room’s much-needed insulation is to cover the large window with a suitable window treatment.

4. Window Treatments for Large Windows help Protect the Furniture in the Room:

Large windows allow a lot of sunshine in the room. It directly exposes the furniture placed in the room to harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Continuous exposure can lead to fading and wear and tear of the furniture. Thus large windows should be covered with suitable window treatments so that the owner should decide when and how much sunlight ought to enter the room. If appropriately covered, the owner can have the best of both worlds. They can enjoy the perks of having big windows and saving the furniture by drawing the curtains during the hot summer afternoons.

5. Window Treatments for Large Windows to Enhance the Style of the Room:

Large windows make the room look grand and majestic. If they are covered with the right window treatment, then the overall aesthetic appeal is increased manifold. It is because the window, along with the treatment, becomes the focal point of the room. Large windows, when appropriately covered, help the owner showcase their unique style and personality. The owner can create a desired theme with the window coverings by selecting the correct shade, texture and feel. It thus becomes imperative to cover the windows with proper window treatments.

6. Window Treatments for Large Windows Add Convenience:

When the owner decides to have a window covering, they take a step towards creating a lot of functional conveniences. The owner can cover it with the treatment of the window as per their decision and can have the designated look quite easily. With the suitable window treatment, they will regulate the amount of natural light with relative ease. Some of the modern-day large window treatments come with the option of motorization. Hence the owner is not required to do any physical labour. They have to press a button on a remote, and the large window is covered automatically with the designated window treatment. Such solutions are beneficial when there are kids, elderly, and sick people in the home who might have to operate the window treatment to cover the large window.

Final Words

The consumer today has a lot of options when it comes to covering the large windows and having the requisite amount of sunlight and privacy in the room. From vertical blinds to cellular shades, from curtains to Roman blinds, the homeowner can select the style of window covering which suits their style and taste. In addition to this, the suitable window treatment to cover large windows goes a long way in creating that comfortable, calm, and serene space where the owner can rejuvenate and refresh himself to face life’s challenges easily.

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