9 Refreshing Cocktails You Must Try in Summer

Summers and cocktails go hand in hand. I don’t make the rules. There’s something refreshing about drinking a freshly made cocktail sitting on your lawn, under the shadows, rather than drinking it at a fancy restaurant. As kids, we were just handed out big old orange soda cans.

But you know what.

Now is the time we have little fun ourselves. Shall we?

So, let’s take a look at 9 refreshing cocktails recipes you must try in the summers. These recipes are perfect if you are a host of some pool party or just want to enjoy some quality time by yourself.

These drinks will keep you refreshed throughout the day and your taste buds pampered.

Let’s begin.

1. Frozen cucumber lemonade summer cocktail

Combine the most refreshing foods of all, cucumber, lemon, and cilantro. Give them a good stir and toss it with a shot of vodka. Not gonna lie, it seems like a big green detox juice but with a shot of vodka, it’s definitely going to do more than that.

2. Frozen sangria slush

Throw some good juicy oranges, with mixed berries in the blender and give it a good stir. Now here comes the best part, mix this drink up with some red wine, and pour in a glass with some ice cubes. And just like that refreshment with luxury is all that you will feel with this drink in your hands.

3. Margarita

Can there be a cocktail list without a margarita? Of course not. And here’s the easiest way to make it. Take out a glass and rub some lime on this rim, put coarse salt inside it with ice, Cointreau, lime juice, and lots of salt, and shake it, till you get the perfect margarita for your next Instagram story.

Also, you can put it in a cold flask if you want to feel cool and refreshed for your next beach trip. Keep it away from kids.

4. Gin rickey

This drink is a huge mix of citrusy and herbal refreshments. Squeeze half lime into the jar and the half which got left out, slice it up and put it inside, fill it with some gin, club soda, and lots of ice and give it a good stir.

You can try out your bartender skills, nobody’s judging you. Pour it in your high glass and there you go. It’s ready to get you intoxicated and refreshed. But if this is not enough, explore Barossa Distilling Co. to explore more cocktails recipes and more.

5. Pomelo mojito summer drink

Put some peeled pomelo in a mixing jar, some mint leaves, orange juice or orange sorbet, some lime wedges in a mixing jar, give it a good stir. And your sweet and citrous crispy mojito is ready to go into your body. Don’t drink it straight from the container though.

6. Rose hibiscus mimosas

This amazing cocktail will obviously refresh you to the core, and will also leave you feeling like a member of a high resort club. If you want to treat yourself that way, then try this out.

Cook some sugar, water, and hibiscus leave into the pan until it turns a red color. When it cools, pour it into a glass with some rose champagne.

Personal tip: As soon as you pour it, consume it immediately, or you will miss the amazing taste.

7. Tequila sunrise

We should never forget our classics and this tequila sunrise is exactly that. Shake some good amounts of tequila, orange juice with some cut ice together and pour it in a chilled cocktail glass. Add a little bit of grenadine and stir slowly. Garnish it with some maraschino cheer-y for extra club vibes and just enjoy.

8. Maple mint julep

There are only a few drinks that accomplish the quality of being delicious and refreshing together and this is it. The easiest way to make this is, muddle up some mint in a big glass, add a drizzle of maple syrup, and a generous amount of bourbon, and you’re done.

9. Citrus champagne punch

If you want to feel like the main character in a tv show, then you have to make this citrus punch. Put a lot of orange juice, some freshly squeezed grape juice with a little bit of lemon juice, and top it off with everyone’s favorite, champagne. And it’s perfect to accompany you in your world of daydreams.

Final Words

Save this post for later, and try every drink on this list. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this.

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