89 Positive Words That Start with Q [with Definitions and Examples]

There are fewer words with Q in the dictionary so if you want to learn positive words that start with Q, this article is the best choice for you. Here, in this article, there are so many unique words as well as common words. Using these knowledgeable words in your essays and articles will instantly give them a good look.

Enhancing your vocabulary with positive words beginning with Q will automatically give your self-esteem a boost. If you want to make someone feel special and loved through your way of talking then these inspirational words that start with Q will help you out. This list has words that will work as anti-depressants and boosters for some people as well. These words are fun to pronounce and use every day. Suggest them to friends and family or use them while playing scrabble.

Here is a list of different positive words that start with Q. Use these in your daily conversations and in writing activities.  Surely, you will enjoy reading this article and gain knowledge from it.

Positive Words That Start with Q – Full List (89 words)

Here is the full list of positive words that start with Q, you will find 89 positive words that start with Q.

  • Qasida
  • Qawwali
  • Qi
  • Qigong
  • Qiviut
  • Quadrate
  • Quadruple
  • Quadruplicate
  • Quaestuary
  • Quaff
  • Quaint
  • Quaintise
  • Quaintly
  • Qualification
  • Qualified
  • Qualify
  • Qualitative
  • Qualitatively
  • Qualitied
  • Quality
  • Quality-assurance
  • Quality-of-life
  • Quality-time
  • Quamoclit
  • Quantifiable
  • Quantity
  • Quantize
  • Quantum
  • Quarender
  • Quaresimal
  • Quarrion
  • Quarter
  • Quat
  • Quattrocentism
  • Queen
  • Queen-hood
  • Queep
  • Quell
  • Quemeful
  • Quench
  • Quenching
  • Querist
  • Quest
  • Quester
  • Question
  • Quick
  • Quick-as-a-flash
  • Quicken
  • Quicker
  • Quickly
  • Quick-moving
  • Quickness
  • Quick-release
  • Quick-sighted
  • Quickstep
  • Quick-thinking
  • Quick-witted
  • Quiddity
  • Quid-pro-quo
  • Quiescent
  • Quiet
  • Quieter
  • Quietly
  • Quietness
  • Quietsome
  • Quietude
  • Quietus
  • Quiety
  • Quillet
  • Quilt
  • Quincentenary
  • Quintessence
  • Quintessential
  • Quintessentially
  • Quip
  • Quirky
  • Quite
  • Quiver
  • Quixotic
  • Quiz
  • Quizzical
  • Quodlibet
  • Quorum
  • Quota
  • Quotable
  • Quotation
  • Quote
  • Quotha
  • Quotidian

Positive Words That Start with Q to Describe a Person

There are different personalities in this world, describing them gets a bit hard, so here are some words starting with Q to describe a person positively. These will help you out.

1. Quaint

  • Definition: attractively unusual or old-fashioned
  • Synonyms: picturesque, charming
  • Example: His gentle courtesy and quaint speech won my heart over.

 2. Queen

  • Definition: the female ruler of an independent state, especially one who inherits the position by right of birth
  • Synonyms: monarch, sovereign, head of state, ruler
  • Example: The queen made sure that everyone in the country was well-fed and healthy.

 3. Quirky

  • Definition: characterized by peculiar or unexpected results
  • Synonyms: eccentric, unconventional
  • Example: Her sense of humor was decidedly quirky and she made everyone in the room adore her.

 4. Qualified

  • Definition: officially recognized as being trained to perform a particular job; certified
  • Synonyms: expert, seasoned
  • Example: The newly qualified nurses did their jobs amazingly.

5. Quemeful

  • Definition: kindly, merciful
  • Synonyms: kind, honest, merciful
  • Example: The owner of the house showed a quemeful attitude towards the thief.

6. Querist

  • Definition: a person who asks questions
  • Synonyms: asker, inquirer
  • Example: The little querist turned pale, and gave a deep sigh- at last, in a voice of thunder, he roared out.

7. Quicker

  • Definition: comparative form of “quick”
  • Synonyms: faster
  • Example: Quite frankly, they were just stronger, quicker and better.

8. Quintessential

  • Definition: representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class
  • Synonyms: typical, stereotypical
  • Example: He was the quintessential tough guy- strong, silent, and self-contained.

 9. Quixotic

  • Definition: exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic and impractical
  • Synonyms: idealistic, romantic
  • Example: The love, the author has for his characters and their sometimes, quixotic attempts at self-definition.

Positive Words That Start with Q to Encourage Yourself

Many times when you physically can’t get support, these good words that start with Q will become your constant support system to encourage you in making yourself a better person.

1. Qualify

  • Definition: be entitled to a particular benefit
  • Synonyms: certified, licensed
  • Example: She knew that she would qualify for the job so she sent in her resume.

2. Quotation

  • Definition: a group of words taken from a text and repeated by someone other than the original author or speaker
  • Synonyms: citation, reference
  • Example: He gave a quotation regarding the famous book.

3. Quick

  • Definition: at a fast rate; quickly
  • Synonyms: swift, rapid
  • Example: He was always quick in his responses.

4. Quite

  • Definition: to the utmost or most absolute extent or degree
  • Synonyms: completely, entirely
  • Example: He was getting to be a quite a handsome young man.

5. Qualitative

  • Definition: of high quality; excellent
  • Synonyms: subjective, approximate
  • Example: Google has squarely shifted the qualitative burden inherent in maintaining local data integrity to business owners themselves.

6. Quest

  • Definition: a long or arduous search for something
  • Synonyms: search, pursuit, hunt
  • Example: The team’s quest to win a championship finally came to an end as they won the tournament.

7. Quickness

  • Definition: the quality of moving fast or doing something in a short time
  • Synonyms: velocity, fleetness, rapidity
  • Example: He amazes me with his quickness and eagerness to learn.

8. Quickstep

  • Definition: a step used when marching in quick time
  • Synonyms: quick-march
  • Example: The officer addressed moved at quickstep in response to this invitation.

9. Quotable

  • Definition: of a person or remark suitable for or worth quoting
  • Synonyms: notable, noteworthy, observable
  • Example: He was very quotable and whole books have been devoted to his musings.

10. Queen-hood

  • Definition: the status of a queen
  • Synonyms: stateliness, reign
  • Example: Her queen-hood gained her the position as queen in the state.

Positive Words That Start with Q to Compliment Others

Who doesn’t like hearing a good compliment that makes them feel more beautiful about themselves? Below is a list of all nice words that start with Q.

1. Quester

  • Definition: someone making a search
  • Synonyms: seeker, searcher
  • Example: Mr. Palomer is a quester after knowledge, a visionary in a world sublime and ridiculous.

2. Quick-sighted

  • Definition: quick to see or discern
  • Synonyms: sharp-sighted, responsive
  • Example: I do not mean to say that I am particularly observant or quick-sighted in general, but in such a case I am sure I could not be deceived.

3. Quietsome

  • Definition: a feeling of peacefulness
  • Synonyms: still, calm, quiet
  • Example: Reid acts quietsome in a gathering of people.

4. Quintessence

  • Definition: the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class
  • Synonyms: picture, prototype
  • Example: He was the quintessence of political professionalism.

5. Quality

  • Definition: a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed by someone or something
  • Synonyms: feature, trait, attribute
  • Example: He shows a strong leadership quality.

6. Quillet

  • Definition: a subtle distinction
  • Synonyms: quibble
  • Example: There is not a quip nor a quillet from the slangy pen of the daily newspaper writers.

7. Quotidian

  • Definition: usual or customary
  • Synonyms: daily, everyday
  • Example: A quotidian report is a must every day.

8. Quantifiable

  • Definition: able to be expressed
  • Synonyms: numbers, data
  • Example: When the history of carat weight adjusted to the standardized measurement, additional quantifiable measures were needed to compare stones of different weights and partial carats. 

9. Quaintly

  • Definition: in an attractively unusual or old-fashioned manner
  • Synonyms: charming, sweet
  • Example: Alex quaintly attracts so many girls.

10. Qualitied

  • Definition: endowed with a quality
  • Synonyms: featured, marked
  • Example: Sam is qualitied with everything needed for the job.

Positive Words That Start with Q to Help Through Difficulties

When nothing works out for you in times of need, these encouraging words that start with Q will always bring a smile to your face and pick you up.

1. Quick-moving

  • Definition: rapid in movement or action
  • Synonyms: fast, rapid
  • Example: This camera should capture every detail of distant or quick-moving subjects.

2. Quote

  • Definition: repeat or copy out (a group of words from a text or speech), typically with an indication that one is not the original author or speaker
  • Synonyms: retell, repeat
  • Example: He quoted a passage from the Psalms.

3. Quality-time

  • Definition: time spent in giving another person one’s undivided attention in order to strengthen a relationship, especially with reference to working parents and their child or children
  • Synonyms: giggle, fun
  • Example: The most important thing to get out of depression is to spend quality-time with your children.

4. Quick-release

  • Definition: capable of being detached quickly and easily.
  • Synonyms: quick-acting, rapid-release
  • Example: One should act like a quick-release button in times of need.

5. Quilt

  • Definition: a warm bed covering made of padding enclosed between layers of fabric and kept in place by lines of stitching, typically applied in a decorative design
  • Synonyms: duvet, counterpane
  • Example: A cozy quilt is all you need to relax your mind after a hectic day at work.

6. Quietude

  • Definition: a state of stillness and calmness
  • Synonyms: relaxation, quietness
  • Example: It highlights her quietude and wise passivity.

7. Quaff

  • Definition: drink something (especially, an alcoholic drink) heartily
  • Synonyms: slurp, drink
  • Example: He quaffed pint after pint of good Berkshire ale.

8. Quaintise

  • Definition: artfulness
  • Synonyms: beauty, elegance
  • Example: The king, then none other N’as, bid him some quaintise.

9. Qualification

  • Definition: a quality or accomplishment
  • Synonyms: accomplishment, studies
  • Example: They need to beat Poland to ensure qualification for the World Cup finals.

10. Quadruple

  • Definition: increase or be increased fourfold
  • Synonyms: increase
  • Example: Her mind went to the quadruple locks on the front door and bars on the window.

Positive Words That Start with Q to Uplift Our Mind

We continuously need mental boosters to make us think positive. Here are some motivational words that start with Q to make us feel great.

1. Quorum

  • Definition: the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid
  • Synonyms: organization, gathering
  • Example: When a quorum, with some difficulty, was obtained, another period of retrograde legislation set it.

2. Quantum

  • Definition: a share or portion
  • Synonyms: nonlinear, share
  • Example: He still retained a small quantum of intuitive beliefs, and did not appear to see that the very existence of these could not be explained by his theory of mental action.

3. Qi

  • Definition: the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine
  • Synonyms: force of life, spirit
  • Example: Another method of treatment is acupuncture, which involves the insertion of thin needles into the body to regulate and redirect the flow of qi.

4. Quat

  • Definition: to satisfy
  • Synonyms: complete, satisfy
  • Example: The acai berry is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, both of which help boost metabolism and quat hunger.

5. Quizzical

  • Definition: amusingly odd or strange
  • Synonyms: rare
  • Example: This is one of the most quizzical movies ever made.

6. Qasida

  • Definition: intention of doing something
  • Synonyms: praise, intend, think
  • Example: He set qasida of finishing this exam as soon as possible and getting a remarkable grade.

7. Qigong

  • Definition: a Chinese system of breathing control, physical exercise and meditation
  • Synonyms: breathwork, tui na
  • Example: Yin Yang philosophy stretches beyond feng-shui and into Chinese science, medicine and even martial arts such as qigong.

8. Quotha

  • Definition: used especially to express surprise or contempt
  • Synonyms: surprise, happiness
  • Example: He expressed his quotha over the fact he was getting a mountain bike for his birthday.

9. Quality-assurance

  • Definition: the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production
  • Synonyms: caliber, performance
  • Example: Quality-assurance schemes have been in use in early years settings for a number of years.

10. Quarter

  • Definition: each of four equal or corresponding parts into which something is or can be divided
  • Synonyms: one fourth
  • Example: She cut each apple into a quarter to eat.

List of Positive Words That Start with Q to Keep Us Stay Positive

The more you’re positive in life, the more you will achieve, so here are some positive words that start with Q that will help to achieve our goals.

1. Quaestuary

  • Definition: of or relating to the accumulation of money
  • Synonyms: wealth, money
  • Example: The quaestuary preachers acquired money for the charity they had planned and fed the poor.

2. Quamoclit

  • Definition: a small genus of twining vines of warm regions distinguished from Ipomoea
  • Synonyms: plant, vine
  • Example: The various plants were needed for the nursery including Quamoclit and Hydrangea flowers.

3. Quarender

  • Definition: to give something such as a ticket or passport to an official
  • Synonyms: handover, lend
  • Example: He quarendered the ticket to the president before he boarded the plane.

4. Quattrocentism

  • Definition: the 15th century as a period of Italian art or architecture
  • Synonyms: art, literature
  • Example: The architectural frame of the Quattrocentism was partially rebuilt to maintain the structure and history.

5. Quiety

  • Definition: the different form of quiet
  • Synonyms: calmness, serenity
  • Example: Quiety could be felt all around the room as the exam was being held and the students were focusing on their papers.

6. Quarrion

  • Definition: a species of parrot
  • Synonyms: animal, cockatiel
  • Example: The cockatiel is and always was commonly known in Australia as a quarrion.

7. Quietness

  • Definition: the feeling of quiet
  • Synonyms: quiet, calm
  • Example: Quietness could be felt all around the room and the atmosphere was calm.

8. Quantity

  • Definition: the amount or number of a material
  • Synonyms: sum, size
  • Example: The quantity or quality of the fruit can be controlled.

9. Quality-of-life

  • Definition: the standard of health, comfort and happiness experienced by an individual or group
  • Synonyms: well-being, standard
  • Example: The things that are needed for a good quality-of-life.

10. Quadraphonic

  • Definition: (of sound reproduction) transmitted through four channels
  • Synonyms: quadruplet
  • Example: I finally got a CD player with quadraphonic sound which helped me relax.

Commonly Used Positive Words That Start with Q

You feel so low of yourself when you hear different words of different letters whose meanings you don’t know. Memorize this list of positive words that start with Q.

1. Quantize

  • Definition: apply quantum theory to, especially form into quanta, in particular restrict the number of possible values of (a quantity) or states of (a system) so that certain variables can assume only certain discrete magnitudes
  • Synonyms: quantity, system
  • Example: Light is quantized into packets of energy.

2. Qiviut

  • Definition: the wool of the undercoat of the musk ox
  • Synonyms: wool
  • Example: The soft, dense, light-brown qiviut keeps us warm in the winters.

3. Qawwali

  • Definition: a style of Muslim devotional music associated particularly with Sufis in Pakistan.
  • Synonyms: Devotional music, short phrase
  • Example: Listening to a Qawwali always gives a good vibe.

4. Qua

  • Definition: in the capacity of; as being
  • Synonyms: amid, among
  • Example: He’s hard to pin down if you get him on entertainment qua entertainment.

5. Quaresimal

  • Definition: is a 15th-century collection of sermons written in the Glagolitic alphabet by Croatian priest Simon Greblo
  • Synonyms: sermon
  • Example: It’s great to read different quaresimals to gain knowledge.

6. Queep

  • Definition: non-flying duties
  • Synonyms: uncountable
  • Example: One additional boat is the queep.

7. Quench

  • Definition: satisfy
  • Synonyms: extinguish, put out
  • Example: He did an act to quench the fire.

8. Quickly

  • Definition: rapid or fast
  • Synonyms: swiftly, speedily
  • Example: We moved quickly to deal with our auditor’s question.

9. Quick-sighted

  • Definition: responsive discernment
  • Synonyms: sharp, keen
  • Example: He is quick-sighted as a cat.

10. Quid-pro-quo

  • Definition: an exchange of goods and services
  • Synonyms: transfer, exchange
  • Example: In a quid-pro-quo agreement, one transfer is thus contingent upon some transfer from the other party.

Positive Words That Start with Q for Attractive Resumes

The entire life of a person is dependent on his resume. Here are some positive words that start with Q to enlighten your resume.

1. Qualitatively

  • Definition: with regard to the quality or qualities of something rather than its quantity
  • Synonyms: observational, systematic
  • Example: Our results differ qualitatively from previous studies.

2. Quota

  • Definition: a fixed minimum or maximum number of a particular group of people allowed to do something, such as immigrants to enter a country, workers to undertake a job, or students to enroll for a course
  • Synonyms: share, portion
  • Example: The removal of entry quota encouraged young people to enter universities.

3. Quick

  • Definition: moving fast or doing something in a short time
  • Synonyms: fast, swift
  • Example: It was quick of him to spot the mistake.

4. Quick-as-a-flash

  • Definition: very quickly
  • Synonyms: fast, quick
  • Example: Quick-as-a-flash he was at her side.

5. Quietus

  • Definition: something that has a soothing or calming effect
  • Synonyms: calming, soothing
  • Example: The police officer’s arrival brought a quietus to the argument between the two neighbors.

6. Quip

  • Definition: make a witty remark
  • Synonyms: pun, gag
  • Example: Peter ate heartily with a quip about being a condemned man.

7. Quodlibet

  • Definition: a topic for or exercise in philosophical or theological discussion
  • Synonyms: shuffle, quirk
  • Example: An author of theological lectures and quodlibets.

8. Quiet

  • Definition: explained in a restrained way
  • Synonyms: reserved, calm
  • Example: Molly spoke with quiet confidence.

9. Quick-witted

  • Definition: intelligent
  • Synonyms: smart, keen
  • Example: He is lively and quick-witted.

Final Thoughts on Positive Words That Start with Q

We’re sure that you have learnt a lot from this list. There is always a room for learning new things and instilling in your mind for a more positive future. These exceptionally good words starting with Q will help you gain more knowledge.

These amazingly positive words starting with Q will instill a passion of learning new words in you. If you are preparing to score high in your exams then you should definitely read these positive words that start with the letter Q. These are fun words and not only can you learn the words but the synonyms as well. By memorizing them, you will attain high marks and add value to your conversations!

Check out some other letters from our site and you will be surprised of what you come across!

Ps. See also adjectives words that start with Q, nouns that start with Q and verbs that start with Q.

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