60 Adjectives Starting with B Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

When we speak or write in any language, our intention is to elaborate and to clearly explain the meaning and the senses of our sentences to the listeners or the readers. Adjectives add a lot of information to the basics of what we are conveying to other people.

In this article, I will share with you 60 simple adjectives that are used in our day to day communication. You will be able to read the definitions, synonyms and examples of each of these adjectives which will enable you to use the words in many different ways, thus grooming your vocabulary.

Positive Adjectives Starting with B to Describe a Person

1. Bodacious

Definition: someone who is simultaneously attractive, admirable and bold

Synonyms: Audacious, excellent

Example: She is always bodacious which is why others can’t easily compete with her.

2. Beautiful

Definition: someone who is pleasing aesthetically to the mind or senses of others and oneself

Synonyms: appealing, elegant, good-looking

Example: Many beautiful women were gazing at the beautiful waterfall in complete silence.

3. Brisk

Definition: someone who is exceptionally full of energy and activity

Synonyms: sprightly, vibrant, speedy

Example: All the staff members of our office were brisk on an early Monday morning.

4. Brilliant

Definition: someone who has a deep level of talent and cleverness

Synonyms: genius, gifted, adept

Example: They are very brilliant people, so you will never be disappointed with their work.

5. Buxom

Definition: someone (especially a woman) who is full-figured, plump and healthy

Synonyms: busty, bosomy, curvaceous

Example: The buxom player was out of breath within a few minutes.

6. Busy

Definition: Someone who is engaged in a lot of work

Synonyms: Industrious, bustling, tireless

Example: I was too busy to enjoy myself.

7. Baboonish

Definition: having a resemblance to a baboon

Synonyms: funny, amusing, entertaining

Example: The children began to laugh when they saw the baboonish clown.

Positive Adjectives Starting with B to Describe an Event

1. Bright

Definition: reflecting or emitting a lot of light

Synonyms: shining, glittering, sparkling, dazzling

Example: It was a bright birthday party as uncountable fairy lights were hanging from the ceiling.

2. Brief

Definition: something that happens for a very short period

Synonyms: hasty, momentary, transitory

Example: His speech at the meeting was brief yet meaningful.

3. Biweekly

Definition: something that happens after every two weeks or twice a week

Synonyms: fortnightly

Example: The doctor advised the pregnant women to visit the clinic biweekly.

4. Biyearly

Definition: something that happens after every two years or twice a year

Synonyms: biannually

Example: We were all very excited to watch the biyearly match.

5. Breezy

Definition: windy in a pleasant way

Synonyms: blowy, gusty, freshly-airy

Example: I love to enjoy my tea with my friends and guests on the outdoor patio while gazing at the setting sun and the flames from my firepit because of the breezy evening.

6. Braw

Definition: pleasant time

Synonyms: fine, colourful, showy

Example: It was a braw morning.

7. Bewitching

Definition: something that can cast a spell over someone or captivate the attention and the imagination of someone

Synonyms: delightful, enchanting, seductive

Example: My mother is firmly convinced that the bewitching views of New York have gained my love, this is why I keep refusing to return to my hometown.

8. Beneficient

Definition: something that is generous and charitable

Synonyms: benevolent, bounteous, magnanimous

Example: Everything became alright after the beneficient donations at the blood bank.

9. Benefic

Definition: something that is characterized by kindness and generosity

Synonyms: philanthropic, munificent, unselfish

Example: When the foreign delegates visited the flooded village, they became benefic and the victims could recover easily.

10. Beatific

Definition: full of happiness and joy

Synonyms: glad, blissful, serene

Example: As soon as my father announced that we would spend the weekend on the beach, the whole situation became beatific.

11. Bygone

Definition: something that has happened in olden times

Synonyms: Previous, former, past

Example: Most of the poems written by William Shakespeare are the relics of the bygone English society.

12. Bypast

Definition: an event that took place in former times

Synonyms: departed, gone, foregone

Example: The romantic poets dream of the part of their lives that are bypast as fantastical.

Positive Adjectives Starting with B to Describe a Place

1. Businesslike

Definition: a place with minimum distraction where people can work efficiently without wasting any time

Synonyms:  well-ordered, planned, professional

Example: The library and computer lab of our college is a businesslike place to study with complete concentration and peace.

4. Burred

Definition: a place that has rough edges to prevent the predators or intruders from entering the private property

Synonyms: barbed, briery, thorny

Example: The field has a burred fence around its boundary to keep the cows safe while they are grazing on the fresh grass.

5. Beaming

Definition: reflecting or transmitting a lot of light

Synonyms: shining, sparkling, glittering

Example: I could see the rays of light beaming through my greenhouse.

6. Bliss

Definition: something that is full of joy, excitement and happiness

Synonyms: delightful, ecstasy, pleasure

Example: The whole place was bliss with fireworks.

7. Baccate

Definition: something that bears or produces berries

Synonyms: berry farm

Example: I found myself in a baccate field filled with giggling kids and cheerful couples.

8. Botanical

Definition: relating to plants

Synonyms: green

Example: The Government must invest in our botanical gardens to conserve our natural environment and protect them against man-made pollution caused by landfilling with non-degradable plastics.

Positive adjectives Starting with B to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Beloved

Definition: state of being loved and cared for

Synonyms: dearest, adored, precious

Example: Her beloved husband departed at the railway station to go to another town to fight off a pandemic.

2. Balanced

Definition: something that is in perfect proportion

Synonyms: well-structured, arranged, even

Example: It is very important to have a balanced diet to stay healthy.

3. Bovine

Definition: a person having characteristics similar to that of a cow

Synonyms: cowlike, calflike, cattlelike

Example: She fell a victim to obesity and gained too much weight, so her friends would tease her by calling her bovine.

4. Budgetary

Definition: a house or an office where there is strict accordance with the estimates of sources of income and expenses

Synonyms: monetary

Example: Only one person is earning in our family feeding half a dozen dependents, so the situation is budgetary.

5. Barbed

Definition: a place surrounded by barbs or spikes

Synonyms: pointed, hooked, brambly

Example: The farmers leave their cattle in a barbed field.

6. Barbellate

Definition: a place that is covered by protective spines

Synonyms: jagged, spinous, bristled

Example: In some countries, it is advisable to put a barbellate wire on top of your main gate to prevent theft.

7. bacciferous

Definition: a place which produces a lot of berries

Synonyms: baccate

Example: There are numerous bacciferous forests in our Northern areas.

Negative Adjectives Starting with B to Describe a Person

1. Bashful

Definition: someone who is reluctant to gain the attention of other people

Synonyms: coy, shy, wary

Example: The little girl is too bashful which is why she cannot explain her matters clearly to others.

2. Bookish

Definition: someone who spends all the time studying and reading books

Synonyms: Literary, studious, scholarly

Example: Most of the professors at my university are bookish.

3. Belligerent

Definition: someone who is always against the opinion of others, a person who always disagrees, opposes, differentiates and objects the ideas of other people

Synonyms: aggressive, argumentative, quarrelsome

Example: The teacher became belligerent after being asked a question he couldn’t answer.

4. Bad

Definition: someone who is always unable to meet the moral standards and the virtuous conduct of living in a society

Synonyms: evil, immoral, sinful, wicked, corrupt

Example: She was punished for her bad behaviour because she would never feel sorry for what she did.

5. Boring

Definition: an uninteresting person

Synonyms: repetitive, monotonous, lifeless

Example: The children began to scream when they found the characters of the story to be boring.

6. Betrayed

Definition: a person whose secret information was exposed treacherously by an enemy

Synonyms: deceived, cheated, let down

Example: She felt betrayed when she saw her husband with his lover.

7. Babelike

Definition: Like a child at dependence

Synonyms: childish, childlike, innocent

Example: Your behaviour is babelike.

8. Boisterous

Definition: a person that is tumultuous, noisy, and rude

Synonyms: violent, hostile, disorderly

Example: The police arrested the boisterous men when the watchman complained about them.

9. Bonkers

Definition: someone who goes crazy in excitement, the state of being crazy

Synonyms: mad, uncontrollable

Example: As soon as the famous singer appeared on the stage for his live concert, the audience went bonkers, they couldn’t stop screaming and whistling with extreme joy.

10. Butch

Definition: having characteristics or appearance of men

Synonyms: masculine, manly, unfeminine

Example: I saw a butch woman riding a horse.

11. Brash

Definition: someone who is a self-assertive in an overbearing, noisy or rude manner

Synonyms: cocksure, cheeky, brassy

Example: You are not allowed to talk in a brash way to your seniors in an office.

12. Brittle

Definition: something which is too hard and falls apart when touched or pressed

Synonyms: fragile, breakable, delicate

Example: The deficiency of vitamin D causes a disease named rickets which makes the bones, nails, hair, and teeth of the patient brittle.

13. Bulimic

Definition: a person who suffers from the eating disorder bulimia

Synonyms: overeating, illness

Example: She couldn’t control her stress and even her therapists failed to manage her stress so she became bulimic.

14. Bankrupt

Definition: a person or a group of people who face bad time economically because of failure to pay debts and become financially dependants on others

Synonyms: skint, broke

Example: Soon after the industrial revolution, the Russian aristocracy became bankrupt because they couldn’t give up their lavish lifestyle.

15. Barbarous

Definition: someone who inflicts suffering and pain on other people

Synonyms: cruel, tyrant

Example: The barbarous people were defeated in this war.

16. Barmy

Definition: someone who is mentally ill or irregular

Synonyms: kooky, loco

Example: Some students are barmy so they make wrong decisions at college.

Negative Adjectives Starting with B to Describe an Event

1. Bacchanal

Definition: an event characterized by uncivilized, wild drunken revelry

Synonyms: bacchanalian

Example: The birthday party of the prince was marked in the social calendar as a shameless bacchanal.

2. Bacterial

Definition: a period of time that is characterized by the rapid growth and the spread of disease-causing bacteria

Synonyms: infectious, harmful, contagious

Example: It is very important to follow the precautionary measures to prevent the transmission of bacterial diseases.

3. Backbreaking

Definition: a task or work which demands a lot of physical labour

Synonyms: toilsome, taxing, laborious

Example: The farmers were resting under the trees after a whole day’s backbreaking work.

4. Burning

Definition: a dialogue full of insult of somebody in a particularly cutting manner

Synonyms: hateful, unpleasant

Example: The husband’s burning sentences made his wife weeping.

5. Baleful

Definition: something which threatens other people

Synonyms: malicious, vindictive, hostile

Example: The husband shot a baleful sight in his wife’s direction when she asked for expensive jewellery.

Negative Adjectives Starting with B to Describe a Place

1. Bumpy

Definition: road or path full of turns and twists, able to be reached uneasily

Synonyms: irregular, rough, uneven

Example: The resort is not easily accessible by the bumpy road.

2. Buzzy

Definition: an atmosphere or a place having a lot of noise like that of the bees, full of vibration

Synonyms: noisy, unsilent

Example: The Great Disco is buzzy all over the evenings.

3. Burnable

Definition: a place which is capable of burning anything which comes in its contact

Synonyms: ignitable, ignitible

Example: The environmentalists request the public to throw out only burnable waste into their trash bins to help protect the environment.

4. Backward

Definition: a place that has made minimum progress

Synonyms: poor

Example: She belongs to a backward village.

Negative Adjectives Starting with B to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Brackish

Definition: bearing an unpleasant taste

Synonyms: brak, briny, saline, slightly salty

Example: Many species of fish and frogs live in brackish water.

2. Balky

Definition: uncooperative or reluctant just like a riding horse

Synonyms: reluctant, stubborn

Example: The behaviour of some customers is balky.

4.  Bullheaded

Definition: unthinking and irrational manner

Synonyms: stupid, emptyheaded

Example: Superstitious people believe in their bullheaded thoughts.


I have explained with detail simple descriptive words starting with B, which is the second alphabet of the English language.

I have divided these descriptive words starting with B in 8 different categories, 4 positive and 4 negative, so that you can understand them easily.

By using the above-given adjectives in your day to day conversation, you can add a lot of description to what you are trying to inform others. In this way, your listeners will be able to enjoy the talk with you, at the same time understand the meaning that you intend to convey deeply and completely. 

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