Top 6 VPN Tips and Tricks for Advanced VPN Users in UK

The internet has come a long way and such is the case with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as well. In the beginning, VPNs appeared on the scene as complex large-scale frameworks that required a dedicated team of IT experts and network administrators to manage them.

However, with the passage of time and decades of developments, VPN technology has become a convenient and user-friendly experience for personal use and offers several benefits, such as security and privacy.

But even now where VPNs come in the form of small-sized easy-to-use smart apps, there is a lot more hidden potential and utility they offer. As a matter of fact, most tech-savvy netizens today know how to use a VPN app for enhanced data security and online privacy.

Nevertheless, this is by far the only benefit of using a VPN app. In this blog post, we will reveal 6 VPN tips and tricks for VPN users so that you can get the best out of your VPN app.

Let’s dive right into the details.

1. Access more content without any additional cost

Most websites that provide subscription-based services, especially online video streaming platforms, and telecom companies, offer exclusive deals as agreed with other services and content creators. Moreover, based on licensing agreements, streaming platforms restrict the rights of media providers to release content in certain regions.

Using a VPN app lets you switch the servers, so you can effectively access all the content libraries of streaming services like HBO Max, Netflix, Prime Video, and others. You can also use a VPN for Disney Plus in the UK to get access to its complete content library.

2. Evade geo-restrictions and have internet freedom

Although VPNs are the best bet when it comes to ultimate online security, privacy, and anonymity, there’s another aspect that users love the most. You might already know this, especially if you are a binge-watcher, but it’s worth mentioning this trick.

A lot of the available online content (especially the video streaming services) might be restricted or censored in your country for political motives or licensing reasons and copyright laws. For example, Netflix’s content libraries are geo-restricted and your favorite film or TV show might not be accessible in your region.

Whatever the rationale behind such restrictions may be, VPNs offer a perfect solution to get a foreign IP address from a country of your choice and access apps, services, and websites that are geo-blocked in your country.

3. Get the same products or services at a discounted price

Although restricting or limiting the content can result in losing out on a big chunk of possible revenue, companies and service providers have to abide by the rules, laws, and regulations. However, that’s not the case with all services or businesses. There are several companies that provide services internationally and cash in based on your geographical location.

Online service providers and retailers segregate their pricing from region to region. The most common examples include air tickets where you can get massive discounts in certain regions. For example, if you are from a territory where per capita income is lower than other countries, you will probably get a discounted price. So based on your region, you can avail yourself of big discounts and save a lot of money.

Here, a VPN comes into play once again. You can research the cheaper price regions for a service or product you want to buy, by connecting to a VPN server of a particular country and avail the best and cheapest prices. Just make sure you delete all the cookies and clear your cache beforehand.

4. Get past the hassle of time-restricted content

Tricky on our list. This tip can save you a lot in terms of subscription fees. There are websites and services that offer a free trial or allow users to use their platforms for just a limited amount of time. These websites include news websites that allow users to read articles for free but obligate them to get a subscription later on after a few days.

Well, you can avoid paying to these websites by simply changing your IP address with the help of a VPN app so that your device appears to be a new user every time you access any such website. By doing this, you can read your favorite content and news without even paying a dime!

5. Configure VPN on your router and extend the reach

It should be clear by now that VPNs can protect individual devices, including PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, but do you know you can actually protect your entire Wi-Fi network? You must be wondering how. Well, it’s not really difficult, as premium VPNs offer dedicated apps for network routers. Simply configure your VPN on your router and secure your Wi-Fi network.

Moreover, VPN service providers don’t offer unlimited simultaneous connections and by configuring your VPN on a router, you can actually make the VPN available for as many devices as you want with the cost of one subscription. Impressive, isn’t it?

6. Modify your IP address to get the perspective of other countries

This is an option specifically valuable for multinational businesses in the UK. To check if everything is working well in the countries where you have made your product available, you can not physically travel to each and every location as you are expected to do here.

This can involve anything from the website that you have ranging from geo-restricted scripts to special location-aimed marketing campaigns. Fortunately, the function of changing your IP address by using a Virtual Private Network server is here to help you again for this purpose.

Final Word

So, that’s everything from us for now. We have shared 6 valuable tips and tricks to up your VPN game. Premium VPNs make you pay subscription costs and to make the best out of these amazing apps, you must consider our tips to enhance your overall VPN experience.

Let us know in the comments which VPN app is your favorite and which secret tip you would want to share with other readers.

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