How Private Air Travel is Becoming Eco-Friendly

Private air travel is becoming more eco-friendly at a pace that larger airliners are finding hard to match. Private jet charter is on the way to becoming an eco-friendly mode of transport that we should all use.

Economic Impact

One of the biggest benefits private air travel provides is to economies. The average private jet user contributes large sums of money to local economies when on holiday or travelling. This money not only helps local businesses but also contributes to environmental safety.

Private business travel contributes billions of dollars to local economies in the US alone. While this influx of cash doesn’t directly help the environment, the point is that it offsets the damage travelling causes.

Regular aircraft and air travel contribute large amounts of emissions with each flight. Yet, the passengers often don’t contribute to local economies nearly as much as private jet travellers.


Many people think private jets aren’t nearly as accessible as regular aircraft are. They are seen as more expensive and some believe, are only accessible to the rich or those who have their travel paid for by their business; this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A step that some private jet companies are trying to work towards is making it known that their form of travel is more accessible than you believe. A local flight using a private jet makes far more sense than flying a regular aircraft, especially when the flight isn’t even full.

This is an aspect where private travel and regular travel can combine; using smaller aircraft to transport passengers that can’t fill an entire regular-sized aircraft makes far more sense.

Reducing Emissions

Private travel companies are making large leaps to reducing emissions and eventually becoming carbon neutral. They have realised their impact on the environment, and their clients are noticing too.

Companies are taking steps to lower their impact and rid themselves of emissions completely. The technology is available to begin and improve this process and is much easier to implement due to the small fleet size and the smaller aircraft.

Sustainable Partnerships

Private air travel companies are not viewing sustainability as a competition but rather a way to work together and improve together. Many partnerships are being formed outside of aviation to help work towards more sustainable air travel.

Neste has emerged as one of the biggest partners, teaming up with companies with the goal of having net-zero emissions. Partnerships are being formed around the globe, with benefits and bonuses added by governments working as motivation to reach net-zero quicker.

Ease of Adoption

Considering almost every private jet company is smaller than national and international airlines, adopting sustainable programs is much easier to do. It is much easier to implement sweeping changes when you have a small fleet of half a dozen aircraft than a massive fleet owned by a larger airline.

This factor allows private jet companies to adopt the changes needed much quicker and be ahead of the larger airlines. It is also easier to maintain standards, and there are fewer aircraft to look over.

Industry Influence

There are multiple private companies that have a lot more influence than you might think. The nature of this business is that you need to keep up with the industry standard, or not only will you lose clients, but you can also collapse completely.

This means that the larger companies have much more power over the smaller ones. Companies want to set the industry standard and be the industry leaders, therefore setting an example for others to follow.

One company, that is responsible for one in seven private jet flights, has made it clear that they want to be the global leaders when it comes to becoming more sustainable and eventually has net-zero aircraft only. Companies like this are also the ones that can afford the newest technology and implement it before anyone else, showing all other airlines how it can and should be done.

Before Flying

More and more companies are making more than just flying sustainable. They are changing all the processes from the moment you step into their offices until you take off. Using solar energy, electric or hybrid vehicles for pick-up and drop off etc.

Considering the number of private airstrips and airports you can find worldwide, making each one more environmentally friendly will quickly begin to have a significant impact on the emissions output. While changes take time and the results take even longer to see, private jet businesses are taking the steps necessary to be more environmentally friendly and start helping the environment. They are setting an example that airlines across the world should not only take note of but copy.

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