36 Adjectives Starting with K Commonly Used in Formal Letters and Everyday Conversation

In this article, I will be discussing with you some simple descriptive words starting with K, which are used in several different ways to enhance and deepen the meanings of our information. I have carefully divided this article into eight different categories so you can easily understand and learn them.

Adjectives make it easy for you to compare, contrast, modify and quantify a noun. In this way, the reader or the listener of your speech will get a deeper meaning and will be able to understand your communication easily, because his or her mind will get a clear picture.

Positive Adjectives Starting with K to Describe a Person

1. Kind

Definition: nice hearted, generous

Synonyms: all heart, affectionate, charitable

Example: He is very kind even with his enemies.

2. Keen

Definition: enthusiast

Synonyms: animate, ardent, devoted, anxious

Example: She still has a keen interest in art and science.

3. Kingly

Definition: royal, majestic

Synonyms: aristocratic, noble, regal

Example: He is really a kind hearted and kingly person.

4. Kittenish

Definition: childish, frisky or playful

Synonyms: fun-loving, sportive, jaunty, impish

Example: Jonson smiled up at her when he recognized the kittenish nature of the nurse taking care of him in the hospital.

Positive Adjectives Starting with K to Describe an Event

1. Key

Definition: being essential; important, necessary

Synonyms: crucial, basic, primary, vital

Example: He is a key person in the company.

2. Kindred

Definition: matching, similar in kind

Synonyms: affiliated, alike, cognate, similar

Example: excess of water causes illness; use it only gouty and kindred diseases.

3. Kidding

Definition: playfully or teasingly deceptive

Synonyms: deceptive

Example: He chided her in a kidding way.

4. Kempt

Definition: maintaining everything neat, well cared

Synonyms: groomed, tidy

Example: She was looking as kempt as always.

5. Kosher

Definition: ritually pure

Synonyms: decent, pure, clean, clear

Example: something about this product is not kosher, may be in its manufacturing.

Positive Adjectives Starting with K to Describe a Place

1. Known

Definition: within the knowledge

Synonyms: familiar, recognized, general

Example: He is well known all over the world.

2. Korean

Definition: belonging or relating to North or South Korea

Synonyms: byzantine, Asian

Example: These are Korean people but they can also talk in English.

3. Knowledgeable

Definition: aware of, educated

Synonyms: appreciative, bright, brilliant, informed

Example: That teacher is knowledgeable in all subjects; he can help us.

4. Kalmuck

Definition: relating to the Kalmyk, their people and their language

Synonyms: Kalmyk, Kalmar, Polifolia

Example: The Kalmuck Steve should be divided into two parts, western and eastern.

5. Keelless

Definition: having no keel

Synonyms: lurch, stagger, swag, reel

Example: The club has a rule for beginners that they begin racing in steady tub-built boats rather in keelless crank boats.

6. Koranic

Definition: something related to, or contained in the Koran

Synonyms: acknowledged, scripture, granted, religious writing

Example: Koran is the holy book of Islam and one of the Koranic names of God is ALLAH which means the most Bountiful.

7. Kurdish

Definition: related to the Kurds or their language, or the culture

Synonyms: Kurds, Kurdistan, al-Kurd, Kurdistan region

Example: It is considered as Kurdish population.

Positive adjectives Starting with K to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Kicky

Definition: being lively

Synonyms: fashionable, exciting, joyful

Example: She dressed up a kicky knit frock and practiced her dance moves again and again.

2. Killer

Definition: extraordinary good or excellent

Synonyms: formidable, effective, attractive, extremely good

Example: She really looked so pretty and has a killer smile on her face every time.

3. Kind-hearted

Definition: showing kindness and sympathy

Synonyms: caring, warm-hearted, tender, warm

Example: My best wishes will all always be with you on loss of your kind-hearted man; on your father’s death.

4. Kindly

Definition: with kindness or with great heart

Synonyms: helpful, compassionate, beneficial

Example: Anna and her husband kindly treat all the maids working in their home.

Negative Adjectives Starting with K to Describe a Person

1. Kosher

Definition: ritually pure

Synonyms: decent, pure, clean, clear

Example: Something about this product is not kosher, may be in its manufacturing.

2. Kinaesthetic

Definition:  learning through feeling or any activity

Synonyms: corporal, bodily, physical

Example: traditional learning can make confusion for the kinaesthetic leaners.

3. Knavish

Definition: unable to trust; dishonest or untrustworthy

Synonyms: dishonourable, immoral, devilish, rascally

Example: I should deal with that knavish sort of person myself.

Negative Adjectives Starting with K to Describe an Event

1. Knitted

Definition: knit or purled

Synonyms: meshed, sewn, stitched

Example: She bought a knitted jumper.

2. Keratose

Definition: having a skeleton made or composed of horny fibres

Synonyms: keratosis, lentigo, elastosis

Example: she has taken pictures of them feeding on keratose sponges.

3. Kilted

Definition: wearing a kilt

Synonyms: coasted, zoomed, glided, zipped

Example: It was a lady’s kilted skirt.

4. Kittle

Definition: difficult to deal with; awkward

Synonyms: difficult, delicate, ticklish, acute

Example: I always tried to say that you would get into trouble with a kittle girl like her.

5. Knotty

Definition: having trouble; troublesome

Synonyms: baffling, complex, effortful, hard

Example: He delivered them some kind of counsel opinions on their knotty points of morality.

6. Knuckly

Definition: having prominent knuckles; knucklelike

Synonyms: knotty, nub, knobbed

Example: It has a short round foot, knuckly high and well-developed.

7. Knaggy

Definition: having knobs or knots; rough in temper

Synonyms: gnarled, knotty, knarred, snaggy

Example: It is a knaggy, difficult and rugged question; I’m unable to answer right now.

Negative Adjectives Starting with K to Describe a Place

1. Kooky

Definition: something strange or eccentric

Synonyms: abnormal, curious, irregular, nutty

Example: I don’t like kooky foreign firms; they are like extra ordinary.

2. Knackered

Definition: broken or too old to use

Synonyms: exhausted, tired, broken

Example: My bike’s knackered.

3. Kinless

Definition: having no relatives or relations; family less

Synonyms: confineless, gainless, innless, signless

Example: we belong to a kinless home where we grew up without parents, grandparents and other relatives.

Negative Adjectives Starting with K to Describe Emotions, Personality, and Feelings

1. Keyed-up

Definition: being tensed or nervous

Synonyms: anxious, edgy, agitated, apprehensive

Example: He was a keyed-up, anxious person.

2. Kinetic

Definition: full of energy; high-powered

Synonyms: active, aggressive, dynamic, industrious

Example: kinetic energy is possessed by a system of two or more bodies because of their relative motion.

3. Knobby

Definition: full of knobs; knurled

Synonyms: bent, crooked, bumpy, irregular

Example: It will stick with the surface and make it knobby or uneven; be careful.


Above are some descriptive words starting with the letter “K” which we use for formal letters and everyday conversation. After understanding their meaning, you’ll be able to use them more properly.

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