What Is eCommerce Email Marketing? – Guide

Email marketing is a must-have tool for every business person who wants to build direct contact with his/her clients. Using it, you can promote your brand on the web quickly and effectively. Email marketing facilitates direct communication between the business and potential clients. Its key purpose is to improve sales and get more loyal customers.

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The Importance of Email Marketing for eCommerce

The goal of every businessperson is to raise brand awareness and build good relationships with clients. Email marketing contributes to credibility and helps to generate leads. How is email useful for e-commerce? According to statistics, the revenue brought by email marketing can be over 10 bln dollars in 2023. Email marketing provides an opportunity to communicate with potential clients and build communication directly.

Email Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales

Which email is useful for e-commerce? The one that is valuable for your client. You need to combine email marketing with high-quality copywriting. Make sure that your call-to-action can be done by the client. A well-chosen eCommerce email marketing template will help you to present your email campaign.

Since most online stores now actively use email marketing to capture and retain customers, buyers’ inboxes are filled with various promotions and offers. In order for a site visitor to share contact information with you in this situation, you must come up with a fairly attractive lead magnet – a bonus, gift, or another tempting offer that the subscriber will receive immediately after signing up – and place a simple lead form – a subscription form that everyone will see website visitor.

eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices

After you have come up with a lead magnet and determined how you will collect contacts of subscribers on the site, you need to choose a mailing service through which you will send your email eCommerce.

In order for the buyer to reciprocate, you need to guide the client through the purchase so that he/she wants to return to you: send letters about the status of the order, offer complementary products, and ask for feedback on the work of the courier after the delivery of the order, etc. That’s why it is impossible to build relationships with someone else’s ready-made or old subscriber base. One way or another, the online store will have to collect the subscriber base on its own.

How to Take Your eCommerce Marketing to the Next Level?

Lead magnet ideas:

  • First-order discount. You can offer a discount for subscribing to your news and promotions.
  • Account bonus. You can put, 10 $ into the account of a new subscriber, which he/she can use within 10 days from the date of subscription.
  • Exclusive access to the shopping cart. Some foreign sites block the ability to add an item to the shopping cart until the user enters their email address.
  • Free shipping. You can deliver the first order for free if, in your niche, delivery is usually paid and costs a lot.

Email marketing is not spam but a complex marketing tool that, if properly configured, can bring good profit.

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