60 Adjectives Starting with F Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

In this article, I will list descriptive words starting with F and also categorise them into 8 different categories depending on their use in negative and positive sense. Adjectives are used to elaborate on the qualities of names of people, things and places.

If you miss out the adjectives in your speech the meaning will be conveyed in a partial way.

So, by using some descriptive words starting with “F”, you may describe your noun properly. So here is a list of both positive and negative adjectives starting with F that you can use to describe the nouns around you.

Positive Adjectives Starting with F to Describe a Person

1. Fair

Definition: a person who follows and lives his life in accordance with the legitimate standards and the rules of the place he lives in

Synonyms: upright, lawful, legal, legitimate

Example: The fair man gave me accurate advice.

2. Fashionable

Definition: a person who represents, is influenced by and has the characteristics of the current popular trends and styles

Synonyms: modish, chic, glamorous, trendsetting

Example: He is pretty fashionable, so all the women in the college want to date him.

3. Faithful

Definition: a person who is consistently steadfast, loyal and honest

Synonyms: devoted, true, reliable, obedient

Example: She is always faithful at everything she does, which is why others can’t easily compete with her.

4. Fantastic

Definition: a person who is extraordinarily attractive and fine

Synonyms: remarkable, outstanding, first-class, magnificent

Example: His support was fantastic and helped me achieve my goals quickly. 

5. Free

Definition: not limited or controlled

Synonyms: independent, liberal-minded, autonomous

Example: I’ll give you a key, so you’ll be free to come and go as you like.

6. Fastidious

Definition: a person who is concerned about and very attentive to the details and accuracy to a deep level

Synonyms: perfectionist, critical

Example: They are very fastidious people, so you will never be disappointed with their enthusiasm.

7. Faultless

Definition: someone or something that is free from defects and errors

Synonyms: perfect, accurate, ideal, correct

Example: He had a faultless style of fashion everyone was attracted to.

8. Flourishing

Definition: a person who develops and grows in a healthy, wealthy and vigorous manner because of the favourable environment

Synonyms: thriving, prospering, improving, succeeding

Example: She had many admirable qualities that contributed to her flourishing career.

9. Fortunate

Definition: a person who is lucky

Synonyms: Blessed, favoured, charmed

Example: She was a very fortunate girl as she miraculously escaped the train accident.

10. Freehanded

Definition: a person who is exceptionally charitable and generous, regardful of the well-being of others

Synonyms: unselfish, caring, beneficent

Example: His freehanded personality made him more respectable as a person.

11. Fulfilled

Definition: a person who is completely contented, happy and satisfied by fully developing and utilising all his potentials, abilities and skills

Synonyms: pleased, gratified

Example: She fulfilled all her childhood dreams.

12. Fabulous

Definition: a person who is extraordinarily good

Synonyms: stupendous, fantastic, breathtaking, unbelievable

Example: This man is fabulous.

Positive Adjectives Starting with F to Describe an Event

1. Fantabulous

Definition: an event which is extremely wonderful and excellent

Synonyms: awesome, incredible, stunning, marvellous

Example: She received a fantabulous prize after winning the competition.

2. Fab

Definition: an event which is fabulous

Synonyms: wonderful, fine

Example: Clearly, we need to make a fab set up for the parties.

3. Fresh

Definition: an event which is not previously used or known by anyone

Synonyms: latest, new, modern,

Example: The court demanded fresh witness and evidence in favour of the accused.

4. Factual

Definition: something which is concerned with appropriate, relevant and actual interpretations rather than the reactions of the people

Synonyms: true, truthful, accurate, authentic

Example: The news reporter mixed up the factual information with his personal opinion about the current situation.

5. Fictional

Definition: an event which is invented for the purpose of entertainment and enjoyment

Synonyms: imaginary, unreal, fabricated

Example: My children enjoy fictional movies the most.

6. Facilitative

Definition: an event which is free from difficulty

Synonyms: Beneficial, advantageous

Example: The government jobs are really facilitative.

7. Former

Definition: an event which previously filled a specific role or a specific thing

Synonyms: preceding, foregoing, earlier

Example: His former marriage ended up in an unhappy situation.

8. Fabled

Definition: an event which is celebrated in a legendary fable or a fairy tale.

Synonyms: imaginary, fantasy, unreal,

Example: I visited the art gallery and saw a fabled art collection at the annual art exhibition.

9. Facile

Definition: an event which is achieved easily and effortlessly

Synonyms: painless, simple

Example: Everything became facile when I was fully determined.

10. Faded

Definition: an event which has less light deliberately

Synonyms: unlit, dark

Example: Both parties were celebrated in a faded room after midnight.

11. Familiar

Definition: an event which is well-known and closely associated

Synonyms: intimate, confidential

Example: A party was arranged in a familiar place so the guests could reach it easily.

12. Fascinating

Definition: something that is very extremely interesting

Synonyms: wonderful, overwhelming

Example: The turn of events was fascinating.

13. Favourable

Definition: something that expresses approval and acceptance of people

Synonyms: fortunate, agreeable

Example: A favourable day was chosen for the celebration of the wedding ceremony.

Positive Adjectives Starting with F to Describe a Place

1. Famous

Definition: a place that is well known to many people

Synonyms: Popular, noted, renowned

Example: The resort is very famous and affordable, this is why millions of tourists visit it every year.

2. Far

Definition: a place that is located away from another place

Synonyms: afar, farther

Example: The Great Forest is far from the woodland.

3. Fathomable

Definition: a water body which is easily measurable

Synonyms: containable, describable

Example: The depth of Niagara Falls is fathomable.

4. Featured

Definition: a place that is characterized by different aspect and attributes

Synonyms: spotlight, highlight

Example: Google ranks the featured snippets.

5. Familial

Definition: a place that is of or belonging to, inherited from or denoting an ancestor

Synonyms: inherited, familial, lineal, hereditary

Example: They have a familial home in Louisiana where they go for a vacation every year.

6. Fertile

Definition: a place that is growing and is capable of producing abundant crops

Synonyms: fruitful, productive, lush

Example: The whole place was fertile.

7. Festive

Definition: a place that is lively

Synonyms: brisk, cheerful, lively

Example: I found myself in a festive park filled with giggling kids and affectionate couples.

8. Federal

Definition: a place that is relating to a system of government which has several states, forms a unity but remains independent in its internal affairs

Synonyms: capital

Example: The Federal capital of Pakistan is Islamabad.

Positive Adjectives Starting with F to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Friendly

Definition: a person having or engaging in a frank manner

Synonyms: amiable, affectionate

Example: He is generally a friendly person, so everyone loves him.

2. Frank

Definition: the feeling of directness in speech and writing

Synonyms: supportive, straight

Example: He becomes very frank with others when he is talked to.

3. Freewheeling

Definition: strong want and desire of being free of conventions and rules

Synonyms: Carefree, unworried

Example: She exemplifies the freewheeling spirit of digital marketing.

Negative Adjectives Starting with F to Describe a Person

1. Flabby

Definition: a person having loose and fatty flesh

Synonyms: plump, unshapely

Example: The flabby woman was rejected after her audition as a dancer.

2. Frustrating

Definition: a person having irritating and annoying behaviour because of his failure to achieve his goals

Synonyms: thwarting, disappointing

Example: She failed in her attempt thrice so she became very frustrating.

3. Forgetful

Definition: a person lacking the strength of memory

Synonyms: careless, unmindful

Example: I am a forgetful busy person.

4. Fearful

Definition: a person lacking courage, showing anxiety and feeling afraid

Synonyms: fearful, anxious, afraid

Example: She is agoraphobic, which is why she is fearful to hang out with you.

5. Fat

Definition: a person having excessive flesh around his body

Synonyms: stout, overweight

Example: The fat man was advised to take a lot of exercises to reduce his weight.

6. Fishy

Definition: a person having doubt and suspicion, being offensive and insulating

Synonyms: doubtful, disreputable

Example: I heard she is a fishy girl, so I try to avoid her.

Negative Adjectives Starting with F to Describe an Event

1. Fatal

Definition: something that causes death

Synonyms: deadly, terminal, deathly, lethal

Example: The fatal accident killed them all.

2. Fearsome

Definition: an event which can arise the feelings of fear and anxiety because of bad appearance

Synonyms: spooky, scary

Example: When I visited the prisoners and saw them being punished, it was such a fearsome day.

3. Feral

Definition: an event which is in a wild state

Synonyms: undomesticated, untamed

Example: The whole situation became feral as soon as I unleashed the dogs.

4. Frightful

Definition: an event which is a shocking, serious and unpleasant

Synonyms: horrible, gruesome, disgusting, dreadful

Example: I could not sleep for the whole night when I saw a frightful accident.

5. Ferocious

Definition: an event which is characterized by violence, cruelty and tyranny

Synonyms: beastly, brutal, dangerous, aggressive

Example: The wind was so ferocious that it blew away all of our tents from the camping ground.

6. Feckless

Definition: an event which is lacking initiative and strength of character

Synonyms: useless, worthless, incompetent, good for nothing

Example: The mama’s boy faced a feckless situation when he was alone.

Negative Adjectives Starting with F to Describe a Place

1. Fervent

Definition: a place that is displaying and characterized by the passionate intensity

Synonyms: Ardent, fervid

Example: He is a fervent disciple of tax reform.

2. Fetid

Definition: a place that is or something which smells extremely unpleasant

Synonyms: stinking, foul-smelling

Example: The homeless beggar had to sleep in the fetid toilet.

3. Foul

Definition: a place that is offensive to the senses

Synonyms: disgusting, repugnant

Example: The foul food was given to the beggar.

4. Fey

Definition: a place that is characterized by a vague unworldliness

Synonyms: insane, touched

Example: We went to a fey place.

5. Fierce

Definition: a place that is showing extreme aggressiveness

Synonyms: savage, feral

Example: The volcanic eruption was so fierce.

6. Flooded

Definition: a place that is submerged with water

Synonyms: wet, drowned

Example: No one should swim in a flooded river.

Negative Adjectives Starting with F to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Fussy

Definition: a person who is very hard to please

Synonyms: faddish, faddy

Example: She is very fussy about what she wears.

2. Furious

Definition: a person feeling and showing extreme anger

Synonyms: enraged, inflamed

Example: My father became furious when I lied to him.

3. Frighten

Definition: strong emotion of anxiety and fear.

Synonyms: trembly, tremulous, wobbly

Example: I can frighten away the cat.

4. Fretful

Definition: to feel irritation and distress

Synonyms: irritated, pissed, steamed, angered

Example: The girl was weeping with a fretful whimper.

5. Frantic

Definition: feeling distraught

Synonyms: panicky, berserk

Example: He was feeling very frantic.

6. Fractious

Definition: quarrelsome children

Synonyms: emotional, excited, grumpy, peevish

Example: They were fighting like fractious children.


So, we should be careful about using an adjective.  After understanding the proper meaning of an adjective, it should be placed before or after a noun.

I have explained with detail simple descriptive words starting with F, which is the sixth alphabet of the English language.

I have divided these descriptive words starting with F in 8 different categories, 4 positive and 4 negative, so that you can understand them easily.

By using the above-given adjectives in your day to day conversation, you can add a lot of description to what you are trying to inform others. In this way, your listeners will be able to enjoy the talk with you, at the same time understand the meaning that you intend to convey deeply and completely.

So, you can use the above 60 descriptive words starting with F, where it is appropriate to use.

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