6 Best Xmas Gift ideas for your Little Ones!

The holiday season is just around the corner, and we can’t wait for a night of Christmas carols and mouthwatering dinner! But with all this comes the worry of what to buy for your little ones who are eagerly waiting back home.

Gone are the days of toy cars and Barbie dolls; kids these days have moved on to much more advanced and sophisticated toys. Read this article for some Christmas gift ideas that will make you the most popular Santa this year!

1. Talking Cookie Jar

Is your baby a math whiz? If yes, then why don’t you gift this amazing talking cookie jar? The Learning Journey’s “Counting Cookie Jar” comes with a very cute jar and ten equally cute toy cookies.

It helps to walk your toddler through as they begin to learn numbers and counting through two modes of gameplay. This gift is ideal for babies from 6 months to 2 years of age.

2. Interactive word books

If your child is between 18-24 months and you want them to learn new words, try out the “Learning Friends 100 Words Book” by LeapFrog.

Guided by cute little animals like Turtle, Tiger, and Monkey, this book is a refreshing change from the usual alphabets-and-letters books. Your babies can broaden their vocabulary by simply touching the words on the pages to hear them out loud.

What’s more, there are exciting facts about every word along with funny sound effects. These words can be heard in both English and Spanish, which makes your little ones understand pronunciations so much better and learn two languages together!

3. Cubby houses

If you have a large backyard or a garden, then a cubby house is just perfect for your child! These small playhouses can be made easily using a few tools, and even your children will love constructing them.

If however, your child is too small and you don’t want the hassle of building a cubby house yourself, there are websites available for you to buy cubby houses online.

Whether you want to play hide-and-seek or spend a quiet hour reading to your baby, a cubby house is the ideal Christmas gift for them.

4. Yoto Player

Well, all of us know how kids LOVE bedtime stories. But when you and your spouse come back home after a long day of work, all you want to do is crash on the bed instead of reading stories, right? But with the new Yoto Player, you can have a good night sleep and make sure that your baby gets their daily dose of bedtime stories too!

Designed for children from ages 3 to 10, this player comes with content cards that you can insert into the player. These cards can play almost anything, from short children’s stories to full-length novels. Even kid-friendly meditation and educational audios are available!

The best part about the player is that your kid can operate it without any assistance; so get this device now and watch your baby as they fall asleep listening to the tale of Sleeping Beauty!

5. Interactive LEGO set

LEGO sets are always a cool option to gift for Christmas, but an interactive LEGO set is even better!

LEGO has collaborated with the famous Super Mario, and now your kids can build a set and take it to another level by pairing it up with an app on your phone or tablet. This is honestly even cooler than a video game, and it helps to build some technical skills in your kids too!

6. Osmo Starter Kit

Is your kid starting to get addicted to the glaring screen of a TV or smartphone? Get Osmo’s “Genius Starter Kit” to blend digital gaming along with physical interactions. There are five different mind games, including Tangram, Newton, and Masterpiece.

Even activities like freehand drawing can be done here, by pairing up your iPad or iPhone with the Osmo Kit. Make your kid’s screen time worthwhile and interactive with this one-of-a-kind gadget, and help them to sharpen their skills.

Over to you…

With these gift ideas to help you out, you’ll soon be your child’s superman/woman! So what are you waiting for? Search on Google, or visit your nearest toy store to buy these amazing gift items, and keep them under your Christmas tree!

You might also get irresistible discounts due to the holiday season. With such wonderful toys and devices on your wishlist now, your family’s Christmas is about to get ten times merrier!

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