145 Verbs That Start with M [with Definitions and Examples]

If you feel your statements don’t look that vibrant, verbs that start with M can breathe a new life in your writing style. There is more to writing than forging logical statements to convey some information. The true essence of writing is picking out the verbs that will get your message across in a very correct and concise manner. You can also spice up your sentence structure with this list of verbs that start with M.

There are loads of verbs that start with M, so to help you save time we have compiled a list of verbs beginning with M that will bring your statements to life and make communication effortless. Although the utilization of these verbs varies with various factors, we are sure some of them will fit very well with your writing style. You can use these verbs that start with M to describe a person, switch your writing tone, and much more. So, let’s have a look at these verbs starting with M.

Verbs That Start with M You Always Use

It’s wise to always start with something easy. So, let’s kick off with the verbs that start with M which you always use while writing and speaking.

1. Maintain

●  Definition: to cause or enable (a condition or situation) to continue

●  Synonyms: continue, keep going, keep up

●  Example: Our company has to maintain a close link with the government.

2. Manipulate

●  Definition: to control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly

●  Synonyms: control, exploit, influence

●  Example: Her ability to manipulate people is the secret behind her success.

3. Manufacture

●  Definition: to make (something) on a large scale using machinery

●  Synonyms: mass produce, construct, assemble

●  Example: A steel company can manufacture up to 100-ton steel per day.

4. March

●  Definition: to walk in a military manner with a regular measured tread

●  Synonyms: stride, walk, troop

●  Example:  Soldiers were marching behind the coffins of war heroes.

5. Marry

●  Definition: to legally become husband or wife of a person in a religious ceremony

●  Synonyms: wed, become husband and wife

●  Example: Jim married Pam almost 4 years ago.

6. Mark

●  Definition: to make a visible stain or impression on (something or someone)

●   Synonyms: discolour, stain, smear

●  Example: Try not to mark the wall while moving the furniture.

7. Mask

●  Definition: to conceal something from view 

●  Synonyms: hide, conceal, disguise

●  Example: I’ve put some air freshener in the room to mask the smell.

8. Maximize

●  Definition: to make as large or great as possible

●  Synonyms: accelerate, amplify, multiply

●  Example: Self-help books can help you maximize your potential.

9. Manifest      

●  Definition: to show by one’s act or appearances

●  Synonyms: demonstrate, exhibit, show

●  Example: He manifested the symptoms of fever.

 10. Meet

●  Definition: to come intro presence of someone

●  Synonyms: encounter, meet up with, run into

●  Example: I have not met my family for two whole years.

Verbs That Start with M You Usually Use

This section corresponds to the verbs that we habitually use in our daily routine. So, let’s get down to the verbs starting with M.

1. Mean

●  Definition: intend (something) to occur or be the case

●  Synonyms: intend, aim, plan

●  Example: They don’t mean any harm.

2. Measure

●  Definition: to ascertain the size or amount of something by using a standard instrument

●  Synonyms: calculate, compute, estimate

●  Example: Mass is always measured in kilograms.

 3. Meditate

●  Definition: focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting as a method of relaxation

●  Synonyms: ponder, contemplate, think about

●  Example: I meditate regularly to process my thoughts.

4. Melt

●  Definition: to become liquefied by heat

●  Synonyms: liquefy, defrost, soften

●  Example: The sugar melted in the coffee.

5. Memorize

●  Definition: to learn something by heart

●  Synonyms: remember, retain, commit to memory

●  Example: He was able to memorize the whole poem.

6. Mention

●  Definition: refer to (something) briefly and without going into detail.

●  Synonyms: introduce, bring up, speak briefly of

●  Example: Can you please mention the person who gave you my details?

7. Merge

●  Definition: blend or cause to blend gradually into something else 

●  Synonyms: mingle, fuse, blend

●  Example: It is impossible to merge two metals at room temperature.

8. Minimize 

●   Definition: reduce (something, especially something undesirable) to the smallest possible amount

●  Synonyms: reduce, decrease, cut back on

●  Example: The government was once again not able to minimize the cost of living.

9. Mislead

●  Definition: cause (someone) to have a wrong idea or impression

●  Synonyms: deceive, delude, fool

●  Example: His comments were an attempt to mislead people.

10. Miss

●  Definition: fail to notice, hear, or understand

●  Synonyms: mishear, misunderstand, overlook

●  Example: The villa is impossible to miss, it is right by the road.

Verbs That Start with M You Often Use

This is the last section in which we are going to discuss the verbs starting with M that we use frequently in our daily life.

1. Mix

●  Definition: combine or put together to form one substance or mass

●  Synonyms: blend, mingle, combine

●  Example: Mixing those two chemical solutions can cause a mini blast.

2. Mobilize

●  Definition: organize and encourage (a group of people) to take collective action in pursuit of a particular objective

●  Synonyms: arouse, generate, deploy

●  Example: It would be very difficult to mobilize people against this corrupt government.

3. Mock

●  Definition: tease or laugh at in a contemptuous manner

●  Synonyms: ridicule, deride, tease

●  Example: Everyone mocked the government’s decision.

4. Modify

●  Definition: to make minor changes in something

●  Synonyms: alter, change, adjust

●  Example: I need to modify the hardware of my smartphone.

5. Monitor

●  Definition: to observe and check the progress or quality of (something) over a period of time

●  Synonyms: observe, watch, keep track of

●  Example: This brand new equipment is installed to monitor rainfall.

6. Mount

●  Definition:  to climb

●  Synonyms: go up, ascend, climb

●  Example: They mounted on the Himalayas all by themselves.

7. Mourn

●  Definition: to feel sorrow for the death of someone

●  Synonyms: grieve for, sorrow over, lament for

●  Example: He was still mourning for his sister.


●  Definition: to go in a specified direction or manner

●  Synonyms: walk, proceed, progress

●  Example: Can you please move aside?

 9. Multiply

●  Definition: increase or cause to increase greatly in number or quantity

●  Synonyms: increase, grow, enlarge

●  Example: Your troubles can be multiplied by one wrong decision.

10. Muster

●  Definition: to collect or assemble (a number or amount)

●  Synonyms: gather, accumulate, assemble

●  Example: He couldn’t muster enough courage to fight back.

Verbs That Start with M You Sometimes Use

Well, if you were looking for new and unique verbs, then this section will assist you in your objective. Let’s look at the verbs beginning with M that are used from time to time.

1. Motor

●  Definition: run or move as fast as possible

●  Synonyms: race, charge, dash

●  Example: After a ten-minute stay, the train motored towards the next station.

2. Moisten

●  Definition: wet slightly

●  Synonyms: dampen, wet, damp

●  Example: Moisten the clothes before washing them.

3. Mend

●  Definition: to repair something that is broken

●  Synonyms: fix, restore, renew

●  Example: The electrician can mend this broken switch.

4. Mediate

●  Definition: intervene in a dispute in order to bring about an agreement or reconciliation

●  Synonyms: arbitrate, conciliate, moderate

●  Example: UN tried to mediate between two countries to prevent the war.

5. Migrate

●  Definition: move from one part of something to another

●  Synonyms: relocate, resettle, emigrate

●  Example: Some people migrated from the warzone to save their families.

6. Mimic

●  Definition: to imitate someone, especially to entertain or ridicule

●  Synonyms: copy, impersonate, imitate

●  Example: He is famous for mimicking famous movie stars.

7. Mature

●  Definition: (of a person or thing) become fully grown or developed

●  Synonyms: bloom, develop, evolve

●  Example: People mature at different ages.

8. Mingle

●  Definition: to move among and engage with others at a social function

●  Synonyms: socialize, circulate, fraternize

●  Example: This is your chance to mingle with celebrities.

9. Moan

●  Definition: to make a long, low sound expressing physical or mental suffering or sexual pleasure

●  Synonyms: groan, wail, sob

●  Example: He moaned with pain before losing consciousness.

10. Mug

●  Definition: to attack and rob (someone) in a public place

●  Synonyms: rob, assault, attack

●  Example: Kevin was mugged by two men who stole all his money.

Verbs That Start with M You Occasionally Use

Ready to add something new to your vocabulary of words? If yes then let’s move on to the verb words that start with M, which are practiced occasionally.

1.  Mute

●  Definition: deaden, muffle, or soften the sound of

●  Synonyms: deaden, muffle, mask

●  Example: Can you please mute the computer for a minute?

2. Model

●  Definition: fashion or shape (a three-dimensional figure or object) in a malleable material such as clay or wax

●  Synonyms: design, crave, shape

●  Example: Use the icing to model a house.

3. Mellow

●  Definition: make or become mellow

●  Synonyms: relax, calm, settle  

●  Example: Even monsoon rains were not able to mellow the rising temperature.

4. Mince

●  Definition: to cut up or grind (food, especially meat) into small pieces, usually in a machine

●  Synonyms: cut up, grind, crumble

●  Example: You can use the food processor to mince the vegetables.

5. Mumble

●  Definition: say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear

●  Synonyms: mutter, murmur

●  Example: He mumbled something to her, but I wasn’t able to hear it.

6. Meddle

●  Definition: interfere in something that is not one’s concern

●  Synonyms: interfere, intrude, butt in

●  Example: Don’t try to meddle in my affairs.

7. Mate

●  Definition: (of animals or birds) come together for breeding

●  Synonyms: copulate, breed, pair

●  Example: Successful males may mate with many females.

8. Muck

●  Definition: to spread manure on land

●  Synonyms: fertilize, manure

●  Example: The land for agriculture is mucked every year.

9. Muffle

●  Definition: to wrap or cover for warmth

●  Synonyms: wrap, swaddle, envelop

●  Example: Everyone was muffled up in coats.

10. Mummify

●  Definition: to preserve (a body) by embalming and wrapping it in cloth

●  Synonyms: preserve, conserve, safeguard

●  Example: Her remains were mummified almost 2000 years ago.

Verbs That Start with M You Seldom Use

Verbs that start with the letter M, which are used only now and then, can help you step up your communication game. So, let’s see if we can help you find something useful here.

1. Murmur

●  Definition: to say something in a low or indistinct voice

●  Synonyms: mutter, mumble, whisper

●  Example: Phillis murmured something in his ear and ran away.

2. Modulate

●  Definition: exert a modifying or controlling influence on

●  Synonyms: regulate, adjust, harmonize

●  Example: The state attempts to modulate private businesses ’ cash flow.

3. Muse

●  Definition: to be absorbed in thought

●  Synonyms: ponder, consider, reflect on

●  Example: He is often musing about the problems he faced.

4. Muddle

●  Definition: bring into a disordered or confusing state

●  Synonyms: confuse, mix-up, jumble

●  Example: He muddled the household accounts.

5. Mutilate

●  Definition: to cut up or alter radically to make imperfect

●  Synonyms: vandalize, damage, deface

●  Example: My precious drawing was mutilated by my younger brother.

6. Mint

●  Definition: to make (a coin) by stamping metal

●  Synonyms: strike, cast, stamp

●  Example: Only coins of the relatively high denomination were minted.

7. Muss

●  Definition: make (someone’s hair or clothes) untidy or messy

●  Synonyms: ruffle, mess up, tousle

●  Example: He doesn’t like anyone mussing his hair.

8. Macerate

●  Definition: (with reference to food) soften or become softened by soaking in a liquid

●  Synonyms: liquefy, soften, pulp

●  Example: Macerate the mustard seeds in vinegar.

9. Mechanize

●  Definition: introduce machines or automatic devices into (a process or place)

●  Synonyms: technologize, industrialize, motorize

●  Example: Technology is helping us mechanize different aspects of our life.

10. Mash

●  Definition: crush or smash (something) to a pulp

●  Synonyms: crush, smash, squash

●  Example: The killer was about to mash his head with a steel rod.

Verbs That Start with M You Rarely Use

Some verbs are used way less as compared to the other verbs and the list given below comprise M-verbs that we rarely use.

1. Mystify

●  Definition: to utterly bewilder or perplex (someone)

●  Synonyms: puzzle, perplex, confuse

●  Example: I was completely mystified by his magic tricks.

2. Malign

●  Definition: to speak about (someone) in a spitefully critical manner

●  Synonyms: defame, slander, libel

●  Example: Don’t malign her in my presence.

3. Munch

●  Definition: to eat steadily and often audibly

●  Synonyms: chew, champ, chomp

●  Example: Russell munched his breakfast toast.

4. Maneuver

●  Definition: to move skillfully or carefully

●  Synonyms: steer, guide, navigate

●  Example: I wasn’t able to maneuver comfortably in the narrow street.

5. Mulct

●  Definition: to defraud especially of money

●  Synonyms: swindle, cheat, rob

●  Example: He was trying to mulct the insurance company for an accident that never actually happened.

6. Molest

●  Definition: assault or abuse (a person, especially a woman or a child) sexually

●  Synonyms: harm, assault, hurt

●  Example: He was put in jail for molesting his employee.

7. Miff

●  Definition: to annoy someone

●  Synonyms: annoyed, displeased, offended

●  Example: All these inconsequential questions are miffing me.

8. Mollify

●  Definition: to reduce the severity of something

●  Synonyms: alleviate, ease, lessen

●  Example: Bulletproof jacket can mollify the impact of the bullet.

9. Mineralize

●  Definition: convert (organic matter) wholly or partly into a mineral or inorganic material

●  Synonyms: petrify, solidify, ossify

●  Example: The aim is to mineralize the chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons.

10. Mythologize

●  Definition: to convert into myth or mythology

●  Synonyms: cook up, makeup, fabricate

●  Example: The writer mythologized that the King was a cruel man.

Positive Verbs That Start with M

In this last section, we will see ten positive verbs that start with M. These verbs will surely help you stimulate your writing style.

1. Magnify

●  Definition: to praise highly

●  Synonyms: glorify, adore, worship

●  Example: Religious people praise God and magnify Him.

2. Make

●  Definition: to achieve or attain something

●  Synonyms: accomplish, attain, pull off

●  Example: Australia should make it to the final.

3. Manage

●  Definition: succeed in surviving or in achieving something despite difficult circumstances

●  Synonyms: cope, carry on, survive

●  Example: Somehow he managed to escape from the terrorists.

4. Marvel

●  Definition: be filled with wonder or astonishment

●  Synonyms: be surprised, be astonished, be amazed

●  Example: She marvelled at Jeffrey’s composure.

5. Mind

●   Definition: to regard as important or with attention

●   Synonyms: be mindful of, regard, be heedful of

●   Example: Never mind the opinions of jealous people.

6. Medal

●  Definition: to reward with a medal

●  Synonyms: to award, to honor, remunerate  

●  Example: He was medalled by Football Association for outstanding performance.

7. Mitigate

●  Definition: make (something bad) less severe, serious, or painful

●  Synonyms: reduce, diminish, alleviate

●  Example: We have to find a way to mitigate the effect of industrial waste on the environment.

8. Mentor

●    Definition: to advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague)

●    Synonyms: instruct, coach, drill

●    Example: As a trainee engineer you are mentored by a senior engineer.    

9. Motivate

●  Definition: to provide an incentive for doing something

●  Synonyms: encourage, inspire, stimulate

●  Example: He was motivated by his goal of becoming a millionaire.

10. Merit

●  Definition: deserve or be worthy of (reward, punishment, or attention)

●  Synonyms: earn, warrant, be qualified for

●  Example: He got enough marks to merit a final interview.

Verbs That Start with M – Full List (145 words)

  • Magnetize
  • Magnify
  • Maintain
  • Make
  • Malt
  • Man
  • Manage
  • Maneuver
  • Mangle
  • Manifest
  • Manipulate
  • Mantle
  • Manufacture
  • Mar
  • Maraud
  • March
  • Marinate
  • Mark
  • Marry
  • Martyr
  • Marvel
  • Mash
  • Mask
  • Massacre
  • Massage
  • Mast
  • Master
  • Mastermind
  • Masticate
  • Match
  • Mate
  • Materialize
  • Matter
  • Mature
  • Maximize
  • May
  • Mean
  • Measure
  • Mechanize
  • Medal
  • Meddle
  • Mediate
  • Mediatize
  • Medicate
  • Medicine
  • Meditate
  • Meed
  • Meet
  • Mellow
  • Melt
  • Memorize
  • Mend
  • Menstruate
  • Mention
  • Mentor
  • Merge
  • Merit
  • Mess
  • Metal
  • Metamorphosize
  • Mete
  • Mew
  • Might
  • Migrate
  • Militarize
  • Militate
  • Milk
  • Mill
  • Mime
  • Mimic
  • Mince
  • Mind
  • Mine
  • Mineralize
  • Mingle
  • Minimize
  • Mint
  • Mirror
  • Miscarry
  • Misdirect
  • Misinterpret
  • Misjudge
  • Mislay
  • Mislead
  • Misplace
  • Misrepresent
  • Miss
  • Mistake
  • Mistreat
  • Mistrust
  • Misunderstand
  • Misuse
  • Mitigate
  • Mix
  • Moan
  • Mob
  • Mobilize
  • Mock
  • Model
  • Moderate
  • Modernize
  • Modify
  • Modulate
  • Moisten
  • Molest
  • Mollify
  • Monitor
  • Monkey
  • Monopolize
  • Moo
  • Moor
  • Mop
  • Mope
  • Moralize
  • Mortgage
  • Mortify
  • Mortise
  • Motivate
  • Motor
  • Motorize
  • Mottle
  • Moult
  • Mount
  • Mourn
  • Mouth
  • Move
  • Muddle
  • Muffle
  • Mull
  • Multiply
  • Mumble
  • Mummify
  • Munch
  • Murder
  • Murmur
  • Muscle
  • Muse
  • Musk
  • Muss
  • Must
  • Muster
  • Mutilate
  • Mutiny
  • Mutter
  • Muzzle

Final Thoughts on Verbs That Start with M

You really deserve a pat on the back on making it to the end of this long list verbs starting with M. And now is the time for your bonus tip, so let’s jump right at it! The truth is that everyone can access these verbs but what they can’t access is your unique way of using and presenting these verbs beginning with M to the audience. We believe it’s about time that you introduce the world to your own creative writing.

Please let us know about any verbs that start with M which you think can ginger up your creative writing and communication style in the comment section.

Ps. See also positive words that start with M, adjectives that start with M and nouns that start with M.

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